cookie pie strain

Cookie pie strain

Cookies Kush Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
THC: 15% – 18%, CBD: 3%

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Not crazy strong, not couch lock at all. I get the stickiness and the funky after taste too.

Not sure if it is the batch but it is fairly mild relaxing weed which I enjoy but is super sticky. It leaves a glue like residue that is hard to get off your fingers or grinder and has a funky after taste.

Relaxes but keeps the mind fairly active. I did find my thoughts racing a bit when going to bed. Sleep does come but it’s not necessarily the best cure for insomnia. Brings an appetite as well.

I like it but its gives me butterflies in my stomach definitely real nice smoke very potent

Best strain, for when you have insomnia and when you are looking to go to sleep quickly. Taste and smell is beautiful, i can’t stop smoking this strain after tasting the girl scout cookies on the inhale and exhale, and the wonderful OG Kush after taste 5 to 10 minutes after coughing from a big toke hit. Taste so good, i can one hit a whole party bowl at once. This strain needs to go around more than the original girl scout cookies. Cookies Kush is awesome, i get stoned for hours longer than any other strain.

This is one of my favorite strains by far. This really gives a true Indica high which works great to kill any pain I may have. It also works amazing for my insomnia at night. The taste of it is amazing, and it has a very potent aroma when smoking it.

This is one of my favorite strains so far. The taste is amazing. It also has a great aroma when smoking as well. It produces a true Indica high which helps kill all my back pain anytime it’s acting up. It also works amazing for any of the many nights I have insomnia. A++

Cookies Kush is a indica dominant hybrid strain created as a cross of the delicious Girls Scout Cookies X Rolex Kush strains. This bud was bred to be sold in coffee shops in Amsterdam and offers a moderate THC level that ranges from 15-18% on average with a CBD level between 1-3%. The high brou…