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Dutch Treat Strain – Everything you need to know and more!

Dutch Treat is known across the Netherlands for being a sativa-dominant hybrid. It has become a staple in most coffeeshops across the NL, because it has both a euphoric high and a nice indica relaxing high. What does “Dutch Treat” mean though? In English we have a lot of sayings that aren’t exactly fair to our Dutch cousins across the water. “Dutch courage” means to get drunk on vodka so you have the ability to socialise. Dutch Treat, on the other hand, means that you split the bill after a date. Dutch Treat was actually originally created in America, but has become very popular in the Netherlands. It won the third best sativa or sativa-dominant strain in the 2012 Southern California Cannabis Cup, earning it a solid reputation.

This strain is sometimes called Dutch strain, Dutch Berry, or Dream Catcher Weed.

Slingin’ those Dutch Treats! Photo: @916fulano

Dutch Treat strain: Indica or Sativa?

Dutch Treat is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It has some indica traits to accompany its cerebral high. This is largely due to its 1% CBD percentage combined with its 15-30% THC. It’s a very potent strain that offers some psychoactive effects. This may not be the best option for newcomers, who may feel overwhelmed if they smoke this strain too much.

Dutch Treat strain origin and lineage

Dutch Treat’s exact genetics are hard to pin down, but many people feel that it was originally bred by legendary breeder, Jordan of the Islands. This guy is based in Vancouver, and he has grown many of the most popular strains in the cannabis community. Even its parents aren’t known for sure, but most people suggest that it’s a cross between:

  • Northern Lights
  • A Haze strain

The thought process behind this is that Dutch Treat definitely has an earthy taste, which would explain the Northern Lights and its indica side. The Haze side explains the sativa buzz, which is a trademark of this strain.

Dutch Treat strain THC percentage

As mentioned previously, the THC percentage of this strain varies from 15-30%. This is considered to be a very strong dosage of THC (anything above 25% is considered strong these days; anything above 35% is ridiculously strong.) However, this obviously depends on the person. The average sativa-dominant hybrid contains around 13% THC, so you can see that Dutch Treat is very aptly named.

Dutch Treat strain price

As the seeds for this strain are available online, and it’s a relatively old strain, the price of this strain isn’t that high. Additionally, being that it’s a staple in Amsterdam coffeeshops, most coffeeshops won’t charge more than $10 a gram for this strain. In North America it’s likely to be even cheaper, because in general the dispensaries are cheaper than the coffeeshops. That means you’re unlikely to pay more than $8 a gram for Dutch Treat in NA.

Dutch Treat strain taste

Dutch Treat is primarily filled with three different terpenes: Terpinolene, Ocimene, and Myrcene. These three terpenes give it a very unique taste, which we recommend you enjoy inside a flower vaporiser . If you grind your weed up first, so much the better. Grinding your weed allows for the full taste experience to be released from the centre of the buds, and vaping instead of smoking allows you to enjoy the buds as they were intended. This means there’s no adulteration from paper, tobacco, or from simply burning the flowers and inhaling the smoke. The full taste profile of Dutch Treat is:

  • Sweet
  • Pine
  • Spicy/herbal
  • Floral

Dutch Treat strain oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

Making Butane Hash Oil is fairly dangerous, but if you can manage it without burning your house down, then Dutch Treat makes for a fantastic concentrate. Its high trichome production, relative potency, and its great flavour, really make a fantastic concentrate. Just be careful, please!

If you’re wanting to make edibles, then we have two golden rules when making edibles:

  • Decarboxylate, decarboxylate, DECARBOXYLATE
  • Mix with a fat or an oil

First of all, what is decarboxylation ? We have a whole article for that, but it’s basically making raw THC (THCA) into THC. Secondly, you will need to mix your decarbed weed with a fat or an oil, otherwise it simply won’t work. You can eat as much of it as you like, but IT WON’T WORK. The other method of making edibles is to use already vaped bud from your handy vaporiser.

Looking for a sativa-dominant hybrid to set your mind right? Dutch Treat is a great option for anyone looking for something that might treat their depression or stress. It tastes great, is easy to find and it's well-balanced with high THC and CBD content. No one should shy away from Dutch Treat! ]]>