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What’s the Shelf Life of a Packet of Seeds

What is the shelf life of packaged seeds? I have some seeds I didn’t start this past year, can I start them next spring?

Answer: When using seed packets to help grow a beautiful garden, there are often seeds left over. Instead of tossing them in the trash, you should store seeds for the next growing season, to once again fill your garden with the same, lovely, thriving plants.

To use the seeds at a later time, many gardeners will try to organize them by shelf life. However, the truth is there is no exact expiration date for seeds. Some may store successfully for only a year, while others will last for several. The longevity of the seeds will vary greatly depending on plant variety as well as proper storage.

To help ensure that your seeds will still be viable for next spring, it is important to store them correctly. Keep them secured in a sealed container/bag in a cool, dark and dry location. Once the next growing season approaches, you can also test their vitality by performing a water or germination text.

For the seeds you’re considering trying that were left from last year, think about the conditions in which they were saved. If it was cool, dry and dark, they have a good chance. You can test their viability, too.

I have a few seed packets leftover from last year. How long do packaged seeds stay viable? Can I start these old seeds this year? ]]>