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Pineapple Express(3) auto from Fastbuds

Фантастический штамм! Запах, вкус/эффекты велики!

Это семя было фенотипом «медленный и устойчивый выигрывает гонку»! 6 недель вегета+ 8 недель flower.

Хорошо, как обычно:)

Она была фенотипом «медленный и устойчивый выигрывает гонку»! 6 недель вегета+ 8 недель flower.

Она прочно прошла через неделю 6, а затем укладывала некоторые интенсивные колы, из-за того, что она была lolipopped перед flower!

Во время перехода к flower она была дефолиации каждые 3 дня, чтобы свет и воздух проникали в полог и допускали максимальную укладку!

Это возможно, потому что, она не сильно растягивалась во время своего перехода. Вместо этого она укладывала плотную структуру узла; и с каждым новым узлом приходит набор из двух листьев!

Эта дама держит my личный рекорд, за my самый большой урожай от внутреннего растения.

"Pineapple Express(3) auto from Fastbuds" cannabis grow journal. Strains: FastBuds Pineapple Express by Basementganja. Grow room В помещении, growing in Без почвы. Harvest yield, seeds review, grow details.

Fastbuds Pineapple Express

Overall she was a pleasure to grow. FastBuds definitely earned their name! The smell that was radiating from her was mouth watering. The buds ended up drying pretty thin and airy but that is completely my fault. I’m pretty sure I destroyed her with nutrients. Next time around I’ll be feeding much less and learn to use my PPM meter to get this down to an even better science. My space heater torched some buds so I definitely lost some weight. No excuses though couldn’t be happier that I have some FastBuds Pineapple Express! I’ll update with dry weight after a couple week cure. I’ll also update taste and smoke in a couple weeks after a nice cure. Probably add some more pictures!
Put some Christmas lights on her quick with a buddy of mine and we mixed a little video. Short and sweet! Merry Christmas GrowDiaries! And a happy new year!
Update week after harvest: Hung her for three days to dry. Then I jarred her but wasn’t in my curing zone. So I’ve been going back and forth with her leaving the jars open for 4-5 hours a pop. Yesterday I dumped her all out and let her air out for a little. I use a tiny hygrometer in the jars to check Relative humidity. I like my bud at 60%. Right now I got her to 65%. Another day or two of opening the jars for 4-5 hours and she’ll be in the cure zone. I’ll let her sit for a month (no doubt I’ll dip into it in a week or two for a taste test) popping the lid on the daily for 5-10 minutes. While I had her completely out of the jar I decided to do a quick weigh. A solid 151 grams. I’m impressed with that. She’ll lose a little more weight so that’s why I didn’t add it as the official dry weight. Also I said the buds were airy. I take that back jarring them early allowed them to puff up a little bit. Call it a Christmas Miracle!!
Update: So I finally got all the jars in my cure zone which is 60% RH going off my mini hygrometer. They are anywhere from 56%-60%. She weighed in with a whopping 144 grams. I am super stoked by that number. The 7 gallon pot paid off! She hasn’t gotten her pineapple smell back. I’m positive in another couple weeks she will regain it with a proper long cure. For right now I just get that skunk earth smell. So my analysis on the smoke as of right now is a super good one. It’s a very clean smoke already which surprised me. Usually a little bite with only a week cure. But it was hella smooth. The high is an amazing one. Not overly energetic but just enough! I almost felt a tingly feeling in the knoggin which I attribute to a euphoric sensation. I was in a creative uplifting energetic mood!This is perfect for the afternoon before you head out for the day. It definitely had me laughing and a permanent shit eating grin on my face. I honestly can’t say enough good things. I’m super impressed with the FastBud genetics and also can’t say enough good things about the FastBuds crew. Their representative on GrowDiaries is awesome. I had a bunch of questions for him and they were answered incredibly fast despite the huge time difference! If your a beginner and want a hassle free strain with experts backing you the whole way I highly recommend Pineapple Express by FastBuds. I’ll update one more time in the coming weeks. So I felt the need to explain the new pictures. I have a picture of the two bowls stacked on the scale. I hit the tare button to zero it out. I then poured all the jars into the bowl. Then boom 144 grams. Also the ft squared option for the box kinda confused me so I put my square feet in. So if that doesn’t jive I apologize. Anyone that wants to help clarify please feel free!

Final update: I grabbed a couple budds and took some pictures. So far the smoke is a great wake and bake for me. She hasn’t regained her pineapple smell YET! I have full confidence she’ll get a hint of that amazing citrus smell she had during flowering! I’m big on the cure so she’ll probably be in jars for the next 2-3 months. Like a fine wine she’ll get better with time! Well that’s pretty much a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this little trip. It for sure was fun as hell for me.

Awesome line I will definitely stick with them

"Fastbuds Pineapple Express" cannabis grow journal. Strains: FastBuds Pineapple Express by TeflonDonFarms. Grow room В помещении, growing in Почва. Harvest yield, seeds review, grow details.