delicious desconocida kush

Delicious desconocida kush

Hello family! Today we want to talk to you about one of our new strains for 2016 which we’re very proud of and which we know will bring us great satisfaction.

This is a mainly indica strain and a powerful trichome producer.

You may need anti-odour filters if growing indoors as the aroma it gives off is very intense and penetrating and so may compromise the anonymity of your garden.

Desconocida Kush grows like a typical indica with a strong central stem and sturdy branches all round.

The flowering time indoors is between 60-65 days for it to reach full potential while outdoors, it will be ready for harvest at the start of October.

Yields vary between 400-500g/m2 indoors while you should get around 800g of top quality marihuana per plant when grown outdoors.

This hybrid derives from a cross between a strain called Bay 11, which won the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup Award in the sativa category. It was sent to us as a clone directly from California and we crossed this with a second strain, the genetics of which we don’t want to reveal and which we’re simply going to call DESCONOCIDA KUSH and which gives this plant its name.

The result is a 50% indica/50% sativa hybrid which gives off an aroma of Haze and Kush at the same time and which produces a clean, yet deeply complex, taste that is a very pleasant mixture of abstract flavours with intense metallic incense notes with acidic traces of lemon, which evoke those legendary kushes and that are so highly valued in the USA.

The most highly desirable characteristics of this plant is, without doubt, the massive number of trichomes produced which cover its leaves, flowers and branches, creating a thick layer of white crystals that envelop the whole plant and, depending on the time of year, the buds may take on a purpley-blue colour.

Highly recommended for lovers of resinous indicas that pack a powerful punch when smoked and ideal for all types of extractions.

This strain has a very important “spiritual dimension”, and if used with respect and common sense, has a great capacity to make you feel at one with yourself and the rest of the world.

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