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Harlequin Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Harlequin is a popular therapeutic strain made from legendary landraces. It is a sativa-dominant strain ideal for use during the day. It has high CBD content making it one of the most impressive Cannabis Cup awardees. You’ll be able to deal with pain, anxiety, insomnia, and stress naturally and safely when you consume Harlequin.

Additional Information

More About Harlequin (fem)

A Fantastic Sativa

Harlequin is a combination of the finest cannabis strains – Columbian Gold, Swiss and Thai Sativa landraces, and Nepali indica. So, she’s a great sativa-dominant smoke that is perfect to use in the daytime. Her effects are not in jest because her CBD content and genetics made her an award winning marijuana strain suitable for excellent concentrate production.

She’s a high-CBD medical marijuana strain that relieves anxiety, pain, and insomnia. Once you smoke, she will quickly induce a relaxing, therapeutic sensation without the unwanted extreme intoxication.

For flavor, she introduces the combination of flowery, woody, and earthy notes. She also has notes of sweet, citrus, and earthiness for aroma. All these notes will make you feel good and relaxed in no time. Harlequin is surprisingly rich in CBD, ranging from 7 to 10 percent. For THC, she contains 3 to 6 percent. To simply put, this delicious cannabis strain is good to use, not just for recreational use but even for therapeutic use.

She may take a little more time to flower, but she’s manageable overall. She got all these for having nice genetics.

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