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11 Best Dugout Pipes in the World Right Now!

Looking to up your cannabis game? The dugout pipe is probably one of the most misunderstood accessories and pipes for an unseasoned toker. One may ask, what is a dugout pipe? It is a pipe specially designed with a compartment for dry herbs or tobacco. The dugout smoke system is convenient as it holds everything and can provide smokers with a great, smooth and powerful hit. Finding your perfect dugout shouldn’t be that hard, and we’ve curated a menu of them to get you started!

Forget about rolling paper! Check out Weed Republic’s recommendation of the best weed dugouts but also tobacco dugouts as well. Still unsure about how to use a one hitter dugout or investing in one but want something that is compact and convenient? Why not check out 13 Best Glass Pipes In The World Right Now – Every Budget Covered. Who knows? Maybe after a few hits you’ll know whether or not you are ready to upgrade to a dugout pipe.

Right now, you can check out our recommendations on Dugouts, from a metal dugout to a wooden dugout one hitter, all great additions to any tokers collection.

Wood Dugout With Glass One Hitter – $19.99

Looking to treat yourself, but don’t want to spend too much? This beautiful Wood Dugout with glass one hitter pipe is our top recommendation. It has everything you would expect including separate chambers, one for your herb or other material, while the second chamber is spring-loaded and contains your one hitter. Small and discreet enough to be easily slipped into your pocket or bag and light enough to be no trouble at all to carry around wherever you’re going. If you enjoy smoking while you’re out and about, then a one hitter dugout or one hitter pipe is the absolute best way to go about it.

What we love:

  • Handcrafted quality product
  • Durable and Discreet
  • Unique magnet design
  • Enough space to store your goodies
  • Its only 3.5 inch, which makes it super convenient to carry around in your pocket or bag

Dugout Pipe $15.99

Looking for a budget-friendly dGRAV DUGOUTugout pipe? Why not check out this beautiful, sleek piece, a wood Dugout Pipe by grasscity? This metal one-hitter dugout is built with a compartment for your stash. This one-hitter features a slide top dugout. Accompanied with an easy to use pipe, this baseball-themed pipe makes it easy for you to take your bat and dip. The dugout compartment features room to store your dry hash or tobacco. Whether you are looking for something that is for a seasoned toker or looking to have a pipe that is convenient and easy to take away – this is one of those cool dugouts that won’t break the bank.

Whether it’s keeping it in your pants pocket or jacket, grasscity is providing cool pipes that are loaded and ready to use.

What we love:

  • Height of 3.7 inches
  • Metal and wood design
  • Easy to use
  • Slide top dugout
  • Portable and discreet
  • Budget friendly

GRAV Dugout $49.99

Looking for a cool dugout that is unlike any you will see on the market? Check out the GRAV Dugout, which is über durable and available in four colours. This dugout is an all-in-one pipe that comes with a pipe, storage and cleaning tools. That means no matter where you are, you’ll always be prepared for a relaxing hit. How do you use this GRAV dugout? Simply twist the lid to access the chambers of your stash and enjoy.

Featuring a bowl to catch the ash, it makes for easy cleaning and maintenance. This dugout is so compact that it comes with its own zip-up carrying case and clip that you can attach to a lanyard or keychain. Grind, dip and smoke – what more do you need to enjoy a relaxing hit? Nothing!

What we love:

  • Compact with an aluminum case
  • Clear window
  • Available in different colours
  • Aluminum taster
  • Height of 3.75”

Lighterpick Waterproof Dugout $19.99

What better way to enjoy and celebrate the warm weather than with the first ever Lighterpick Waterproof Dugout by dailyhighclub. Available in six different colours, this waterproof dugout features a compartment for a mini BIC lighter as well as a smell and waterproof chamber. Accessorized with a built-in poker, this will help maintain the cleanliness of your new waterproof dugout.

Featuring a one-hitter cigarette but with flat lip – this compact, ready to go and smoke dugout really is one of the best ways to enjoy your hash while by the pool worry-free. For those times when you need to be discreet, this dugout ensures your stash doesn’t get soaked or smelled by anyone who shouldn’t!

What we love:

  • Multiple compartments
  • 2” retractable cleaning stick
  • Smell and waterproof
  • Different colours
  • Holds ¼ ounces of dry herbs or tobacco
  • Soft-touch coating

RYOT Dugout Kit $69.99

For the cannabis connoisseur, the RYOT Dugout Kit by 420science is the perfect all you need dugout set. For a competitive price, you receive a RYOT wooden spring bat, grinder and customized BIC lighter. Aesthetically, this wooden dugout looks and feels as though it was hand carved – what better way to enjoy a clean smoke in style?

If you are someone who enjoys having matching items, then the wood RYOT is the perfect dugout kit. Whether you are with friends or alone, this kit comes with all you need to enjoy a relaxing hash session.

What we love:

  • Featuring a spring-loaded taster
  • Matching one-hitter
  • Kit comes with grinder, jar and lighter
  • Bamboo design

Looking for a way to toke on the go? Check out this list of our favourite dugout pipes! With a variety of colours, styles and price points to choose from there's one on here for every cannabis consumer. Why use a dugout? They're discreet and offer a convenient way to pack everything you need to toke on the go!