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New auto seeds strains – gorilla glue and gsc.

Auto Seeds – Gorilla Glue When it comes to the m.

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Here are the ins and outs on the strains featured in this month’s January Promotion Take a peep at this lot! When you order with Choice Seedbank B.

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choice seedbank New auto seeds strains – gorilla glue and gsc. Auto Seeds – Gorilla Glue When it comes to the m. Choice january promo Here are the ins and outs on the strains featured

Grower’s Choice Seeds Review -Is it reliable? [2021]

Grower’s Choice Seed Bank is one of the many options that people can choose to buy their seeds from, but is it a good seed bank to use? Should you trust Grower’s Choice Seed Bank or are there other options that might be a better choice for your seed bank needs? If you have not already made up your mind for this brand, you check my seed bank buyer’s guide here. If you are looking for best deals or coupon code you can check the following code (verified in July 2020)

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Extra 15% off from All Seeds

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Company History

Grower’s Choice was established by a team of some of the most skilled and experienced individuals in the cannabis seed industry which is what makes them a great company for people to consider when searching for the best seed bank from which to buy their seeds. The team behind the company is actually comprised of experts in both the horticultural and medicinal industries, meaning that the company is especially well suited to providing their clients and customers with the highest possible seed quality in the industry.

The company claim through their ‘About Us’ page that they are heavily focused on filling the niche for high-quality cannabis seeds that will help its customers with all of their seed needs. By using some of the top seed genetics in and country and worldwide, Grower’s Choice claim that they are able to offer seeds that are superior in quality to the seeds offered by their competitors in the industry.

But do these claims add up? Can the company’s claims be trusted or should Grower’s Choice be avoided by people looking for high-quality seeds?

Seed Quality

One of the most important things for anyone looking for cannabis seeds is that of the quality of these aforementioned seeds. Unfortunately, it is all too common nowadays for suppliers to provide their customers with seeds that are of poor quality; thankfully, the seeds offered by Grower’s Choice largely seem to be far better than the industry standard for seed quality.

Indeed, the seeds offered by Grower’s Choice are often said to be some of the highest quality in the industry. Many people report that the speeds offered by the company are consistent and reliable and this has helped the company to develop something of a reputation in recent years.

All seeds that the company seels are 100% fresh and are said to be picked by hand and with the highest possible level of scrutiny in order to ensure their quality is to the company’s expectations. These seeds are individually tested and checked in order for the company to be confident that the seeds sent out will meet their high standard for quality.

Additionally, the germination rates for the seeds that the company offers to seem to be exceptionally high—and, as part of this, it should be noted that Grower’s Choice guarantees that all orders will achieve an exceptionally high rate of 90% germination or the company will send out a free replacement pack of seeds to customers without questions being asked. This is an incredibly generous offer for a seed bank to make and is reassuring for customers, as well.

However, it should be noted that this guarantee is only available for people who have taken the time to follow the highly specific growth instructions that the company sets out for its customers in their unique germination guide—anyone who doesn’t follow these steps won’t be eligible for the free replacement offer.

The germination guarantee is available for 60 days from the date of purchase. This means that anyone who waits to plant their seeds might find that they do not get the chance to see if their seeds will germinate before this deadline is reached.

Strain Selection

The company provides itself on offering its customers the highest standard of strain selection for its many customers. Indeed, the Grower’s Choice website states that their range includes some of the most premium strains available on the market.

The company sources its seeds and genetics from all around the world and they pride themselves on supporting a wide variety of different breeders and growers, ensuring a diverse and knowledgeable partnership between both growers and suppliers.

While the strain selection offered by Grower’s Choice isn’t necessarily as generous as some of the selections offered by other suppliers, it is also far from being poor with a solid 40 different strains being available on the website. In addition to this, of these forty, an impressive five are said to be specialist high CBD strains for medical cannabis and marijuana customers.

This means that, while the selection available is somewhat limited when compared to some other companies, the fact that the quality of the seeds is so high means that a large choice isn’t necessarily needed.

Grower’s Choice offers plenty of different options for seeds for its customers, with auto-flowering, feminized, and high CBD varieties all being available for purchase. In fact, the company doesn’t even bother with offering so-called “regular” seeds; all of their seeds are feminized by default, helping to ensure that male crops won’t be found when you buy seeds from Grower’s Choice—which, let’s be honest, can really be something of a hassle that none of us actually have time for.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews that Grower’s Choice receives are usually of an exceptionally high standard, with many buyers rating the company highly for its high-quality strains and excellent germination rates. In addition, strain-specific reviews and feedback can be found directly on the website—saving customers time with having to find the relevant information from third-party review websites.

