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10 Secret Cannabis Containers That Will Truly Hide Your Stash

Is there any better feeling than doing something sneaky and getting away with it? The answer is no. So when it comes to your cannabis, it’s always nice when you can hide it in plain sight and know that people have NO idea. Because of that, I’ve compiled a list of 10 places to hide your stash and be in complete stealth mode. Check it.

Smuggler Belts

(Courtesy of Duluth Trading)

Smuggler Belts are dope (no pun intended) because you can walk around with that eighth on you, and still get a fit off with no one being any the wiser. Imagine rocking it out to the bars one night and someone being like, “Man, I wish I had a joint right now” and you snatch your belt off like Pootie Tang and pull a joint out of the back stitching.

Stash Underwear

(Courtesy of iHeartRaves)

Stash pockets are the wave. You can grab a stash-pocket hat or a stash-pocket hoodie, but these stash-pocket underwear are the future. If you think I’m not copping these for Coachella 2018 then you are sadly mistaken. Only way someone’s catching you with these is if they walk up and grab your crotch, but then you get to claim that’s all you (and not a sack of cannabis), so it’s a win-win.

Lipstick Pipe

(Courtesy of

Oh, you thought this list was gonna be all about men-type stuff? Nah, son. Ladies is pimps too. This lipstick pipe is perfect for the on-the-go woman who wants to keep her cannabis on deck, but not have it be obvious. Or for the on-the-go man who likes to feel pretty and witty and gay. Ya boy is very gender-fluid over here.

Fake Tampon Doob Tubes

(Courtesy of Amazon)

I REPEAT: LADIES IS PIMPS TOO. We all know how weird dude-bros get at the sight of tampons, so if a woman wants to hide her goods, these are perfect. Twist your joints, throw ‘em in these, and continue to outsmart us one time-of-the-month at a time.

Pitch-N-Puff Combo Pack

Listed it on my recent broiest items list too, but it’s also very applicable to this one. The Pitch-N-Puff hollow golf ball and tee one-hitter combo is one of the smoothest and sneakiest way to hide your cannabis in plain sight. Literally not a single person would take a second look at either item (unless they were closely examining them like a super-narc) and think, “Oh yeah, there’s a gram of Blue Dream in there.”

The Cigarette One-Hitter

(Courtesy of

The one-hitter, especially when complete with a dugout, is one of the most common, yet still most stealthy ways to hit a little smokey-smoke on the go. Pull out, light it up like a cig, then put it right back in your pocket before anyone notices.

Fake/Hollow Bible

(Courtesy of Secret Storage Books)

Books with hollow centers are a must-have if you’re talking about hiding your cannabis in plain sight. And though you can pick any ol’ book to do so, Bibles are perfect because people don’t ever really open those. No offense. I’ve seen Bibles collect so much dust on so many tabletops, so you’re good.

Fake Soda Stash Can

(Courtesy of

These come in multiple forms as far as cans, bottles, and so on. The point for all of them is the same: a hollowed-out soda container is something no one will think twice about. Toss a bag of that green goodness in the middle, sit in on the coffee table, and then smile to yourself about the fact that people have no clue that you’re loaded up and ready to smoke at any moment. For added safety, find one of a soda that no one ever drinks. You know, like Mountain Dew.

Urban Wraps Rolling Papers

(Courtesy of Amazon)

Rolling papers that look like cigarettes. Enough said.

EZPipe Discreet Lighter Pipe

(Courtesy of EZPipe)

And for the best item on this list, we’ve got the EZPipe. Basically, it’s a dugout with a built-in pipe, complete with a lighter holder that puts the flame right at the top of the dugout. That make sense? If not, just know that with this, you can flip out a little pipe, light your lighter, and get a nice hitski before sliding it right back into your pocket. Hit one of these, exhale, then smirk to yourself as people try to figure out where the smell is coming from.

From smuggler belts to hollow bibles to lipstick pipes, there are plenty of ways to hide your stash in plain sight. Here, Dante Jordan lists his top 10.

Best Smell Proof Bags & Best Smell Proof Containers in 2020:
Make SURE it’s NOT Leaking!

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the Best Smell Proof Weed Containers and Bags you must OWN in 2020 & beyond!

Smell proof bags can be of great help to keep your favorite dry fruits , coffee , herbs , or tobacco safe during traveling and odor-free .

And they come extra handy when you’re trying to stockpile some weed and not let everyone know that you’re carrying them. Seriously though, one of the most asked question among stoners has to be “how to store weed without it smelling?”

Apart from keeping them discrete and smell-proof, a high-quality smell proof bag will make sure they remain intact from water and don’t lose their rich aroma and flavor.

