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ZBA OKs permit for pot facility

Second marijuana cultivation business coming to Hudson

HUDSON – The town will soon be home to three marijuana manufacturing and cultivation facilities.

The Zoning Board of Appeals late last week signed off on the Hudson Growers Alliance’s special permit request to operate a marijuana cultivation facility at 9 Kane Industrial Drive. The board has approved special permits for Top Shelf Cannaseurs to operate a cultivation facility at 11 Brent Drive and Hudson Botanical Processing to open a manufacturing facility at 9 Kane Industrial Drive. All three are within the town’s marijuana manufacturing and cultivation district, which includes Kane Industrial Drive, Brent Drive and Fox Road.

The Hudson Growers Alliance and Hudson Botanical Processing will be housed in the same building, but they are owned by separate companies, which required two separate special permits, said Kristina Johnson, assistant director of planning and community development. The two companies plan to partner together.

“HGA has a great relationship with our neighbors, Hudson Botanical Processing (HBP) and both companies are establishing an exclusive sales agreement to keep all products grown in HGA to be processed and sold by HBP,” according to a narrative of the business filed with the town’s Planning Department. “Products produced by HGA and not purchased by HBP will be offered to local cannabis dispensaries and manufacturers through various business-to-business marketplaces.”

The Hudson Growers Alliance plans to use high-intensity LED lights and rolling-benches to produce organic, pest and pesticide free flowers for marijuana manufacturers and dispensaries in Massachusetts. The company will use nutrient injector systems and drip-feed irrigation to maintain a perpetual cycle of harvests every month, according to the plans.

The facility will include three flowering grow rooms, a propagation room and a drying room. New water storage tanks, electrical, storage areas and cleanable walls will be installed. The fire suppression system and alarm system will be updated to meet new code and ensure safety.

Security cameras and motion detectors will be installed at the site.

The Hudson Growers Alliance has taken several measures to ensure odor is not an issue for the surrounding industrial park, including insulating the facility and installing carbon filters in each room. The heating, ventilating and air conditioning units have odor mitigating filters, according to the plans.

“At Hudson Growers Alliance, we take odor mitigation very seriously,” according to the plans. “Maintaining a low impact on the day-to-day lives of our neighbors from odor is our top priority.”

The facility is a minimum of 1,000 feet from any residential properties.

There will be no retail sales to be public at the site.

Hudson has been welcoming to businesses in the marijuana industry in recent years. Along with the three cultivation and manufacturing facilities, two dispensaries have been approved. Temescal Wellness opened in early 2019 and Native Sun plans to open in fall 2020.

The Zoning Board of Appeals signed off on a special permit for the Hudson Growers Alliance to operate a marijuana…