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Cannarado Genetics – FATSO

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About this product

Cannarado Genetics – FATSO Sealed packs on + many other gems from Cannarado Genetics

About this brand


4 customer reviews

on September 17th, 2020

I bought this cause of the two parents but I went to ukiah and bought a eighth for 37.50 scissor sisters mendo grown its so good

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on April 7th, 2020

I found this on the menu at House of Organics in Sacramento. I saw it online and it said this batch grown by Phinest was 39.22% THC. I was immediately intrigued/skeptical. So I went and shelled out an inordinate amount of money for an eighth of this flower. (75$ 😢) Right off the bat I could smell it through the jar. It punches you right in the face with that garlicky punky skunk smell. It looks like you average typical OG bud structure. Pretty bright green buds with a healthy coating of frost. I showed a couple people at the office and we couldn’t stop opening up the jar to smell it. So fast forward I’m at home and I load about .25 into my Mobius Ion matrix. I take two small rips and sit on my couch. Really subtle garlic pine kushy flavor. I felt the onset immediately. By minute 6 I felt that borderline psychedelic feeling that some high THC cuts can give you. By 45 minutes it feels like it settles in the body with a deep narcotic-like sensation while also summoning the appetite of a ravenous bear/wolf hybrid creature. I would definitely avoid using power tools or trying to do anything requiring cognitive function while using this strain. This is a day ender for sure. It took me way too long to write this review but that’s probably because I ordered dominos about 10 minutes after I started it. Use with caution this shit is the real deal. If you love powerful indicas this has your name all over it.

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on March 24th, 2019

If this is the same strain Focus North used for their “Fatso” (legend OG x GMO Cookies) it’s one of the heaviest Indica’s I’ve ever had. Big bubbly nugs, WRECKS of body odor and garlic. Can’t get enough of this one. If you’re in Oregon, I’ve found it in Salem, OR at Preserve Oregon!!

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