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Get lifted with Massachusetts’ innovative organic cannabis seed breeder

“You take the right avenues, you work hard, you do the right things — no shortcuts and don’t be greedy — and there’s really not any way that you can fail.” — Green Team Genetics

Green Team Genetics —the preeminent Boston-based organic cannabis breeding company — has aligned itself alongside the groundswell of support surrounding the legalization and regulation of marijuana.

Operating since 2008, Green Team Genetics has consistently supplied the greater Boston, Massachusetts area with carefully cultivated, organically-grown cannabis and similarly related products. The brilliant mind behind Green Team Genetics is stubbornly insistent on the ethos behind the company: quality over quantity.

Representing their Massachusetts roots across several national cannabis conventions year-round, Green Team Genetics is poised to lead and support the current wave of momentum favoring the legalization of the plant.

In between preparing a new grow and cultivating a new yield, the founder of Green Team Genetics took the time to speak about goals, phenos, greed, the need for a strong work ethic and the cannabis community as a whole.


Started about five-six years ago now; I was twenty-eight, twenty-nine years old. At that time, the weed was not good and it was expensive. Out of frustration to my girlfriend at the time, I said something along the lines of, “ I could grow better weed than this.” She said, “ Oh — you should.”

At that point, I was like: shit, I probably should.

I ordered seeds online; did my first grow. And then fucked that up, because it’s a lot easier said than done because there’s just a lot of knowledge behind growing if you really want to do it right.

You have to have an understanding of photo periods, what the plant needs as far as nutrients, what times, the special needs of certain strains — it’s just there’s a lot to it.

I pretty much got myself into something a lot deeper than I should’ve and bit off more than I could chew. But it was good at the time because even though I was doing it illegally, I was learning through my mistakes. And for me, I learn through my mistakes best.

So going through what I went through and fucking up a few grows after having a couple under my belt, I started going online more to find information.


One of the things I found when you’re finding information is there was
these forums that were set up by different websites. They sold seeds, but they also had forums on giving advice.

It was like Facebook before there was Facebook for weed heads and people that grew.

So people who grew and had any kind of issues could go online and ask people what’s wrong with their plants or share what they were growing; talk about strains or anything that was going on at that time. Slowly I got more involved and more involved in a few sites. And being on there, people appreciate what you do and you appreciate what people do and it encourages you to be on top of your game and learn more.

People don’t realize, but there’s a lot of history behind certain strains and where they come from, the history of how they were acquired and who acquired them and under what circumstances.

There’s a lot of knowledge based on the history based on strains and just strains in general; there was a lot of information. It brought people together and it made people network.

Through the forums, I met a lot of my longtime, close growing friends and people that I still talk to to this day.

My mentor, who I met online, he was a dude that me and him were just online on the forums and we were both killing it with our grows — everybody was really impressed. And for whatever reason, people thought that me and him were affiliated: our grow styles, the way we talked to each other.

He admired my work as much as I admired his.

Through that, we started talking; he was the first person to introduce me to organic growing and a lot of strains that I didn’t have access to out here being on the East Coast and it being illegal.

Based on that, that’s how everything started. I started growing more seriously, getting more strains. I got interested in breeding, but even before that I was test-growing for strains for successful for longtime breeders like Motarebel Genetics or Loompa Farms; These guys have been on the scene even before I was on the scene — ten, twenty years before I was there.

Some of these guys have gone to jail and done their share of risking
before it was cool; now everybody’s popping up. Then, there wasn’t
grow shops popping up everywhere five-six years ago. Now they are popping up everywhere.


After completing some test grows, I became interested in breeding and slowly started from there. Started making crosses: testing them out, handing them out for the past few years. To this day, I still have never sold any seeds of my own. I’ve never earned a dollar off any seeds that I’ve made or any strains that I’ve made.

Everything that I’ve made, I’ve handed out for free.

