george bush smoking weed

James Adomian: George W. Bush


Kumar Patel : So you get high and you put other people who smoke weed in jail?

Kumar Patel : That’s so hypocritical!

George W. Bush : Oh yeah? Well let me ask you something, Kumar, do you like giving hand jobs?

George W. Bush : Do you like gettin’ hand jobs?

George W. Bush : Yeah well, that makes you a fuckin’ hypocriticizer too, so shut the fuck up! Now smoke my weed.

Harold Lee : After all the shit we’ve been through, I don’t. I don’t know if we can trust our government anymore.

George W. Bush : Trust the government? Heck, I’m in the government and I don’t even trust it. You don’t have to believe in your government to be a good American. You just have to believe in your country.

Harold Lee : If you like weed so much, why don’t you just legalize it?

George W. Bush : Are you fucking kidding me? You know how pissed off my dad would get if I did that?

George W. Bush : Shit. It’s Cheney. Come on, you guys. Keep quiet. Follow me.

Гарольд и Кумар: Побег из Гуантанамо (2008) James Adomian as George W. Bush ]]>