dosi crasher strain

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Dosi crasher strain

Our LitHouse premium eight jars contain 3.5 grams of small batch, craft grown cannabis flower. LitHouse focuses on flavor and potency. All of our flower is slow cold-cured and expertly trimmed for maximum terpene preservation. You can always count on high quality and consistency in every eighth jar from LitHouse.


Zkittlez x Gelato

The grass truly is greener in California and this red hot strain from the Cookies Fam is a shining example of Golden State excellence. Bred from two award-winning Cali classics, Zkittlez and Gelato, Runtz achieved instant celebrity status for its mouth-watering candy fruit flavor that is so tasty you just have to keep hitting it. A luscious tropical fruit aroma is highlighted with bright tangy citrus and rich earthy undertones. The high comes on smooth, with a simultaneous tingling, flowing body buzz, and an active, inspired mental state, making Runtz an ideal functional creative strain. Like a soothing boardwalk evening, the thick Runtz buds are a deep indigo and viridian color, lit up with twinkling soft ember stigmas and stardust trichomes. Exhilarating yet tranquil, stimulating yet soothing, like the incomparable Pacific herself, Runtz captures all the greatness, glamour, and fertile magic of our beloved Golden Coast.


Himalayan Kush x Utopia Haze

This exotic strain, bred in Amsterdam by Barney’s Farm, is a sativa-dominant cross of classic Afghani Kush with carefully selected and backcrossed Brazilian landrace. Red Dragon was brought to the Mendocino Coast sometime in the 2010s and has been a local favorite among coastal indoor growers ever since for its abundant yields, fierce potency, and spectacular flavor profile of juicy guava nectar and warm ginger. Fresh, shimmering green buds, adorned with flaming red stigmas, delight the nostrils with sweet tropical fruit, sultry spice, and savory parmesan. This soaring, inspiring sativa high will lift you to the clouds where the Kush genetics will leave you floating in total relaxation for hours. Enjoy a magical flight around the world on the wings of Red Dragon!


GMO x Purple Punch

The unlikely pairing of two very different yet widely celebrated parents, GMO (aka: Garlic Cookies) and Purple Punch, Modified Grapes makes for a surprisingly satisfying union of sweet and savory. For all you bon vivants out there, Modified Grapes is a must partake. Bred by Symbiotic Genetics, this unique hybrid strain brings together sweet and fruity grape candy with a gassy, garlicky, umami deliciousness. The plump meaty buds contrast light mint and deep eggplant coloring with a thick peach fuzz layer of trichomes. Try it for the unique flavor, but the flawless high will have you coming back for more. Effortless and relaxed, Modified Grapes has a smooth blend of clarity and comfort, combining a handful of humor and a dash of gusto that will keep you feeling on top of your game.


2019 Emerald Cup Winner!

Lemon Heads x Lava Cake

Lemon Lava is a truly special strain; bred by the late Jai Malloy of pHinest Cannabis, we at LitHouse are deeply honored to bring this strain to life and earn it an Emerald Cup award in December 2019. Break open your jar of Lemon Lava to inhale a refreshing and invigorating burst of lemon. Cleanse your palette with earthy lemon zest—followed by touches of sage, mint, and grapes. Pleasurably smooth on the exhale, Lemon Lava has a bright, alert, and revitalizing high that is also gently soothing and anxiety-free. The compact buds are thick with lustrous resin covering midnight purple and spring green leaves, accented with bright saffron hairs.


(Bubblegum x Orange Juice) x Grape Pie

This juicy delight has been flying under the radar since her release by expert breeder Cannarado, but she’s definitely worthy of notoriety. One of the most potent flowers we cultivate at LitHouse, 5 Alive is an overachiever, scoring the highest marks in taste, aroma, beauty, and effects. The sunny flavor of freshly juiced orange perfectly captures the sensory pleasure of this energetic strain. As photogenic as she is flavorful, 5 Alive yields thick, colorful buds, coated in sticky resin, just waiting to be squeezed. A personal favorite for quite a few of our LitHouse team members and industry partners, 5 Alive has that perfect care-free high that puts a big grin on your face, like you just got an unexpected check in the mail and everything’s coming up roses.


Wedding Cake x Purple Punch

Whether you’re the one getting hitched, or just crashing the party, there’s an exuberant kind of joy that comes with wedding festivities, which is just the feeling you get with this widely popular strain from Symbiotic Genetics. The perfect party weed, Wedding Crasher has an easy-going high that makes you feel confident, friendly, and fun with a clear mind and laid-back vibe. Rich in aromas and flavors coming from both parents, Wedding Crasher has an earthy vanilla nose and a sweet berry finish with touches of gas throughout. Thick sparkling buds glisten in a pretty bouquet of spring green, lavender and marigold hues. You’ll definitely be feelin’ yo’self when you liven up your day with a little naughty merriment from Wedding Crasher.


