half gallon pots

How tall in a half gallon pot?


How tall can a plant get in a half gallon pot?

Currently mine are in the second week of flowering, at about 18″, which is where they were 2 weeks ago when I started flowering. I’m a little worried they have stopped or slowed their upward growth.

I vegged them for 6.5 weeks, so their total age is 8.5 weeks (not counting the time spent cloning inside the humidome, approx ten days).

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

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Ahhh crap, thats what I figured. Is it risky to do a transplant during the flower stage? They won’t freak out and turn all hermy will they?

Also, would transplanting to a gallon pot be sufficient or should I go with something bigger?

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Anything is possible, here’s one of my vegging plants from a few grows ago. That’s a 16oz cup of FFOF fed on an ebb and flow table using grow aqua.

Having said that, this plant would have been this size in half the time (or less) given a 1 gallon container instead of a 16oz one. I wouln’t recommend anyone grow beyond this VOLUME of vegetation in less than 1 gallon, height being irrelevant. (Just cause it’s nearly pointless unless there’s a hidden agenda to your madness.)

I have a lot of madness though and I think I can show you a 5′ tall plant in a 1 gallon if you give me a bit to find the pic. I grew it, and it was dumb.

How tall can a plant get in a half gallon pot? Currently mine are in the second week of flowering, at about 18", which is where they were 2 weeks ago when…

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