Handed out to people that have an interest in growing and have an interest in the genetics that I’m working with. That’s one of the things I’m looking forward to this year: I’ll be doing my first drop. Still hooking up a lot of people for free, offering freebies and stuff like that. Because I feel like not everything is about the money in this culture and this community.

That’s one of the things that I learned on the forums with a lot of
people: greed.


With this plant, it’s easy to make money off of it. So greed shouldn’t be involved in any aspect of it, since it’s something that anybody who takes the time to learn how can do. You should treat it as such and don’t let it get to your head. It is a plant — respect it. You don’t have to rape people financially to make money off them in this business.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t make a profit off of it, but the generosity I’ve learned within the community — not everything’s about money.

I believe you can be a successful person in business and not be a shitty person at the same time. A lot of people: when they focus on business and becoming a business — transitioning from just being a grower or a breeder to actually selling their strains — they get really greedy. Almost like they forgot where they came from. Very Hollywood, I guess.

Not to say I don’t think you should get compensated for your work, but help out the community as much as people support you, because without them you are nothing. Especially when you know that there are people that their lives could be better with whatever strains you’re growing; there are people that can benefit and their lives change.

If a person’s having a hundred seizures a day and you can provide them with a medicine that is natural, actually works and improves the quality of their life — that’s a lot better feeling than making money off of somebody or any monetary kind of thing.

That’s what I’m trying to incorporate in my company, as far as offering quality genetics. Not in big numbers, because I am a firm believer in quality before quantity. So I would rather stick to small batches than growing warehouses-full. No warehouses, I don’t have anything like that going on, so my strains will be limited — but they’re not going to be crazy expensive, either. But being able to offer quality genetics at a decent price.


It’s easy to make seeds: you can take a male plant and a female plant, cross them together, make a whole bunch of seeds, call it whatever and try to sell it. But that’s not what breeding is; you have to take things a bit further when it comes to breeding.

There’s the selection process of what you’re going to breed and why, and what you’re looking to accomplish by that breeding. Along with checking stability and testing stability for both the male and female plants — whether it’s stress-testing the males and making sure they don’t pre-flower too early and show any kind of signs of hermaphrodites.

I pride myself on quality and taking my time to put out a product that people will be proud of; that they’ll grow and that they won’t complain about.


It is still secretive for me, but it’s not in general anymore. Now, if you go on Instagram there’s kids in grow rooms showing their faces — they don’t give a
fuck. Because it’s becoming legal now, so that stigma behind it is gone. I’ve had so many bad experiences, that still to this day I can’t drive in a car and smoke anymore without feeling some anxiety.

So I’m fucked up: if I see a cop on the road and I’m driving a car and even have a joint on me, anxiety sets in. Because I’ve been arrested for literally having a few grams on me in the trunk of a car; bullshit charges like Attempting To Distribute In A School Zone. Back then, cops screwed people and literally incarcerated them for the smallest amount of pot.

Now it’s different.

Now kids have a medical card and it enables them to grow a certain
amount of plants and carry their meds, and cops can’t do shit. I’ve even seen cops have to return the marijuana they confiscated, because they have no right to take it in the first place.


As far as the legalization, it’s pushed the greed forth in a lot of people. A lot of people who are nobodies — who can barely grow — have made seed companies and taken off other people’s work without permission; pretty much have undercut the people they stole the work from.

I won’t name the company’s name, but this guy was a grower and just got into organic gardening, and within a year of becoming a so-called ‘breeder’ — he started jacking well-known breeders work and trying to play it off as his own, saying he had permission. There’s just people like that.

As far as the cannabis community, it’s also taught me that there’s certain rules and — not guidelines — but certain shit you follow as a person and as a breeder.

Because there are people that have literally spent years and years of their lives growing illegally under the same conditions. They grew and bred these amazing strains and put a lot of work into breeding these strains, and didn’t really have the platform they have now to sell their work. So you can’t just jack people’s hard-earned work and expect them to be cool with it.

