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Cloning Cannabis in Rockwool and Jiffy Pellets

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In this article we’re going to show you how to grow cannabis clones in Rockwool or jiffy pellets. If you don’t know the essential steps to take, it can be a bit difficult to get your clones to root and you might end up with quite a lot of dead clones.

To do this correctly you’ll need a list of utensils and products: a plastic greenhouse, Rockwool or jiffy pellets, Clonex or a different rooting hormone, a shot glass, a small brush, a cutter, some scissors, a spray bottle, and a 3L tank for water.

1 st Day:

  • To get cuttings and clones you’ll first need to have a parent plant from which to take them. This plant needs to be strong and healthy, properly hydrated, in the growth phase and without any excess of nutrients. If the plant you plan on getting cuttings from isn’t healthy, then you should wait until it’s properly hydrated and watered, maybe even wash out the roots and leave it for 5 or 6 days before making the cuts. You can also revegetate the plant if it’s in the flowering period to get more growth branches.
  • Fill the tank up with water and adjust the pH to 6. Submerge the medium you’re using for rooting, Rockwool or jiffy pellets, and let them soak. If you’re using Rockwool you should leave them in the water for a full day to regulate their pH correctly, although a couple of hours should work just fine. The jiffy pellets are ready once they’ve been covered in water. Once they’re soaked, drain the water out of the tank and leave the rockwool or jiffy pellets ready for when you need them.
  • Once your plant is ready to give you some fresh cuttings, you’ll need to carefully pick the branches as not all of them will do. You’ll need to avoid using small, soft branches (new ones) as they’ll end up being short and they might rot. You’ll need branches that are about 10 to 12cm long, and around 5mm in diameter. Any less than that and it won’t work.
  • To get your clones to root correctly, they need to have one node on the stem so you can bury it in the rockwool or jiffy pellets, as this is where the roots will come from. So, pick a branch that has 10 to 15cm from the tip to the node that you want to root, and cut about 4cm under the node with the scissors we mentioned before. Once it’s separated from the plant, you need the node to be more or less in the middle of the rooting area. The left over stem underneath the node needs to be cut at an angle, kind of like the mouthpiece on a flute, so that the hole in the stem isn’t obstructed; if you cut it straight across the hole will be much smaller and it’s easier for your clones’ roots to become blocked.
  • Once you’ve done all of this, you’re ready for the last step. Put some of the rooting hormone of your choice in the shot glass. Then, grab the cutter and smoothly pass it over the bottom of the stem of your clones; the natural rooting hormones in the clone are underneath that first layer of skin, so be careful not to overdo it as you could kill the clone. If you’re not sure, skip this step entirely; they’ll take slightly longer to root but you won’t kill them. Once this is done, you need to brush some of your cloning hormone just where you’re going to bury it, and make sure that you don’t soak it too much.
  • Then, grab your jiffy pellets or Rockwool to get rid of the excess water. If it’s a pellet, just squeeze it with your hand and get the most possible water out of it. If you’re using Rockwool, then you shouldn’t squeeze it as the oxygen/water ratio is needed. You’ll need to drain it by shaking it until it stops dripping. Make a little hole in your medium with a toothpick or something similar, around the size of the stem you’ll be planting, and plant your clones that have been brushed with rooting hormones. Put some pressure on it so it’s properly in contact with the medium. Turn it upside down and spray the underside of the leaves without wetting the stem or the medium. Shake it to make sure that it doesn’t wet the Rockwool or jiffy pellet, and put it right-side-up into the greenhouse. You need to do this entire process one by one. The process should be done at around 25ºC, so it’s possible that you might need a heated propagator or a heated blanket to keep this under control. Once they’re all in the greenhouse, leave them there for 24h until the next step.

2 nd Day

Remove the lid from the greenhouse for about five minutes to ventilate the air inside. Make sure to put the lid back on quickly, as they’ll begin to whither quite rapidly, especially if there’s a wind source nearby like a fan. Every time you remove the lid, you need to clean off the little drops of condensation on the inside. On the second day you don’t need to spray them, just remove the lid for a few minutes and dry the drops on the inside.

3 rd Day

Today you’ll need to remove the lid, take all of the clones out of the greenhouse and dry it thoroughly on the inside. Then, grab the clones one by one and spray them upside down, then shake them inside the greenhouse. This step is important and you’ll need to do it all in five minutes so as not to leave the lid open for too long.

4 th Day

Repeat the process done on the second day; remove the lid for five minutes, clean the drops off of the lid and cover them again.

5 th Day

Repeat the process done on the 3 rd day; remove the clones, clean the greenhouse, spray them upside down and replace them and shut the lit.

6 th Day

Today you’ll need to remove the lid, and dry the drops just like the days on which you DON’T spray. This time, when you close the lid, open the little windows on the sides for an hour. After an hour you need to close the windows again.

7 th Day

Remove the clones from the greenhouse, dry it properly, spray the clones like before and stick them back inside. Today you’ll leave the windows open for two hours and then close them.

8 th Day

No spraying today. Remove the lid, dry the drops, and leave the windows open for four hours this time.

9 th Day

Today’s the last day you’ll be spraying your clones, which is probably the most annoying part of this whole process. As always, take them out of the greenhouse, dry it properly, spray them upside down (this is done so the Rockwool or jiffy pellets don’t get wet), shake them and put them inside the greenhouse. You can now leave the windows open until the next day.

10 th Day

Today is the day you’ve been waiting for; the last day of the greenhouse. Today, you get to fill the bottom of the greenhouse with about one finger of water and let the pellets or Rockwool soak up the water. After a few minutes they’ll be sufficiently wet. Take them out of the greenhouse and shake them a bit to get rid of the excess water in case of possible rot. Remove the water from the greenhouse and put the clones back in. You might see some small roots showing their selves today, but it’s still a bit early.

11 th Day

Now you just have to wait for the roots to begin showing to make sure that once they’re in a pot they’ll root properly. If you plant them without many roots and then water too much you might end up rotting them and killing them. They need a good root system which should appear around day 14. Now, you’ll need to keep the medium humid until the roots start showing through the sides.

With this step by step guide on how to root clones, you shouldn’t have any unexpected clone deaths (maybe 4 or 5%). If you don’t follow these steps (that nobody explained to me, by the way), it will be extremely hard for you to root your clones. Some people get lucky and manage to root them with minimal effort, but this method is 100% trustworthy. Either way, the decision is up to you.

Author: Javier Chinesta
Translation: Ciara Murphy

Here's a step by step guide on cloning cannabis in rockwool and jiffy pellets. You can't go wrong if you follow this success guaranteed guide.