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Ok, where i live, anytime you’re out on a country road. what do you see? ditch weed. Hundreds and hundreds of plants lined up along the road. Farmers spray chemicals all the time and I’ve even seen planes fly over misting some sort of chemical, i’m assuming to kill weeds and more specifically MJ. The number of spots you see MJ growing on the side of the road has decreased in the last couple years due to above mentioned tactics, but there are still some locations that have gone untouched.. Prior to graduating high school, me and my friends used to “cruise” the country roads to smoke as we weren’t allowed to smoke inside our parents houses..

Yetserday I was cruising down a country road (I like to smoke a bowl or doober and just drive around and look at the scenery..) that i normally don’t travel and something caught my eye.. No houses on either side, so i decided to stop.. Right on the side of the road was a HUGE (and i mean huge) ditch weed plant.. It had about 15 bud sites on it and each was MASSIVE!! I inspected it for a second, noticing a few seeds but mostly just buds (hermie).. I had to bend down the top of the plant to see the main cola.. Just by guessing, i’d say it was about 8-9 feet tall. It had some white hairs, but it appeared most of them were an orangish-red color.. It was very sticky and had a pretty good odor to it.. I only looked for a minute and didn’t pick anything as i’m always against taking something that isn’t mine.

But. It was right off the road, about 2 feet away w/ nothing else around it but grass.. Highly doubt someone planted it there as it sticks out like a sore thumb.. If they did, chances are someone else is gonna snatch it up if they see it..

Anyways. question is. has anyone chopped down some decent ditch weed plant(s), dryed/cured, and ended up with some tolerable to smoke bud? We did this in the past when we were like 15 or 16, but we just tried to smoke it right off the plant.. lol, dumbasses. Obviously it tasted like grass and didn’t get you high.

Yearly dry season has hit here and i’m almost in some desperate need of smoke until my first indoor harvest..

Ok, where i live, anytime you're out on a country road… what do you see? ditch weed… Hundreds and hundreds of plants lined up along the road… Farmers…

Ditch Weed

Definition – What does Ditch Weed mean?

Ditch weed is a slang term referring to cannabis that grows in the wild. It is also called feral weed.

Ditch weed can be found on the side of the road as well, hence the name. When it is dried, cured, and smoked, ditch weed makes for a decent head high. Ditch weed is related to and descended from industrial hemp plants that were produced for fiber, so it typically has low amounts of THC.

MaximumYield explains Ditch Weed

Some people have been known to deliberately plant seeds in the ditches and come back for it, in order to avoid the law. This is because as by DEA definitions, ditch weed has no evidence of being the result of planned cultivation, and is assumed to have grown in wild.

Some ditch weed may just be randomly growing, likely to have come from hemp crops that have reseeded themselves. Hemp is a wild plant found in the Midwest and states like Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Another theory behind ditch weed is that it grows from seeds that were present in the roach of a joint that was tossed out the window. All of these theories means that ditch weed is scattered about instead of appearing in an organized grid or layout.

Ditch weed can grow to be eight or nine feet tall, but because it isn’t tended to like farmed, indoor-grown, or greenhouse plants, the buds are not as sticky. Also, the run-off of pesticides or toxins on the road likely affect the quality of the bud, depending on the location and climate.

Ditch weed is considered to be low quality buds because it is not fertilized or tended to.

This definition explains the meaning of Ditch Weed and why it matters.