I’m not going to waste any more time or breath on people like that, but there’s a lot of vultures that came out with the legalization.

Because it’s a quick way to profit and cash in. When there’s something so new, there’s nothing to say otherwise. So these new guys coming into the game say, “ I’m going to take this dude’s strain, cross it to this dude’s strain, make seeds and sell them.” And they think it’s OK, because even if these breeders didn’t give you permission, there’s no legal premise; it’s illegal federally, still. So it’s not like there any legal repercussions for stealing someone’s work.

It’s a brand-new type of climate as far as the legalization and the
moving forward of weed.


They really can’t deny medical benefits. It would be odd to do so, considering the U.S. has several patents:

  • United States Patent 20130059018: PhytoCannabinoids in the treatment of cancer
  • United States Patent 5538993: Compounds according to the present invention are characterized by various beneficial properties such as analgesic, anti-emetic, sedative, anti-inflammatory, anti-glaucoma, and neuroprotective activities
  • United States Patent 6630507: Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants
  • United States Patent 6448288: Use of Cannabinoid compounds for inhibiting, inducing apoptosis, antitumoral action
  • United States Patent 4876276: Special use in cases of acute and of chronic pain
  • United States Patent 7179800: Useful for therapy, especially in the treatment of pain, inflammation and autoimmune disease

There has been minimal national research done because it’s been illegal. The people that have done the most research with cannabis: Israel. They have been researching its benefits for over twenty-thirty years now.

As far as how popular it is now between the recreational and its medicinal benefits, I believe legalization is on the verge in the States.

There is definitely an uphill battle that the community faces, but it will happen. It’s frustrating to see asinine public officials making it a priority to fight against legalization — like our Mayor Marty Walsh and our Governor Charlie Baker. But these guys are out of touch with the reality; the arguments they make against marijuana sound like something out of Reefer Madness.

Don’t you think it’s very hypocritical to be an alcoholic and have no problem keeping bars open late and taxing something which has no medical benefits, such as cigarettes and alcohol — but paint people who use cannabis as criminals and cannabis as a gateway drug?

Just in case you didn’t know: the War On Drugs was a failure. And you can act like cannabis is some big bad drug, and that’s why it’s illegal. But the people aren’t stupid — they know the reasons for cannabis prohibition are racially motivated. The stigma surrounding cannabis after years and years of bullshit propaganda and programs still remains.

But do some reading on the subject and you may be surprised what you find.


Breeders have trademark strains that they have created and are known for. What’s amazing is the cannabis community in itself will stand up for people like that — people that are on the right side of the coin; on the right side of what should be happening.

It’s a fucked-up thing for you to jack someone else’s work, not give them any credit, not financially compensate them and not to even have permission and to move forward and to undercut that same breeder by three-four times of what his seeds cost.

So at that point, you’re getting a watered-down, unstable version of that breeder’s strain. But these young bucks have no idea, because somebody would rather pay $30 or $40 for a pack of seeds than pay $180 for the authentic pack that’s been tested and done the legit way.

But that’s the thing: how do you feel when you see somebody with a
fake pair of Jordan’s or a fake Louis Vuitton bags? It’s like: OK,
that’s fake. You’re trying to be authentic — but you’re going about it
the wrong way. If you want to drive a Ferrari, then buy the Ferrari.

Faking the funk is never good.

Support real breeders. Support real people that have been doing it since Day One. Or at least people that do shit the right way.

Because with this upcoming legalization and all the shit going around, there’s going to be a lot of people that come around and try to steal people’s work. I anticipate people are going to steal my work, and that’s fine. Just give credit where it’s due.

When you use other people’s work, you have an obligation to at least — at the minimal — let people know that you’re using their work.

And that’s why people have noticed that about even the freebies that I’ve made. I’ve made seeds that I don’t make any kind of money off of — I’ve actually spent more money making these seeds and getting them to people, because I don’t sell them; I don’t make any money.