A significant problem with the traditional approach of double bagging is it allows air to pass in and out. As a result, spices or herbs dry out and can and will become less flavored.

After substantial research, we found these best smell proof bags and containers that’ll keep your stash safe and smell-proof. You can use these bags/pots to carry herbs during travel and vacation or to keep goods, scent, dog treats, etc. fresh at home. There are also a few ways you can use to smell proof your room for an added safety and odor resistance.

Besides, we’ve written a detailed buying guide to help uninformed buyers which you can read at the very end.

Table of Contents

Best Smell Proof Bags and Containers to USE in 2020

Smell Proof Case by Herb Guard

Buying a large case is often a preferred choice to keep your stash and accessories together without worrying about the smell leaking out or things breaking.

This large smell proof bag from Herb Guard is precisely what every stoner would need for travel, vacation, or home usage. Similar to other cases, it also comes in a lunch-box design, which isn’t the fanciest thing you would see but it’s actually great since no one will suspect what’s inside.

The black color, the right quality fabric, the small textured logo, and an outer zipper mesh pocket makes it look elegant nonetheless. It also has a durable and large handle to help you carry it around in style.

In terms of size, it measures at 9-inches wide by 6-inches tall by 5-inches deep. The size is large enough to carry up to 3 ounces (

85 grams) of herbs. The primary advantage of its size is space for tons of accessories and compartments to keep different herbs separated.

Once opened, you’ll find two parts – upper and bottom. The upper part has a mesh pocket where you can store grinder, pipe, etc.

    Carbon smell proof lining works as it should Discrete and straightforward design with minimal logo An external zipper mesh pocket to store and keep frequently-used items separate from goods inside the case External and sturdy combination lock for extra protection Activated Carbon lining inside for 100% smell-protection Cool freebies: UV protected smell proof jar, and two small pouches

The bottom part can be hidden with a discrete cover beneath in which there are two large compartments. It also has a removable barrier which makes extra space for large items.

To make the case travel-friendly, Herb Guard is also offering some freebies:

  • 1 Protective UV Glass Jar (Black, Eighth Ounce Capacity)
  • 2 Resealable Travel Bags

It’s still missing a grinder card as other case manufacturers offer, but the smell-proof glass jar pretty much makes up for it.

The case is waterproof and doesn’t let the water reach the herbs inside. It also comes with an external combination lock which can be used to protect the items from friends and family.

During our test, we found the bag to be very sturdy and we didn’t face any issues with the zipper.


    Sturdy and high-quality design A reputed brand and 100% money-back guarantee Waterproof and durable build Space for accessories and removable barrier 5 stars rating by buyers on HerbGuard Shop Smell proof glass jar provided to store supplementary herbs


    External combination lock causes security concerns A little pricey

Formline Elite Smell Proof Bag

Sometimes, having a single layer of activated carbon lining isn’t enough. Although it works great, you may always doubt smell leaking, and it can cause some severe stress.

To overcome this situation and lower your stress, this Formline Elite smell proof bag uses twice the amount of activated carbon when compared with the competition.

Correctly, the bag is using an exclusive double wall and three seal system which the company claims to provide a second level of scent protection.

And the same feature along with few smaller ones is what makes this bag one of the contenders for best smell proof bags in 2020.

Formline is also a trustable brand and has been in business for years. You may have already come across several types of their bags if not, it’s the right time to get introduced.

    Large size with dimensions 9“ x 7” 2X activated carbon lining for highest smell protection An exclusive double wall and three seal system (patented technology) Features pen holders, multiple internal mesh pocket dividers, and privacy storage compartments A convenient handle and carabiner provided Water resistance

This bag’s size is 9-inches wide and 7-inches tall giving it a comfortable storage space which can easily store a couple of ounces of herbs or spices. To provide an impressive build quality, the bag uses ultra-durable fabric which shall last for a few years before tearing.

Organization and proper storage of accessories is a breeze with this bag as it features pen holders, mesh divider pockets, and hidden privacy storage compartments. There are also a convenient handler and a carabiner available for easy carry around and can be used to attach to backpacks, luggage bags, etc. for hands-free traveling.

Inside the bag, there are several mesh pockets and a center divider to keep stash and accessories separated. Mesh pockets inside are dual activated charcoal treated for 100% smell protection.

Another cool part about these bags is the water-resistance which further secures the goods inside from unseen water splashes or rain. The bag is also covered under satisfaction guarantee from the seller.


