euphoria cbd strain review

Euphoria cbd strain review

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It is such an amazing, even terribly positive strain and it had excited us so much. 10/10/10

This is a wonderful strain for microdosing during the day and at work. I feel happy and relaxed all day. I find it a great help for anxiety and stress relief.

Am growing Euphoria now. Went 12/12 two weeks ago. She is forming beautiful flowers. So far a wonderful organic grow. I may have to support buds since she may get heavy. **I gently tied her down and her branches went wild with lots of buds. I trimmed away some sun leaves. The undersides after tie down provided three nice clones. I layer my soil and only give worm tea (water mixed with worm castings) during veg. I then make a specialty tea for flower with blood soil and bat guano and water, etc. I will review after I harvest and cure, but so far this strain is vigorous and may produce 100 + g. (I FIM’ed so she had lots of branching.) This plant seems to perk up with high fan (wind action).

This bud really does make you happy af. Super giggly too. Does wonders when I have to go out with friends and don’t really feel the scene. Too much can make me feel a bit paranoid though.

The Amsterdam Dutch Passion company bred Euphoria in the early 2000s, from skunk strains. Once it was developed, this strain bagged a number of awards including second place at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2000 and the Best Seeds HighLife cup in 2002. Minimal fuss is required for the growth of … ]]>