On those packs — on the bottom, I shout out everybody that I know that
had anything to do with helping me in making the strain or had
anything to do with the strains that I used to make those freebies.
I’m giving shout outs to the breeders, and people were surprised at
that because it is not common to do so. Which is fucked up.

If you’re using other people’s shit without giving credit, it’s like plagiarism-type shit. If you’re going to write a paper and use quotations from some book, at least write that shit in the liner notes or what the source is, MLA-style, double-spaced bitch.

Why take somebody’s work and try to jack it without giving them credit? If your strain’s successful, at least you’re shouting them out; that’s the minimal you should do.


I don’t look at it like I’ve accomplished anything crazy. I feel like anybody could do what I’m doing — it’s just a matter of what interests you. At one point, I was so fascinated and obsessed with this shit, I had more interest in growing and in bud than I had in my girlfriend at the time. I get obsessive like that with things that I get passionate about, though.

With growing, it’s something that struck me. Because I always smoked weed, but I never knew anything behind how weed was grown. How much effort really goes into growing good weed and the quality of weed.

It just made me realize: wow, I was smoking shit. It motivated me to just do more. At that time, I was spending a lot of money on weed: at least every week, an eighth of weed — at the minimal — of some high-quality shit. At the time, I was getting it for like $60 an eighth. And so I’m spending literally almost $240 a month on weed — if not more. And the quality I was producing then, even as a novice was still better.


In my experience, organic gardening will yield the best quality — but not necessarily the best quantity. I learned when you grow organically, your yield suffers. Not all the time, but I can see where synthetic fertilizers in the past…

When I grew with synthetic fertilizers in the past — the first couple of times I grew — a good yield is a lot easier to achieve, but quality could never compare to organically-grown cannabis.

It’s the same thing with fruits: if you have organic fruits and compare them to synthetically-grown fruits — not saying that the synthetically-grown fruits taste bad — I’m saying that the organically-grown fruits taste better if grown well, under the right conditions. So doing that, I learned the quality in growing.


But I don’t look at those things like an accomplishment. An accomplishment to me would be like if I grew a strain that literally improves somebody’s life to the point where it changed it so drastically where their quality of life improves — that would be an accomplishment.

But making strains — that’s not an accomplishment; that’s easy to do.
That’s fun for me. You use good genetics, you test them shits and you
do shit the right way — I feel like you can’t really fail. People want
to take shortcuts, so if you don’t take shortcuts, you put in the
work, you do shit the right way and you’re bound to get good results.

You take the right avenues, you work hard, you do the right things — no shortcuts and don’t be greedy — and there’s really not any way that you can fail.


My favorite misconception people have is how much a plant yields. Don’t get me wrong — under the right circumstances, plants can yield incredibly. But when people people see a plant that’s five-feet tall, they don’t realize that after you cut the buds down and everything dries, you lose almost eighty percent of the mass because that’s all water weight.

People see these huge plants and think, “ Oh, these dudes are growing pounds and pounds of weed off plants.” In some cases, yeah; there are some growers that have their systems set up where they are yielding crazy amounts — but it is important to know looks can be deceiving.

It’s all about the environment you have in your grown room. Under regular conditions, somebody who grows under a six hundred-watt or a thousand-watt bulb — you don’t generate pounds and pounds and pounds. That’s a huge misconception about growing weed.


As far as doing something yourself and doing it the way you want to do it, without having to compromise to anybody because you don’t take anybody’s money and you don’t take anybody’s investment — then you can do things your own way.

That’s the dopest thing about it: you have complete freedom and control to do anything in your mind that you want to do; mold whatever you want to be doing into whatever you want it to be. Those are the pro’s of being independent.

But the con’s are being limited because of assets. I’m not a rich dude, and most people that I know aren’t rich people. So when you’re faced with having ideas but not having enough finances to fuel them, the only thing that you can do is either take the slower road to get to where you want to be, or unfortunately to look for investors. And looking for investors always either cuts them into the profits of yours, or control over what happens.

