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Don’t know the results.

Exactly what you would expect from greenhouse

Well, the quality could not be better. They cannot be making a profit from these.
Extremely fast shipping (even during covid delays)
Probably going to buy another. right now

Great customer services and fast…

Great customer services and fast shipping!

Excellent service

I bought big bud ,along withjack auto,,man the big bud plant all 5 come out massive and very healthy,jack good as well,,the only strain i really had probs in the past ,was with rhino. never germinated,only 2 out of 10,,as i as sent a replacement,thanks for the excellent service.

Good and fast service.

My Favorite Seed Shop

Fast shipping, excellent quality!

I am very appricate to Green House…

I am very appricate to Green House company. Very fast respond and sequrity shipping.
Good prices and support.

No complains

very above on 6 seeds

very above on 6 seeds, there are only 4 that we germinate 🙁


Everything is Awesome

Hi .my order arrived within two weeks…

Hi .my order arrived within two weeks and apart from my free sticker all was accounted for. unfortunately only 60 % of the seeds made it through germination. luckily the Super Critical made it through with only one seed sprouting.. after a very slow start. 8 weeks to 3 feet tall and bushy ready to flower. so slowly but surely. all 5 strains flowering very nicely. thank you very much.. but maybe you can throw in some free seeds with my next order 🙃

Excellent service

Excellent service. Always a pleasure. Easy ordering, fast shipment. Happy as always

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Super Lemon Haze

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Super Lemon Haze Auto

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this is a weird smoke for me could not sleep on it what so ever the feeling was uplifting and creative and the taste is different to anything iv tried before like a sweet earthy zesty taste the bud quality was beautiful nice solid dense buds throughout and the thc production in the end was crazy .

taste 8/10
high 8/10
growth 8/10
yield 8/10
density 9/10

This was my 2nd attempt at GHS Jack Herer. Last year I grew him for my first ever grow and did ok. The taste of Jack was a real favourite and I was hoping to recreate the experience again this year. For this grow, I am happy to give Jack a score of 7 because.

Seeds – Pretty good. I bought a 5 pack and ended up with one runt. The rest were good. They germinated well and all grew at about the same rate.

Grow – Again pretty good. I did not get either of them as big as I would have hoped, but I also made a few mistakes along the way. Absolutely no pest or mould issues. Jack develops real nice thick looking buds, beautiful flame red hairs and really nice smell. Topped well and handles my conditions nicely.

Buds – Above average, but did not deliver the same flavour as last time. This one got me excited because it was so sticky and so nice smelling in the late stages. But once dried, the buds are yet to live up to the same flavour I got from last time. It is early in cure for sure, but the first taste was not where I expected it to be. The hit is a strong one though, and very smooth going down. Lasts a long time. So maybe it depends on the pheno that you get

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