colombian haze

Colombian haze

4 Stars only because its so damn sticky its difficult to twist a nice burning J without a grinder. Even with a grinder, and i can twist, the resin is so great half way through the j its to hard to hit. Im not a bowl or pipe person but definitely make an exception for this excellent product. The name says it all. Axiety disorder is something I never chose to have but smoking this it peels me to a calm and productive day. 40yrs + old, thoracic compression fractures pain is next to none. Awesome taste, slow burn and be ready! Enjoy fellow smokers. Try this strain if you haven’t yet. 50/50 balance in a hybrid is 100% satisfaction

This strain is quite famous – and with good reason! The creative, high-energy buzz provided by this Sativa strain is well worth waiting for the flowers to form. Patients who choose to medicate with this strain do so mostly for depression, lack of appetite, anxiety, pain, and stress. Columbian Haz…