    Dual level of scent protection Center handle design for balanced hold Internal pockets to safely store other accessories Durable fabric and build quality Comes from a reputed brand Covered under 100% satisfaction guarantee Good price to quality ratio


    Velcro opening is loud No inbuilt or external combination lock

Helmet Head’s Smell Proof Bag

Let’s start with our “best overall” choice for smell proof bag which comes from Helmet Head. With a slightly smaller size, this bag comes with tons of extra features and add-ons to make traveling with stash much easier.

First thing you’ll notice is its minimal design with dark black fabric and simple logo tag on the front. Right above that, there’s a high-quality combination lock provided that’ll help you add an extra level of security from undesirable people.

The zipper quality is also pretty sturdy and shouldn’t be damaged anytime soon. There’s a large wrist strap or bag handle provided to either hang the bag or to carry it safely along with you.

Also, the fabric used to build this bag is water resistant and doesn’t let the water flow inside (unless sank), that will keep the content free of moisture.

Size of the bag is decent enough with dimensions of 11-inches wide, 7.5-inches tall, and 2.5-inches depth.

    420 friendly smell proof protection Integrated combination lock Interior mesh divider pockets for better handling of accessories Stand up pouch Zipper closure with additional smell protected velcro enclosure Water resistant and weather-proof material Free grinder card worth $10

You can comfortably store a few ounces of herbs, lighting accessories, pipe, grinder card, etc.

To make storing accessories comfortable and organized, there are mesh divider pockets available inside. It also has a smell protected velcro that grants an added layer of protection.

Brand has also claimed that their patent-pending activated carbon lining technology is sturdy enough that even dogs can’t smell through what’s inside. Each of the bags is passed through a dog test before being approved.

Additionally, this bag is weather-proof, i.e. it can take the heat, the cold, and everything in between without degrading the quality of herbs.

Helmet Head as a brand is known to lure customers with tempting freebies, and it is the case with this bag. With each purchase, you’ll get a high-quality Grinder card with etched laser design and finger-friendly grind surface.


    Patented active carbon lining technology that’s tested and approved on dogs High-quality and durable zippers to minimize the opening sound Combination lock Large size with extra interior pockets 100% satisfaction guarantee Lightweight and compact design


    No exterior pocket or zipper Higher than average price tag Customer service isn’t the best

Helmet Head Smell Proof Case

Do you know what’s better than a smell-proof bag and container? A case. A smell proof case with multiple departments, pockets, and ample storage space.

This smell proof case from Helmet Head is the only weed carrying case you’ll ever need. Apart from looking classy, it’s satisfactory functional.

Starting with the design, it has a modern design and doesn’t look like a lunch box (like most other cases out there.) You can proudly carry it with you during vacation, at home, and work.

Outer surface is crafted with durable material and houses a premium looking Helmet Head logo in classy style. It has a zipper compartment at the front to store more frequently used items which need not be locked.

Main compartment can be locked with an in-built combination lock so you’d be the only person who can access the goods inside. After opening it, you’ll notice several supplementary pockets and mesh design.

    Uses Activated Carbon for Smell Proofing Made with high-quality fabric Water resistant and weather-proof Comes with an in-built combination lock Fully modular interior design The free herb grinder card Lightweight and compact

Talking about the center part, it is modularly designed and will help you keep your stash organized. You can use modular pattern to store grinder card, rolling papers, lighters, baggies, pipes, and a few other accessories.

Dimension-wise, this case is 8.5-inches wide, 6-inches tall, and 4-inches in depth. But, this smell-proof case makes sure you can keep all your stash, personal items, accessories, and some extra carry-on at one place.

Also, because of the modular design, mesh pockets, and zipper pockets, there are fewer chances that something will either break or mix up.

To provide a 100% smell protection, the case is using activated carbon technology that offers superior odor proof control. The company has also claimed that even dogs can’t smell what’s stored inside.

Another exciting feature of Helmet Head’s Smell Proof Case is weatherproofing. The bag can effortlessly handle heat and cold environments. Plus, it is water resistant, meaning your herbs are safely protected and dry inside.

To make your purchase sweeter, you also get a FREE laser etched herb grinder card valued at $10. This herb grinder card comes with two finger-friendly grind surfaces – small and large surface.

Overall, the case is a pretty durable, multi-functional, modern design, and not too heavy on pockets.

Note: If you’ve purchased it and don’t know lock code, the factory setting for the opening code is 000. We recommend changing it as soon as you get in on your hand.


    100% smell proof activated carbon technology Durable and high-quality material 100% smell proof activated carbon technology Dimensions are 8.5 x 6 x 4 inches Modular design and tons of compartments/pockets Can easily carry 3-4 ounces of herbs Fantastic reviews from buyers Free grinder card


    Not the best in terms of price Case is the soft padded case, i.e. can’t carry heavy weights Combination lock is mounted upside down

Canlock Stash+ (Best Airtight Stash Jar)

If you don’t mind your ground herbs to be visible but still want them 100% smell-protected, this glass stash jar from Canlock Quarter+ can be the suitable choice.