Even though I love working with people, when it comes to my company that I’m going to build from the ground up, I can’t trust anybody else to look out for it the same way that I will.

So as far as Green Team Genetics sounding like it’s some big company, it’s just me. And I work with a lot of likeminded people that I collaborate with. And I’m limited as fuck when it comes to finances. Where other seed companies are dropping probably thousands and thousands of packs, I probably on my first drop will have no more than 400–500 packs of each strain available.

That being said, I’m definitely not able to provide for everybody, but that’s something I want people to know: don’t sleep on me.

Stuff will be limited, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be unobtainable. Top-quality genetics worked with passion is what will be offered. I don’t need hype to sell anything; the proof will be in the pudding.


You have to get all the equipment if you don’t have it already. You have to get everything you need to grow it: if you’re growing with nutrients, then you have to buy bottled nutrients. Them shits ain’t cheap if you’re growing with good quality nutrients.

If you’re not growing with nutrients, you still have to get ingredients to mix into your soil, whether you’re growing organically or whatever. You have to get these amendments. Amendments are a lot cheaper, especially if you source them for decent amounts at a time.

So you can keep costs down, but I don’t know how to assess anybody else’s pay. I’m not rich by any means, and what you need to learn to cover is electricity and the basic start-up money.

It all depends on what you’re doing. Everybody has a different-oriented business as far as what they’re trying to do being in the cannabis future.

There are people that have extract companies, edible companies,
tincture companies, salve companies, CBD companies that are geared
towards no THC but the more anti-seizure, anti-headache pain relief
property-type stuff. Different start-up companies will need different equiptment.


There’s so many different avenues that people are taking; every day there are new businesses, new kinds of products that are getting released.

There’s amazing products getting released every day that will literally blow your mind. Two-three years ago, only a few people that I knew were really messing around with dabbing; with BHO (butane honey oil), with wax and shatter. Now that number has increased dramatically.

A lot of people are also weary of BHO, because unless you have somebody who knows what they’re doing and knows how to make it /purge it properly of all it’s solvents… Polar solvents that are used to extract THC, butane or propane; there’s hexane extractions, alcohol extractions.

The most popular one is butane, but that’s been problematic in a lot of areas, because people who have no idea what the fuck they’re doing — have no idea how butane works and how dangerous it is to be working with gasses — will try to be doing extractions in houses and blow their houses up.


I have people that take care of my shit when I’m gone. I have consults and other peoples that I fucks with, so I’m not worried about that.

It’s more of the financial strain — and most of all, it definitely affects your private life; caused me to be very secretive. For the longest time, I felt like I had some Batman / Bruce Wayne-type balancing going on.

You have to be careful who you confide in when it comes to this business.

For me, it was just easier not to tell anyone except the people I felt needed to know. Growing is a full-time thing, not something you can forget about weeks at a time. If you have a full-time job and you have a pretty decent-sized garden then it’s not just, “ Oh, growing and that’s it.” There’s a lot of work involved — whether it be training, pest management / IPM (intergrated pest managemenet).

Just making sure everything is all set every day; your plants are growing healthy and there’s no signs of any problems. Because there’s a lot of problems, and people try to act like they’re easy to get rid of by spraying chemicals on them.


That’s one thing I’m definitely not down for: spraying any kind of
chemicals on my plants, as far as pest management.

I think every good grower who’s ever got cuts has opened themselves up
to getting pests or some kind of issues. Like most gardeners, I’ve dealt with spider mites in the past; I’ve dealt with powdery mildew in the past. Those both are things that are sometimes can become overwhelming, as far as being problems.

So I try to go about everything organically and naturally, because I wouldn’t want anybody spraying anything on my plants that I wouldn’t want to ingest later.

