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Top 10 Haze strains

Haze strains are the Long Walkers or Giants of the cannabis species. Almost pure sativa genetics and an extraordinarily powerful uplifting cerebral high distinguish Haze varieties from all other marijuana. For those that prefer to fly high, rather than stay glued to the couch, Haze is the stash of choice.

You need experience in the grow room and a tolerance for potent weed if you are going to dabble in serious Haze cultivation and consumption. LST, Topping, Supercropping, ScrOG or even a combination of methods may be required to tame your favourite Haze. In some cases but not all, if we can help it. But if it’s top-shelf head stash you’re after? Well, then you gotta find a way to squeeze these ganja trees into the cannabis garden, by any means necessary. Here are 10 of the hottest Haze’s.

1. Cannalope Haze

A true game-changer brings something new to the table. Cannalope Haze is a 21st-century Haze hybrid with a flowering time of just 8-10 weeks and head stash payload of up to 600g/m². This red hot Haze is a super sativa mix of Haze Brothers and Mexican Michoacán genetics. She is super sticky too. Cannalope Haze is every hash makers dream Haze.

Just a few tokes of Cannalope Haze will ignite the imagination and delight the palate. This is one fast hitting, all be it short lived, soaring cerebral ride. A real taste of the exotic. Fruity melon flavoured marijuana is not to be missed. Touch the sky and savour every last toke of the Cannalope Haze. Hands on early maintenance will be required with this Haze in the grow room. Topping or LST is recommended as she can really stretch during bloom. Maybe go for a 4 way LST?

2. Blue Haze

Blue Haze is Haze bursting with flavour. A mouth-watering combination of Blueberry and Amnesia Haze the Blue Haze is rarefied dankness. In the grow room she will climb to about 1.5m in height like a sativa but bloom in just 9-10 weeks like an indica. Highly potent as you would expect from her pedigree lineage. Blue Haze delivers an amazing hybrid two stage hit. At first happy and euphoric. Then a body stone.

Not the most productive of Haze varieties with a yield of about 350g/m² to be expected for practiced Haze growers. Blue Haze is a sun worshipper. Outdoors in a hot dry climate, she will perform. However, in a cold high humidity climate, she may succumb to molds. Feed her light and treat her right. The reward is a unique sweet berry citrus stash.

3. G13 Haze

For the micro grower determined to cultivate a top-shelf Haze strain, G13 Haze has got to be number 1 on the to-grow list. This ultra compact Haze has redefined the Haze growing experience. Hawaiian Haze influence ensures a pleasant head trip, while G13 traits dominate plant structure. G13 Haze is Nu-Skool Haze. Although old school uplifting effects have been retained. Expect 21% THC with a powerful head buzz. But don’t expect her to resemble a Haze in the grow room. Modern breeding techniques have been pushed to the limit to create her enviable hybrid attributes.

G13 Haze performs well in a SOG and can be cultivated in a variety of substrates. Flowering will take 10-12 weeks. Yields can be as much as 600g/m² indoors. Outdoors G13 Haze rarely exceeds 1m. Perhaps the only real stealth Haze. She won the overall High Times Cannabis Cup 1st prize back in 2007. A decade later and she is still a favourite with home growers and connoisseurs.

4. Super Lemon Haze

Zesty lemon aroma and flavour make the Super Lemon Haze a fresh citrus delight for day trippers. A back to back High Times Cannabis Cup winner in 2007 & 2008. This tasty Haze is the product of the union of Lemon Skunk and old school Haze. Her long lasting creative cerebral buzz and resinous long- running colas make her a connoisseur Haze with commercial potential.

Super Lemon Haze usually requires 10 weeks of 12/12 before she is ready for harvest. The ScrOG method is highly recommended for max yield. Beginner growers beware. These bud-laden lemon trees will grow tall, over 2m, without training. Outdoors in a hot southern climate yields of 1kg per plant can be achieved from huge 2m+ specimens. Deliciously potent 20%+ THC head stash.

5. Neville’s Haze

Vintage Haze from the original King of Cannabis Nevil Schoenmakers. Neville’s Haze is probably as close as you can get to cultivating old school original Haze without a time machine. It’s true she can be a wild unruly late bloomer. But for the experienced grower up to the challenge, the prize is classic head stash.

Flowering can take 16+ weeks, although some phenos will finish sooner. These are the keepers. Outdoor cultivation is impractical; to be honest this Haze is just too stretchy. Indoors early training and pruning is highly recommended. If you’ve got the patience of a Jedi and Grand Master grow–op skills Neville’s Haze is a must.

Yields and quality are highly contingent upon cultivation experience. Seasoned indoor cultivators can expect in the region of 400g/m². 20%+THC with near to nil CBD and looser flowers are a real rarity these days. Genuine 70’s euphoric head stash. Now you know why it’s always sold out in Coffeeshops and Cannabis Clubs across Europe.

Buckle up weed-lovers. We are about to launch you into the upper stratosphere with our top 10 high flying Haze countdown. Let’s talk cloud eater cannabis strains.