growing weed in arizona

Growing Medical Marijuana at Home: Is It Legal in Arizona?

The state of Arizona has legalized medical marijuana in 2010. But nine years later, and the laws regarding marijuana remain confusing. Usage, possession, and procurement all have their respective guidelines, making it difficult for patients to undergo medical marijuana treatment. One wrong move could land you in prison for a drug-related felony.

Who’s Qualified for Medical Marijuana?

You can only use marijuana for medical purposes if you meet at least one of Arizona’s qualifying conditions. Then, you’ll need a cannabis patient card. Once you have your card, you can obtain medical marijuana from state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. This Arizona map lets you see all the legal dispensaries in each city.

Another way to procure medical marijuana is to receive donations from fellow patients. Third, you have the option to grow your own weed at home. But marijuana cultivation also has its own set of laws and qualifications.

Who can Grow Marijuana?

Being a medical marijuana patient cardholder isn’t enough for you to cultivate your weed. You must also live at least 25 miles away from a state-licensed dispensary. You can use this online tool by the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) to verify if your home address is within the distance limit.

The prevalence of authorized dispensaries in Arizona, however, means that only a handful of the state’s population are qualified to grow cannabis.

Once you’ve confirmed that your house isn’t within 25 miles of an operating dispensary, you need permission from the state before you start growing marijuana. Either you or your caretaker can tend to the plants.

How Do You Legally Grow Marijuana?

Apart from meeting the criteria for marijuana cultivation, there are laws that dictate how you should grow weed. First, you can’t grow the plants where they’re visible to the public. The Medical Marijuana Act states you must cultivate cannabis in an “enclosed, locked facility” that is only accessible by the cardholder or the caregiver.

The AZDHS is currently vague about where to legally obtain marijuana seeds for growing. But you can only grow a maximum of 12 marijuana plants. Any more, and you can be charged with a drug-related felony.

Other Rules for Marijuana Cultivation

Although you can grow marijuana in your residence, it’s still illegal to sell weed if you’re not a licensed dispensary. You also can’t share pot to anyone who doesn’t carry a medical marijuana card.

The Medical Marijuana Act states you can only carry 2.5 ounces of “usable marijuana” on your person at any time. Also, you must have your card with you whenever you’re in possession of cannabis.

Although Arizona has long recognized the value of medical marijuana for select patients, the state remains tough on those who abuse or violate the Medical Marijuana Act. Violation of any of these provisions may land you in handcuffs.

Given the strict laws on marijuana cultivation and the fact that only a small number of people meet the cultivation boundary requirement, buying from an authorized dispensary is still your number one method of acquiring medical marijuana.

A Dispensary That Supports Your Medical Marijuana Journey

At Territory, patient care comes first. We offer premium medical cannabis products and a comfortable shopping experience. We’ll guide you along your journey, making sure you feel safe and supported throughout your treatment.

Territory has two state-licensed dispensaries in Arizona, one in Gilbert and another in Chandler. You can also shop online for a more convenient experience.

Call us today or visit our dispensary to learn more about our products.

Arizona has strict and complicated laws on medical marijuana, especially on cultivation. Territory details who can and how to legally grow marijuana at home.

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