chunky diesel strain

Chunky diesel strain

Quite frankly, one of the best strains I’ve ever tried. I’m not sure about the clear headed part, as I was stoned out of my mind (in a good way). The taste was mostly hashy, combined with diesel. I got this as a live resin from Cresco. I was laughing at everything, and just had an overwhelming sense of pure euphoria. Goes right into my top 5 of all time.

Used the RSO for holiday baking and made some kickass cookies. Only used about 15mg per cookie and it only took one for ‘happy’ good time. Happy being the operative word. Very happy happy time with this strain.

I wouldn’t say this is a clear headed strain. I was blasted. My wife even commented that I was higher than I normally am. Very nice strain.

I love it long lasting good all day high just a couple of hits every 3 hours or so and enjoy your day Have Fun TN Fan

This shit is is really good. I enjoy reading about the strains I smoke, even if i smoke it first. I enjoy how it makes me feel I would definitely recommend it.

Take Deep Chunk, an original Afghani indica, cross it with the sativa classic, and you get Chunky Diesel, a sativa-dominant hybrid with a clear head high that's perfect for daytime chores. The exact ratio of sativa to indica in this strain is unknown, and the same goes for THC and CBD content. In… ]]>