This smell proof jar uses a simple design with a black colored lid and a transparent glass bottom. The best part of using this jar is that it becomes indistinguishable with another type of glass jars in the kitchen, making it difficult to be seen out as a stash jar.

To keep the herbs inside fresh, the lid is accustomed to a built-in airlock pump which twists onto and off the jar. This pressurized air protects the odor from leaking out and traps all the strong smell inside.

Canlock Quarter+ has designed these jars by keeping practical situations in mind. The size is small enough to carry around when traveling comfortably but still spacious enough to store a healthy amount of herbs inside.

More specifically, the overall dimensions are 6-inches tall and a storage capacity of 150 ml. In terms of herbs storage, it can easily store 1/4 Ounce of herbs or more.

    Airtight seal and built-in airlock pump 6-inches tall and 150 ml capacity Premium looking design Uses FDA-approved Borosilicate Glass Flavor preservation

The build quality is nothing short of perfect with premium Borosilicate Glass, which improves the durability. The glass is FDA-approved and helps in flavor preservation.

Being translucent glass, the content inside can easily be identified without the need of opening the jar. The jars also come up with 1 Year Limited Warranty which comes handy in case something breaks.

To hide what’s inside, simply print a sticker to put around it or roll a paper and stick it inside in.


    Provides quick access and viewability of contents Can store 1/4 ounce of herbs (11 grams) Portable and practical design 100% scent control Great for storage of all types of herbs and spices


    Being translucent could a problem but can be fixed

Herb Guard Stash Jar

Using smell proof stash jars to store a good portion of herbs and goods are relatively popular choices. Mainly, they’re used to store items at home for long-term usage and being airtight; they keep products fresh and untouched.

If you’re also looking to own a glass jar, this one from Herb Guard is all that you need. With a large capacity of 500 ml, it can be used to store up to 1 Ounce of herbs.

Additionally, this jar is made of Ultra Violet (UV) protected glass, which blocks the damaging sunlight and only allows UV-A and Infrared lights to pass through.

This advance mechanism helps the jar preserve its content and keep stash inside fresh for over six months. One of its unique offerings is that it comes with Boveda Humidity Pack which helps maintain humidity inside and keep herbs from dying out.

The design of jar is elegant with only a simple HG logo onto the front. It also comes with a red textured gift box.

    Premium quality and design Made with Miron Glass which helps in blocking damaging sunlight Comes with humidity pack to maintain the humidity inside and keep goods from drying out Keeps herbs fresh for over six months Free resealable, smell proof travel bag to carry portion size of the stash Large capacity (500 ml) that can store up to 1 ounce of dry goods Durable and won’t easily break

On first glance, you can say that it looks like a premium glass jar and not something you’d use to store stash. And that makes it very discrete as it is almost impossible to raise suspicion. There are also a few trendy jar labels provided.

If you’re worried about how you’ll be able to take a small portion of herbs when traveling or quick sessions, this has got you covered. You get one small resealable smell proof bag that can be used to carry the stuff.

Overall jar’s dimensions are 6-inches in height by 3-inches in diameter. Weight is around 0.94 lbs. There is smaller and larger variant available to suit everyone’s need.

To top it all, it is covered under 100% money back guarantee, i.e. if you didn’t like it after use, the company will refund you the money.

The price may sound a lot for a jar, but considering the build quality and smell-protection, it’s well worth the money.

To protect the odor from leaking out, the herb storage container has an airtight lid seal. The Miron glass used for construction is thick, making it sturdy and able to withstand a few drops and falls.


    Doesn’t leak the smell even after long-term usage Airtight to keep the herbs fresh Discrete and non-transparent design 100% money back guarantee UV glass protection Perfect gift for friends and family


    The price tag is a little bit higher than usual Can only store one type of herb (unless you want to mix) Not travel-friendly

HerbGuard 2Locks (Best Mini Airtight Smell Proof Container)

Traveling with a smell proof bag can be tricky as there’s a possibility that items inside it can break if it gets pressured on. It holds especially true for precious glass accessories that can easily break.

HerbGuard 2Locks is an excellent mini smell proof case that keeps your stash and accessories protected. This odor proof container has a hard durable shell that protects your items and creates an airtight seal to keep them fresh for long.

Additionally, an easy-grip handle is provided to conveniently carry this container when traveling.

To give an appealing and stylish appearance, there are no loud colors or obnoxious logos present on the container. This also helps in maintaining discreteness and make it look like any ordinary case.

