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Enjoy the Best of Park City – Five 5eeds

Posted by Sean Matyja on Thursday, January 18th, 2018 at 2:10pm.


Just off the beaten path of Park Ave, you can find a cafe full of delicious meals and coffee literally flown in from the other side of the planet. Owners Andrew and Tiffany who hail from Australia, and their manager Gabe have gone to great lengths to make sure that your experience at Five Seeds is not only delicious but full of culture. This week I had the pleasure of sitting with Andrew, Tiffany, Gabe, and a table full of their incredible food. We talked about their love of food, their homeland of Australia, and how they brought it all together for the folks of Park City.

What brought you all to Park City?
Skiing of course!! Our kids (they have 5, hence the name 5 Seeds) love skiing and ski racing. We came here from Australia for the winter and we fell in love with the magic of summer, and decided to make Park City our home. We love Park City and we love being here but we where missing our favorite foods and our COFFEE!

So really Five Seeds was born out of your need for Australian food and Coffee?
Yes, absolutely! Andrew and I both really love our coffee, and we could not find anything like we enjoyed at home, so we decided to make it ourselves and share it with Park City. We fly our freshly roasted coffee in from Melbourne. When we order it, it is roasted and packaged immediately and flown to L.A. then here, so it is absolute perfection when it is served to you. And we have an amazing top of the line machine that we calibrate several times a day to make sure you are getting the very best coffee possible. (They also have a double door entrance so that the coffee machine is not exposed to the outdoor temp).

Now I know about the coffee, tell me about the food?
We are foodies! And we want to share that with everyone here. We have selected a few of our favorites from home, and put an American spin on a few of them and are serving them up. We took our chef to Australia so he could see and taste what we wanted in our dishes. And we continue to travel and try different things so we can bring them home to everyone in Park City. We also take into account seasonal items and include them in our menu. We are a scratch kitchen, we make everything fresh and from scratch.

What sets you apart from other cafe’s in Park City?
We are doing everything from our view, the tastes we want, the feel we want for you to hopefully experience when you are here, it all comes from us. I love coming here and seeing our regulars in here with their families. Eating and sharing our family’s favorite foods with their families. And that is so unique to us, and we work on every detail to give that experience to all of our customers.

Take a quick trip down under, and get over to Five 5eeds immediately and ENJOY the food! We highly recommend the Shakshouka, Short Rib Benedict, and the insanely delicious Breakfast Panna Cotta. And of course a cup of their coffee, you may never go back to your hum drum American coffee ever again!

For a full menu and further info on Five 5eeds check out their website here.

Take a quick trip down under, and get over to Five 5eeds immediately and enjoy the food! One of Park City’s newest local favorites. ]]>