Orange Cookies x Grape Pie

Orange Daiquiri is a potent strain with a powerful high that comes on strong with deep body relaxation. The hybrid genetics of this exceptional strain also impart an uplifted clarity and euphoria. Orange Daiquiri has all the mouth-watering juicy mandarin and sugar notes of its parent Orange Cookies, but with a touch of gas that imparts an irresistible liqueur flavor. Cannarado bred Orange Daiquiri in 2017; LitHouse hunted our unique pheno in 2019, selecting for flavor profile and high-potency–truly a “breeder’s cut.”


2019 High Times Cannabis Cup Winner!

GSC x Face-Off OG

Our stand-out LitHouse flower, Dark Dosi is a customer favorite, with a sweet earthy taste and deeply relaxing high. She’s been a long time favorite of ours as well and we’ve meticulously perfected our cultivation of this show-stopping beauty, consistently bringing out her full potential of intense potency and rich palate. Dark Dosi caries a stand-out flavor that is syrupy and robust, shining through in any smoking application with an intoxicating sugar-glazed gassy aroma. The true pleasure of Dark Dosi lies in the profound relaxation promised within—cares of the day melt away as you relax into a blissful full-body high. Tried and true, LitHouse Dark Dosi is a perfect 10.


2018 Emerald Cup Winner!

Jack Herer x (Afgoo x Purple Thai x Super Lemon Haze x God Bud)

Crafted with love by the magical soil wizards at Dragonfly Earth Medicine, Zelly’s Gift is one of those rare, special flowers that connects you with true joy and leaves you feeling spiritually uplifted. Even the buds themselves look cheerful with their lively green leaves and big fluffy calyxes. Zelly’s has a bright, healing, herbal aroma of pine and green citrus complimented by a fresh flavor or crisp fruit and flowers, cypress and mint. Zelly’s is rich in one of the less common terpenes, Terpinolene, which is valued for it’s clarifying and healing properties. Smiling, giggling, and feeling free, Zelly’s reminds you of the goodness of life with a kind-hearted and joyous high.


Banana OG x Purple Punch

Ready for a vaycay? LitHouse has got you covered with this lounge-worthy strain from Symbiotic Genetics. Let the sweet banana and fresh pineapple aroma transport you to an island retreat, while delicate flavors of fruit and sugar combined with a light earthy spice pleasantly soothes your senses. Like a pristine white sand beach, this strain is thoroughly coated with an impressive layer of crystalline resin, giving the deep purple and cool green flowers a uniquely sandy look typical of the Purple Punch father genetics. Proud parent of many prominent strains, the Banana OG mother imparts an intense and stoney high that has made Banana Punch a favorite among experienced users. Enjoy a restorative break from reality and let yourself drift away on soothing waves to tranquility. Bon Voyage.


2019 High Times Cannabis Cup Winner!

Thin Mint x Grape Pie

Coming in hot, Lava Cake erupted onto the scene in 2018 and instantly became an award-winning superstar; not surprising as she was bred by industry luminary Cannarado Genetics and cultivated with all the lavish attention bestowed by LitHouse’s unique micro-batch cultivation process. The perfect choice for lovers of dessert strains, Lava Cake is widely praised for her strong sugary flavor evocative of warm fresh-baked pastries, with grape and cherry highlights. Like a rich chocolate cake, the buds are beautifully dark and dense, powdered with sparkling resin. If you’re looking to relax, unwind, and spend some quality time on Cloud 9 then Lava Cake is just the treat to sweeten your day.


Fruity Pebblez OG x Grape Pie

An instant favorite, this award-winning strain bred by Cannarado in 2017 quickly became a well-loved go-to for many a connoisseur because of its tasty, smooth smoke and awesome high. The flavor of Sundae Driver is incredible, filling your palette with a delicious dessert swirl of warmed sugar and sweet berry fruit with gassy and creamy notes. Sundae Driver is a perfect hybrid that delivers serious potency with cerebral elevation and full-body soothing. A feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds, Sundae Driver is a distinctly gorgeous flower; the buds are densely packed with vibrant green and deep purple leaves, fiery persimmon stigmas, and a glittering coating of sticky trichomes.


TWO 0.5g Pre-Rolls

Your favorite LitHouse cultivars in an easy to enjoy pre-roll. We think two is better than one, so each pack comes with two half-gram pre-rolls to give you the maximum amount of freshness and flavor with each and every puff. All of our pre-rolls come with the same high-quality cannabis we put in our jars. Our pre-rolls are 100% flower, no trim.

Indica Hybrid Sativa Dominant Girl Scout Cookies Girl Scout Cookies Face-Off OG Dark Heart Nursery Thin Mint GSC Grape Pie Cannarado Orange Juice Bubblegum Jack Herer Afgoo Purple Thai Super Lemon Haze God Bud