There are two levels of the closing mechanism that allow pressure control. First, you get snap-on clamps that also ensure kids can’t open this container. Secondly, there’s a pressure stabilizing knob.

    Inner floor lining uses activated carbon for improved smell protectionInner floor lining uses activated carbon for improved smell protection 2 separate combination locks to give double protection The exterior is made of hard durable shell 2 closing mechanisms with pressure control settings Compact and stylish design Offers airtight seal 2 combinations locks, 1 small smell proof jar, and 2 resealable travel bags included

On top of that, this scent proof container comes with 2 combination locks (bundled with the case) that attach to each side and keep your goods protected from anyone else. The best part of having two combination locks is that you can have different passcodes on each and enjoy double level of protection.

Similar to other Herb Guard products, this locking smell proof stash box is equipped with an inner floor lining which consists of activated carbon. It absorbs any smell that is released from goods inside and ensures no leakage.

Thanks to multiple levels of smell protection, this is one of the best dog tested smell proof bags available in the market right now.

You’ll also appreciate how compact it is in size. Overall dimensions are just 8.5 inches by 6.5 inches. Because of the use of hard plastic, the interior dimensions are reduced to 7.25 x 5 x 3-inches. However, it doesn’t affect storage capacity much as it can hold up to 3 ounces of stash comfortably.

In addition, you also get a smell proof jar (eighth-ounce capacity) and two resealable smell proof travel bags with your purchase. Since there are no compartments inside this container, these freebies will help you keep different items separated.

What’s more, this smell proof container from HerbGuard is priced reasonably and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you buy from our partner below.


    Highly durable and built to last Holds up to 3 ounces of your favorite stash + accessories It can easily withstand high impacts and pressure Discreet design No loud colors or obnoxious logos used on the front Conveniently placed built-in handle Value for money


    It doesn’t come with waterproof ratings No inner compartments for better organization

HerbGuard ComboLock (Best Smell Proof Bag with Lock)

To offer industry-leading smell protection, HerbGuard Smell Proof Bag uses patented carbon fiber inner lining. This internal lining contains tiny pores and pockets with an ability to capture any smell that is released from items inside. Additionally, you’ll find a double velcro seal to make this bag 100% smell proof.

With a size of 12 inches by 10 inches, HerbGuard Smell Proof Bag feels compact, stylish, and discreet in design. You can comfortably carry it around without raising any sort of suspicions.

Thanks to its large size, this smell proof bag with lock can easily hold roughly 3 to 4 ounces of your favorite dried foods, consumable food, and herbs without leaking any smell. Moreover, it keeps your belongings fresh for a long time.

Talking of its exterior design, you get a front mesh pocket to store items that you may need frequently. To maintain discreteness, you will find a premium leather HG logo that gives it a luxurious touch.

What’s more, there’s a removable handle and a wrist strap that makes it super easy to carry this bag by the wristlet.

    Patented carbon fiber, smell-proof inner lining Sturdy built-in combination lock It is a large 12 inches by 10 inches sized bag Capacity to store 3 to 4 ounces of herbs Discreet and premium design with a minimal leather logo Made from premium 600D fabric External zipper + double velcro seal protection 3 very useful freebies included: UV protected smell proof jar, grinder card, and two large resealable pouches

There’s also an inner pocket that you can use to hold your grinder card. Besides, you also get intertwining straps that are very useful to hold accessories in place.

All of which is protected using the HerbGuard Smell Proof Bag’s built-in combination lock that allows you to set your own password combination. The lock is sturdy and would be challenging to break into forcefully. Bag zippers are also very durable and shouldn’t cause a problem even after multiple usages.

HerbGuard has done an impressive job in terms of build quality. The entire smell proof bag is made from premium 600D fabric. You also get a tough and durable exterior being both moisture-proof and tear-resistance to keep your stash protected.

To make your travel-trips convenient, HerbGuard is including three free-items on purchase of this bag:

  1. High-quality ultra-violet smell proof jar (Black with a capacity of eighth-ounce)
  2. 1 grinder card
  3. 2 large, reusable travel bags

You’ll also appreciate HerbGuard’s shipping model. They ship this smell proof bag in a plain box with the bag inside without any mention about what’s the product. Moreover, each of your purchases is protected with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

All in all, I’d say when it comes to creating high-quality smell proof bags, HerbGuard is a brand that you can’t overlook. This large sized smell proof bag will hold all your stash and favorite goods with plenty of extra space left.

Why buying if it leaks? You need to make SURE it won't. Check our list of the Best Smell Proof Bags and Best Smell Proof Containers in 2020.