grape escape strain

Grape escape strain

Grape Escape Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
THC: 20% , CBD: 1%

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I love this strain it’s mellow and not hard. For me I love smoking it with a king palm mini. It’s a great mellow high and doesn’t make me extremely hungry! Great with morning coffee as well!

It had what I wanted from an indica. The THC was a bit higher and was the white label version (whatever that means) It has a very strong skunk odor. Didn’t mess with my concentration or memory much and the body high was very comfy.

Didn’t find it tasted anything like Grapes; in all honesty found it to taste overwhelmingly earthy, but hey maybe that was just me. Anyways I Read @Michelle_Mabelles review(posted march 8th,2018), and I personally got VERY MILDLY hungry which in all honesty I usually get that effect firstly especially when its listed. However besides that I find this to be a mediocre high. Mellow, wouldn’t even know I smoked anything if my rig and banger wasn’t still sitting beside me.

I vape this with a med high tolerance, makes me happy (but what what sativa doesnt). I get annoyed as f*** that this strain makes me hungry after the smallest toke. Not hungry actually, STARVING, even if I just ate. So annoying I hate this strain. I get so angry I just shove cold pasta from the fridge down my throat to stop the hunger pain

This incredible strain blew me away, and instantly hit my top 3 as well. Comes on fast and strong, with an explosive surge of cerebral energy, but above all, the emotion of happiness, which is a rare effect for me. Giggly is one thing, a lot strains will do that. Euphoria translated into confidence and optimism – no negative introspection here! A sure treatment for depression. But this actually produced a burst of happiness bordering on joy. Absolutely incredible. I had tried the kief first, and loved it for it’s sedating, non-cerebral effect for sleep, or to tone down a sativa. The flowers are a whole level higher (no pun intended). This cerebral, emotional and physical wonder, with no paranoia, combined with a warm, soft, relaxing body high – awesome for pain relief. The phenotype I smoked was Indica dominant, Utterly amazing. The buds are a work of art, some of the most beautiful I had ever seen. This is an absolute treasure. I agree with the poster below that this is sure to be an award winner. The only thing I don’t like about it is the name lol. I wasn’t expecting some of the best weed in history from weed with a silly name like that. “Mind Quake” How the heck this miracle came out of its good but not incredible parents is just the way the genetic dice rolled.

Grape Escape is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the delicious Grape Stomper with the potent OG Grape Krypt strain. This bud brings on the fruity flavor, infusing each spicy inhale with flavors of berries and grapes that sweetens with each exhale. The aroma is very … ]]>