One of the many benefits that people mention in their reviews is the fact that Grower’s Choice—unlike so many other companies—is actually based in California. This means that its products do not have to go through the difficulties that can be seen when products are shipped across borders.

Customer Service

The customer service offered by Grower’s Choice is of an exceptionally high standard, owing to the fact that Grower’s Choice seems to place a high emphasis on ensuring that customers are happy with the quality of service that they are offered. They report on their website that the customer is their number one priority and that they always want customers to feel safe and secure when using their website and placing orders, which is why they offer a number of different contact solutions and options for people who shop with them or who have an inquiry about their business or products.

As well as having numerous different contact options—which get good reviews from people who have reviewed the website—the company also offers a number of different advice articles for people buying products through them. These articles contain information that is provided by the company’s own team of medicinal and horticultural experts which helps to ensure that it is easy to follow and reliable.

People can get in touch with the company through their website contact form, email, phone, or social media page.

Official Website

Grower’s Choice website is well laid out and easy to navigate. The company offers clear links to their many different website pages, which include advice pages as well as the company’s product pages. However, one criticism of the company’s website is that the main menu and the header links look a little messy, and the text on the homepage banner is a little awkward to read in white. It is strongly advised to make sure to buy from the official website instead of fake replica websites.


The Grower’s Choice company is based in California and, as previously mentioned, this means that it is a great company for United States customers thanks to the fact that its products do not need to cross borders and face the risk of customs. In addition to this, the company also offers worldwide shipping.

The cost of shipping can be fairly high with Grower’s Choice, with a standard fee of $9.95 being charged for United States customers. This price varies between $14.95 for Canadian customers and $30 for customers in other countries, including Europe and Australia. The minimum order value for free delivery is high at $500.

Delivery times can vary quite considerably based on where in the world the product is being shipped, but these delivery times are largely about the same as with the rest of the industry; all orders can be received within 7 days in some cases, but the maximum allowed delivery time varies between 10 days (for US customers), 14 days (for Canadian customers) and 25 days (for further afield).

When it comes to packaging, most seeds are shipped and delivered in the same packaging that they were delivered to the company in. The seeds are packaged in medical-grade glass vials for maximum freshness and are fully sealed, thereby helping to ensure that the seeds arrive in the best possible condition.

Customers also have the option of choosing stealth delivery for their orders, if they would so desire. This is primarily available for customers living outside of the US, due to the fact that US orders don’t need to get through customs.

Payment Methods

Grower’s Choice offers its customers a number of different ways to pay, which makes it possible for users to have a great selection. The company offers Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards, as well as a few different cryptocurrency options (namely Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum), mail payments, Zelle for US customers, and Interac eTransfer (only for Canadian customers).

As is often seen with seed banks, credit card transactions are subject to an 8.5% fee for the transaction, although this fee is on the higher side.


Products ordered through Grower’s Choice are delivered in discrete and inconspicuous packaging, and this is important for many seed buyers. The company makes a note of displaying only the very minimal in terms of delivery information on the packaging, too; the delivery information will not mention company names or a description of the products.

Since Grower’s Choice is a United States-based company, orders that are placed by US customers do not originally get discretion packaging due to the fact that the seeds won’t be needing to pass through customs. However, on that note, the company does explain that it will sometimes make use of stealth packaging methods in order to ensure the safe and secure delivery of the parcels.

For customers outside of the United States, these stealth options are offered free of charge.

Coupon Codes, Discounts, And Promotions

Grower’s Choice rarely offers official promotions, per se, however, they do offer a large number of different discounted prices for their customers. At any one time, a large number of their products can be on offer for customers, which can help people to save money on their high-quality cannabis seed orders.

Extra 15% off from All Seeds

Extra 15% off from all seeds that are not on SALE. You can get further 10% off if you pay via Bitcoin to make it overall 25% Off.

Grower’s Choice Seeds Review -Is it reliable? [2021] Grower’s Choice Seed Bank is one of the many options that people can choose to buy their seeds from, but is it a good seed bank to use? Should