cherry bomb weed

Cherry bomb weed

Cherry Bomb by Cream Of The Crop is an Indica leaning Hybrid that contains 28% THC. The fern green buds have light tan/orange pistils with golden peach fuzz hairs & trichomes. Super dense buds made the eighth look small which it was not 3.55G. The buds produce thick, rich, & heavy (but, not harsh) smoke which explodes with cherry, berry, fruity, sweetness. The effects gave me mental engagement & calm physical sedation. Stay Elevated.

a favorite, good energy boost and creative sparks. It’s contains THC-a which affects me in the best way. tingly, alert, content. a little goes a long way. I tried Cherry Bomb by connoisseur cannabis.

I like to remain active, so couch lock isn’t really for me. Cherry Bomb is one of the most enjoyable strains in recent memory, and it doesn’t take away my momentum.

The bud itself, has a sweet, berry smell. The taste on inhale is a delightful cherry flavor that is mild to inhale, yet packs a significant punch. The smoke on exhale has a mildly sweet, woody scent. I find the buzz to be a happy high that puts me in a good, productive state of mind. For asthmatics, this is something you can easily inhale without it causing any symptoms of asthma, in fact, I seem to breathe easier after smoking it.

Great bud to start the day and throughout the day. Has a berry flavor but it’s a blueberry smell. Wonderful hybrid with a happy high. Good for anxiety and depression. 5/5

Cherry Bomb is a medical marijuana hybrid strain whose Sativa-dominant properties are easily recognizable. Part of the Mr. Greengreen Hawaiian Cherry Bomb Sativa, and the California Cherry Bomb Indica, family of genetics this strain contains 17-22% THC. Numerous versions of this strain are showin…