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Blue Dream


Blue Dream

DANK is a proud cultivator of Blue Dream as she is a well balanced and flavorful flower. Our cut ranges in potency from 19%-25% THC and is rich in Linalool. Blue Dream’s high begins with a cerebral rush, bringing with it motivation and heightened focus. As the high builds you fall into an ultra-relaxed state, leaving you feeling hazy and totally calm. This numbing sensation will find you pain-free and ready for any task.

Don’t let the name fool you into thinking this is a lazy, couch locked high. Blue Dream is the perfect blend of its lineage, taking all of their best attributes and compounding them into something really unique. Take this one to task and get through all of your artist’s block and creative projects, or if you are just in it for the mood boost, enjoy as your worries melt away.

Blue Dream, America's favorite marijuana, balances full-body relaxation with gentle euphoria. Full of flavor and satisfying results, Blue Dream is a keeper.