cherry thai strain

Cherry thai strain

Here is a smoke report on Reeferman’s Cherry Thai! It was done by Fellow ICer Resinryder. I wanted someone to give an unbiased opinion on this wonderful strain. RR did a great job & I’d say he nailed the report pretty accurately. For pics on RR’s report, go to the Cherry Thai Grow Thread. Here is RR’s opinion on Reef’s Cherry Thai:

Well, this is my 420th post. What better way to use it than by giving a smoke report on a strain I’ve enjoyed following the grow of here in this thread. I was fortunate enough to meet breifly with KBB recently and received an array of goodies from him. Included where a bud of Romulan,a brownie, a pack of Cherry Bomb 2 seeds, and finally 2 large and 2 small buds of the Cherry Thai.

Let me begin by stating that I’ve had help with smell and taste due to the uniqueness of this strain. I do not use a number scale to rate any smoke as I find numbers to be subjective to ones opinion. That said, I don’t have any problems with those who do use a number scale. Hows that for a disclaimer?
Well here goes.

APPERANCE: Light green leaf with brownish/orange hairs. Plenty of resin content visible on the buds to the naked eye. Closer inspection with the 30x scope shows tall bulbous trichs with about a 50%clear/50%amber gland color that are really packed on tight. After grinding up a bud and dumping in the keif box a fair amount of gland were on the mirror below the screen.

SMELL: Smell ranges from “what is that”, to lime rind, to cherry limeaide. The aroma is very pleasant but at the same time reveals a unique “dankness” to it. It has a light citrus smell with undertones of sweet basil and lime rind. Had to go to the spice rack to compare as the scents are not so overpowering to be immediatly recognized.
However, after grinding up to smoke, the buds release a sweet citrusy fragrance with very, very light undertones of weak rosemary(piney) smells.
When crushed between the fingers it released a nice perfumey,sweet floral smell. One friend said you could make perfume from this strain if you could capture that odor.

TASTE: Somewhat harder to describe. A little earthy with slight citrus overtones. Left a thick,sweet taste on the tip of the tongue and lips remiscent of cherry chap stick. Took several times of smoking to pick up on that though. At first it’s hard to figure out the taste, but thanks to KBB there was enough of a sample to determine the “what is it” factor.
No chemical/fertlizer taste whatsoever.

SMOKE and EXPANSION: Very mild smoke and didn’t notice much lung expansion. Not rough on the lungs or throat at all. Even when taking a large enough hit to produce some coughing it still was not harsh at all. Very smooth smoke.

HIGH: Well, I attempted to do this yesterday but just couldn’t focus on the task at hand. You smoke this and soon realize you are just staring off into space. Hard to consentrate on what you were doing. Not really racey and not overpoweringly stoned but definately in a happy place. An enjoyable fun high that would be great for socializing and conversation if you can remember what you were talking about. Not stupid but pleasantly level.
The high lasted nicely upon me for about a hour but did notice it was still there for another 30-45 minutes but just not as intense as it was at first.
Didn’t give me the munchies or leave me feeling whipped, but was nice enough to leave me with a smile on my face wanting more.

PAIN RELIEF: Did notice some lower levels of neck and back pain after smoking this. Yesterday with the rain was a good day to test for pain relief.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I found this strain to be a lot of fun to use. Appearance, smell, taste, and affects were very intresting. Not overpowering and not weak but balanced. A good smoke for fun and some pain relief without the paronia associated with some strains. Would love to smoke it again.

Well folks, this is my take on REEFERMANS CHERRY THAI as grown by KillBillBuzz. He did a fine job of growing and flushing this herb.This is the first smoke report I’ve ever performed so I hope I preformed the task up to IC standards. Once again, I’d like to thank KBB for the trust and the chance to do this report for him. It was a honor to meet you sir. Later RR

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