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Where to Buy Chia Seeds and Find Them in the Grocery Store

Trying to locate the chia seeds in the grocery store? There are a few different aisles you should check.

We’ll also tell you which stores carry them. First, however, click on any of the links below to order our favorite chia seed options online.

If You Want Organic

If You’re Looking for Non-GMO

If You’re Searching for Bulk

If You’re Looking for Certified All-Natural

If You Need Gluten-Free

Which Grocery Store Aisle Are Chia Seeds In?

If your grocery store has a health food or organic aisle, that may be the best place to begin your search. Chia seeds are considered specialty health food items in many supermarkets.

Other times, chia seeds are stocked in the baking aisle. Look for them with the natural ingredients or even where the gluten-free ingredients are kept.

Bulk bins sometimes have chia seeds, so take advantage of buying chia seeds in bulk if you have the option. It’ll likely save you some money.

Otherwise, spice aisles are sometimes where chia seeds are kept. They could be bagged or sold in spice jars in the same rack with the standard spices.

But let’s make this as simple as possible and talk about the stores that are known to stock chia seeds.

Check them out below.

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Trying to locate the chia seeds in the grocery store? We'll tell you where you can buy them online or find them in local stores.