find weed in atlanta

Find weed in atlanta

There is a molecule for every purpose. There are only actions and reactions. Cut out the middle men. Everything I say is a lie.

I live just outside Atlanta.

10 minutes north.

Someone told me it’s pretty easy to find bud; ya just have to keep your eyes open.

Prices suck these days and the quality is shit.

Then again, I don’t smoke much so I’m not really looking for it.

Driving around Atlanta looking for weed while it’s snowing?

Can someone post the “YOU GONNA GET RAPED!” picture for me?

Poptart said:
so if I just drive around aimlessly on the streets off atlanta chances are good that I would be able to find weed?

If you drive around aimlessly on the streets of A you probably gonna get robbed before you find the bud.

Besides, check the evidence room at your office. I’m sure their will be some sticky layin around somewhere.

It’s easy to find a bag of mids/shwag in Atl for like $20. but its snowing, so right now it is probably impossible.

Come when the sun is out and go to poorer looking neighborhoods, and you might find something if you ask around. though you may also get robbed or arrested. good luck.

Life is good! (and it is also a journey)

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How hard do you think it would be? I have nowhere to get weed and I live about a half an hour away from atlanta. I’m looking for an 1/8 how much do you think it would cost down their? Would it be

Weed in Atlanta, Georgia

If you ever find yourself making a road trip through southern American states, then don’t forget to visit stunning Atlanta. It’s a metropolitan city with around 6 million people, and the traffic jams are known in this city. Don’t worry as there are many options when it comes to exploring the culture, cuisine, having hundreds of options when it comes to nightlife and much more. What could be better than exploring this beautiful city while smoking our favorite herb – cannabis?

Cannabis Laws in Atlanta, Georgia

The trend of legalizing marijuana in American states become very huge, but still, some countries tend to be a bit behind. For instance, the majority of southern states just started to look at the possibility of legalization. Georgia is the perfect example as they began to work towards complete legalization in recent years. They decriminalized cannabis usage in 2018., which is the first step towards legalization and if you get caught with up to an ounce of weed, you will face just $75 fine. People who get caught with more than an ounce can face a prison up to 10 years or the fine of $5,000. If you get caught with the intention of selling, then you’re screwed as you’ll be probably facing the jail time.

When it comes to police officers, it’s advisable to not smoke in crowded places as they will usually mess with you. Use your common sense and smoke in places that are not crowded and even if the police see you; they will probably walk away as they have more significant problems to solve.

Where to Get Cannabis in Atlanta, Georgia

As Atlanta still doesn’t have certified places for buying weed, you rely on the street cannabis. There are many places to score decent quality cannabis, but the most common is known as Little 5. It’s a place where the community vibe is very strong, and you should look for the bar called Vortex. Once you’re there, ask around, and you will get your hands on some cannabis.

Another popular spot for pot smokers and dealers is Downtown area around Auburn Avenue. Just walk around, and someone will approach you. These people look very sketchy, but you shouldn’t be worried as they are focused on business and not robbing you. Still, keep your guard up and always check your weed before handing your money.

Cannabis Prices in Atlanta, Georgia

The price can vary so much, but it depends on the quality of cannabis. Atlanta is known for very good cannabis, so without connections in the city, be prepared to pay a bit more. The gram of Kush usually starts at $20 price tag. For an ounce, some people reported they paid up to whopping $700. A bit higher price, but at least you’re smoking high-quality cannabis.

Weed in Atlanta, Georgia If you ever find yourself making a road trip through southern American states, then don’t forget to visit stunning Atlanta. It’s a metropolitan city with around 6