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Our Freakshow Feminized Cannabis Seeds are finally here at the Seed Fair! The THC level is 18% and Indica is 40% and Sativa is 60%. Freakshow Regular Seeds – 10 from Humboldt Seed Co. for sale at Seedsman Shop Online. Get Free seeds with every order. Offering the best seeds since 2003. Freakshow regular seeds, a cannabis variety with discreet foliage and sour taste.

Freakshow Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Freakshow Feminized Strain

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Freakshow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Freakshow Feminized Cannabis Seeds gets you a powerful cheese smell that’s pretty noticeable even when you’re not close to the plant. The aroma profile is also quite cheesy with hints of sour cream, making it a perfect choice for those who love cheesy strains. Probably it could have inherited the cheese in its name. This particular strain gives off a mix of different flavors depending on how it’s grown. You can taste hints of citrus, grapefruit, and even pineapple. The smoke is smooth and has a pleasant aftertaste that’s not too overwhelming that you may want to take another hit right away.

This mostly Sativa dominant hybrid provides users with a very cerebral and uplifting high. This is 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. It is a very potent strain that’s not recommended for new users. The THC level can reach up to 18%, which is pretty high for most cannabis strains. If you’re looking for a strong high, this is your strain. However, if you’re not used to smoking weed, it’s best to start with something else.

Effects Of Freakshow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The effects of this strain come on pretty quickly and can last for up to 2 hours. The high starts with a strong headrush that can sometimes cause anxiety in some people. This is followed by a more mellow and relaxed feeling that can last for a while. The come-down is smooth, and you won’t experience any adverse side effects like paranoia or anxiety if you stick to your tolerance.

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As soon as you take a hit of this strain, you’ll feel a tingling sensation all over your body. This is followed by an uplifting and energetic feeling that can last for a while. You’ll also feel more talkative and social when high on this strain. The effects are mostly Sativa dominant, so it’s perfect for those who need a pick-me-up during the day.

This strain is known to help with various medical conditions such as pain, muscle spasms, and depression. It can also help with other ailments such as fatigue, headaches, and nausea. If you’re looking for a strain that can help you with your medical condition, this is for you.

How Does Freakshow Feminized Cannabis Seeds Grow?

Freakshow Feminized is not a difficult strain to grow, but it’s recommended for intermediate growers. This strain is also known to be quite resistant to mold and mildew, so you don’t have to worry about your plants getting sick. This strain grows well indoors and outdoors, but it prefers a sunny and Mediterranean climate. If you live in a colder climate, it’s best to grow this strain indoors so that your plants don’t get too cold.

Freakshow Feminized has long, and unique Sativa leaves covered in sugar-like trichomes. The buds are dense and long, but they’re not too dense that they’ll weigh your branches down. Freakshow Feminized usually grows to a medium height, so it’s perfect for those who don’t want their plants to get too big.

Since this is a feminized strain, you don’t have to worry about males ruining your harvest. This strain is also perfect for rookies since it’s easy to grow and produces high-quality buds. The buds are also very smokable, so you don’t have to worry about being too harsh on your throat. Freakshow Feminized takes around 60-70 days to flower, which is relatively long for a cannabis strain. However, the wait is worth it since you’ll be rewarded with high-quality buds.

As with most photoperiod strains, Freakshow Feminized needs to be tweaked to flower properly as with most photoperiod strains. You’ll need to give your plants around 18 hours of light per day to get the best results. Freakshow Feminized is a big yielder, so you can expect to get around 500-600 grams per square meter. If you grow this strain outdoors, you can expect to get even more.

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History Of Freakshow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

This unique-looking strain was bred by crossing Secret Parentage with a stable Bx4 strain, resulting in a plant packed with potent THC. The buds are large and sticky, with an intense aroma that will please even the most discerning smoker. But the real star of the show is the many terpenes that improve its medical appeal, which helps to minimize the psychoactive effects of THC while still providing all of the benefits of cannabis. Whether you’re looking for pain relief or simply a relaxed state of mind, the Freakshow Feminized Cannabis Seeds will provide what you need.

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2 reviews for Freakshow Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Freakshow Feminized Strain

Laly Dum – June 1, 2022

I am not one to get all giddy about mj, but this stuff is in a league of its own. I am super excited about this weed, I JUST harvested my first batch and will be growing more this spring. Makes for a great outdoor and indoor grow, and the colors are remarkably bright and white and vibrant. I’m super thrilled to have this Freakshow mj with me at work, helps keep my mind sharp and focused when I am at work and gives me an opportunity to be creative as well!

Das Johnson – June 2, 2022

Freakshow is an excellent strain for dealing with stress and anxiety. I ordered 3 seeds online and they showed up in this beautiful packet that keeps them nice and fresh. Great germination, 100%! Got them growing in the side yard where all the sun is and turned up with some seriously nice bud! Excellent buy for when you’re dealing with some personal issues, you know?

Freakshow Regular Seeds – 10

Freakshow has been affectionately named Cannabis Lusus Monstra (deformed cannabis monster) by the growers at Humboldt Seed Co. Freakshow sports a unique morphology and was originally developed by Cali breeder Shapeshifter in his quest to preserve cannabis oddities and rarities. It is 90% sativa and is a Bx4 which has resulted in its stabilisation. Big plants with great terpene production, it is quite tricky to differentiate male and female plants, at least to the inexperienced eye.

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Indoor growers will find a longer flowering time of 65 days while those cultivators exploiting the great outdoors in the northern hemisphere should see harvests ready between October 5th and 15th.

THC levels of 18% are to be expected as is an uplifting sativa-style effect.


Humboldt Seed Company presents here Freakshow, a unique variety. It is characterised by morphology completely different from the traditional cannabis plants, with special foliage, ideal for guerrilla cultivation or simply for curious cannabis growers looking for original varieties. This strain is now available in our regular cannabis seeds catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop.

Freakshow, cannabis with discreet foliage

Freakshow was born from the hands of the breeder Shapeshifter, with 40 years of experience in cannabis cultivation by breeding and selecting original specimens. This variety is composed of 90 / 10 Sativa Indica genetics with vigorous, resistant, easy to grow and versatile plants. It is a hybrid stabilised over 4 generations in order to fix its traits in a homogeneous line.

Freakshow develops quite different foliage than classic cannabis plants, in the same way as some other strains such as Ducksfoot. Definitely its features provide great discretion when cultivated in a garden among ornamental plants.

Freakshow shows a flowering period of about 65 days in indoor cannabis cultivation. Outdoors the harvest is ready in early October in the Northern Hemisphere, adapting well to most climates.

Freakshow harvest, Sativa with sour flavour

Freakshow flowers, despite its original morphology, are typical of good cannabis, generously covered with resin rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. It offers flavours and aromas that combine spicy and woody pine and incense notes with acid touches.

Freakshow has a THC level of 18%, with a Sativa heritage that is stimulating, cerebral and promotes creativity and introspection.