With spider mites, I’ve used different sprays consisting of geraniol — which is the oil from geranium flowers — peppermint oil and a couple other things. And that works fine for spider mites. Some people, when they get really resistant spider mites, they have to resort to using chemicals. I don’t advocate for that at all unless you have to save rare genetics, because some cuts are very, very hard to come by.

And if you have to do that, it’s suggested you give it a very long veg-time to make sure that whatever chemicals are in the plant can grow out of it.


It usually takes anywhere from four-to-six months; it could even be longer, depending on how long your veg-time is. Pretty much you pop seeds: you take a seed and you put it in a damp paper towel in a dark, warm place. Or even the way I do it: I just throw seeds into a cup of water; usually they float.

Within a couple days, I agitate the water and break the surface tension. And whatever seeds have cracked — kind of germinated — will sink. The seeds crack, the water gets inside and the seeds go to the bottom.

A few days later in the dark, the seeds will start splitting and sprouting underwater. That’s when I take them out and transplant them into the soil. At that point, they get anywhere from eighteen-to-twenty-four hours of light and you give them whatever food they need.

I grow in an amended, organic supersoil, so I don’t have to do anything other than give the plants water with occasional additives: an enzyme or microbial inoculants. I could literally finish from beginning-to-end with just feeding water. So you give it eighteen-to-twenty-four hours of light — let’s say you veg it for a month.

Vegging is the vegetative state, which is the photo period where the
plant needs at least enough light for it not to go into flower.

Flowering is when you actually want to start growing the buds on the plant; vegetative growth is growing during the veg state when the plant’s structure increases. You’re building the structure where you want the buds to grow. So the plant will get bigger and bigger but won’t start budding until you give it less than twelve hours of light, which will begin the flower cycle.

So within two months or so, your plants get to a pretty decent size from seed. From seedlings is the most slowest form — that’s why a lot of people find seedlings — then they’ll take clones and they’ll just go from clones. Because from clones — you’re cutting about two-to-three weeks off of time, because the clones have a root system which is ready for nutrient uptake. During the seedling phase, that’s when it’s the slowest growth — at least top-wise — because the plant’s building a root-system underneath into the soil.

Within about a month-to-two months, you can flower: that’s when you
change the photo period from eighteen-to-twenty-four hours worth of
light to twelve hours-or-less worth of light. Twelve hours on, twelve
hours off — without disturbing the dark period.

Most indica strains are anywhere between seven-to-nine weeks. Some sativa strains can go super long, but some of them can go up to fifteen-sixteen weeks. There’s a lot of polyhybrids and indica-sativa hybrids that are anywhere in the middle. So based on what kind of strains you have — if you have an indica, you know you’ll finish within eight weeks of flour. During that period of time, the buds will plump up and mature.

By the end of the time, you just cut the plants down. Within a week or two of drying and curing, you’re good to go. They’re ready to get processed, smoked or turned into edibles.

Green Team Genetics —the preeminent Boston-based organic cannabis breeding company — has aligned itself alongside the groundswell of support surrounding the legalization and regulation of marijuana…

Green Team Genetics – Whoopie Pie

10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Lineage: (White Lotus x Cookies Pebbles) x Pie95
Flower Time: 8-10 Weeks
Aromas: Cherry Marshmellows, Sweet Earthy Cocoa, Cereal Milk Gas

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We encourage all customers to follow the laws set forth by their Country, State / Province and local municipalities. Any Seeds sold will be considered sold FOR NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY! We take no responsibility if they are used in any fashion that can be considered illicit or illegal. All sales are final.


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West Coast Connoisseurs is not your average seeds bank. Specializing in high end genetics we do not stock everything we try to only stock the best of what breeders have to offer. Our knowlegeable staff will try to help you select what best fits into YOUR needs.

Green Team Genetics – Whoopie Pie 10 Regular Seeds Per Pack Lineage: (White Lotus x Cookies Pebbles) x Pie95 Flower Time: 8-10 Weeks Aromas: Cherry Marshmellows, Sweet Earthy Cocoa,