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Dutch Treat (Western Cultured) feminized

Dutch Treat is an amazing cannabis strain developed in the Pacific Northwest by Western Cultured. This sativa variety induces powerful highs, perfect for creative activities. It derives from well-known genetics and exudes exceptional fragrances.

Dutch Treat (Western Cultured) feminized
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Western Cultured – Dutch Treat: Travel To Amsterdam’s Coffeeshops Via The Pacific Northwest

Brace yourself for a hybrid strain that mediates the essence of Amsterdam’s finest cannabis varieties—Dutch Treat. Developed by Western Cultured, this sativa-dominant strain was placed on the market to share coveted Dutch genetics via the hands of expert Pacific Northwest breeders. Dutch Treat was created by hybridising Northern Lights, Haze, and Skunk #1—a formidable trio if there ever was one.

When the fragrances of mature Dutch Treat buds enter the nostrils, awe-inspiring sensations ensue. It’s the kind of strain that makes you close your eyes when inhaling the scent of your jar. The flavours and aromas include notes of citrus, pine, eucalyptus, and ripe fruit. In terms of effects, Dutch Treat transports one’s consciousness to Amsterdam’s coffeeshops with relaxed, psychoactive, and euphoric sensations vibrating through the body.

One can expect stable phenotypes from this variety, which derives from already stable parent strains. The plants develop conical buds reminiscent of small pine trees, flourishing from every bud site. When plants are treated correctly with optimal environmental conditions, Dutch Treat will treat the grower with superb buds. If one wishes to experience a slice of the Pacific Northwest with a dollop of Amsterdam on top, Dutch Treat will deliver the delicacy.

Dutch Treat is a sativa-dominant variety developed by devoted cannabis enthusiasts. You can expect potent sensations and delicious flavours from this one. ✅ ]]>