fruit cheese

fruit cheese

A unique recipe for Wild Hibiscus vegan “Jello.” Cut out fun shapes for desserts or cheese plates, or just serve it up!

Plum Cheese with lime, pepper and vanilla, a flavoursome addition to any cheese board and a great foodie gift too.

Blackcurrant and rosemary fruit cheese with rich red wine, turns blackcurrant jam into a real grown-up treat

Making membrillo (quince paste) at home–a virtual trip to Spain!

The Brits are crazy about fruit cheeses. Americans are most familiar with quince paste, but you can make it from all kinds of fruit. It’s called “cheese” because you can slice it due to its hard-set consistency.

Take a walk on the wild side. It is all about consistency; jams you dollop but cheeses you slice.

Yes, you can! And pickle and jam! And make charcuterie and salumi, or cheese, or any other manner of domestic arts our forebears once held so dear. Join the DIY food revolution!