Haze Weed Seeds

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Lemon Haze

Give This Lemon A Squeeze For A Big Smile And Deep Body Satisfaction

Lemon Haze cannabis seeds form a welcome addition to the Amsterdam Genetics seeds catalogue. That’s due in part to the great balanced result of crossbreeding her esteemed parents, Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. This hybrid celebrity leans toward the sativa end of the spectrum (60%), and yet, her indica background (40%) adds to her acclaimed effects. She complements her sativa dominance with a few uniquely body-oriented indica effects. Clocking in at a neat 19% THC content average, giving this lemon a good squeeze can be a bit much for inexperienced consumers or the paranoia-prone. However, for those able to handle a bit of pot power, Lemon Haze cannabis seeds carry joyous mood boosts paired with a luxurious, lasting body buzz.

Lemon Haze Cannabis Seeds

Lemon Haze feminized cannabis seeds carry a much-appreciated strain, offering balanced effects that represent the best of their sativa and indica heritage. A wonderfully pleasant sour taste matched by a smoothness to the throat make this a joy to taste. Medical benefits mainly address the pain relief and anti-stress spectrum.

The main attraction of Lemon Haze lies in her intense effects, however. A gradual build-up of a unique mental buzz slowly changes to a deeply felt body chill, with interesting recreational applications for connoisseurs of varied preferences. Definitely cannabis seeds to try at least once for indoor growers, with fine results in most outdoor climes and settings as well.


Lemon Haze serves its effect like a two-stage rocket. She starts off with a slow-onset, easy-going mental sativa high, followed over time by a deep indica-leaning body stone. Good for active days, before exercise, or as a dedicated bedroom romance strain.

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Due to the creeping accumulation of effects, this is a strain made for moderate dosage. This is no ideal night cap strain, though; it may keep you up well into the night, as creative thoughts keep bubbling up or body awareness leaves you too alert to doze off. Instead, this is your strain of choice if you want to experience extensive, lasting happiness, deep chills, and perhaps something sensual on the side…

Medical Potential

Lemon Haze brings clear focus and cerebral relaxation, suggesting potential for stress and ADHD relief. The uplifting euphoric streak the Lemon Haze owes to its Silver Haze parentage offers good options for tempering depression and low moods as well. Some report good results for controlling PTSD symptoms and nausea using this strain. Physically speaking, Lemon Haze is appreciated for its analgesic capacity in relieving chronic pain, head and body aches, and nerve pain alike.

Flavour & Aroma

As the name suggests, the flavour and aroma of Lemon Haze center around zesty splashes of lemony sourness. Focusing purely on that aspect of the unmistakable Lemon Haze taste would not do justice to her sweet touch, however. Doing so also risks skipping over the classic touches of tangy skunk present in the bouquet. Even those not used to frequent smoking commend her soft and gentle caress of the airways. A surprisingly mild taste for a strain packing such a punch in terms of her highs and medicinal potential. Myrcene and limonene dominate the strain in terms of terpenes, with traces of terpinolene for added fruitiness. That accounts for the anxiety and depression treatment potential, and for added pain relief through subtle entourage effects.

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Grow Info

Lemon Haze cannabis seeds are grown successfully indoors and out, although garden growers working in humid climates at average temperatures around 25°C tend to get the best outdoor results. Our feminized Lemon Haze seeds offer great efficiency at 99% female germination rates. She’s well-suited for hydroponics setups, provided you manage to keep temperatures high and air humidity stable. Resistance to mold and pests is above average. Expect tantalizing citrus aromas to fill your yard or grow tent once flowering sets in: active carbon filters recommended! Lemon Haze cannabis plants are easy to spot by their yellow and green buds dotted with bright orange pistils.

Plant size and bud support are worth considering when growing Lemon Haze seeds. Leave enough room in your tent for a sizeable stretch once flowering kicks in. Flowering time is 9 to 10 weeks. Topping or fimming in the grow phase helps the lower branches develop, making for evenly-spread growth. SCRoG is also recommended; the extra support and even weight distribution will sure come in handy once buds start to form, possibly complemented by raising the silica content in your nutrient mix for stronger branches. With the right nutrients and plenty of light and warmth, Lemon Haze has been recorded to yield up to 550g per m², or up to 500g per plant outside in the sunshine.

Original Haze Seeds

The truly Old School, Original Haze that most real Haze and Haze crosses stem from.

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We are pleased to offer another truly Old School variety, Original Haze. This is the Haze strain that most real Haze and Haze crosses stem from.

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More cannabis cups have been won with variations and crosses made with this strain than any other available. We have bred this strain with open pollination of many males and females. Keeping it true to its roots and preserving its diverse genetics. These plants are fast growing but being a tropical sativa do require a longer flowering time.

Haze has Thai as its backbone and was crossed with potent strains from Mexico, Colombia and India in the 60’s and early 70’s. Outdoors these plants will only finish late November, early December. It is well worth the wait if you live in a climate where this is possible. You can expect very large, classic Christmas tree shaped plants with long spear like resin covered buds. On average outdoor plants can easily produce 2 lbs if allowed to finish properly.

Indoors , the best way to grow Original Haze is to start plants immediately on 12 hours light and 12 hours darkness. No veg time required. They will begin to flower at about 4 weeks this way and will end up about 5 feet tall at the end. Once they start to flower, lower the light hours to 11.5 and leave like this until the end. Some like to lower to 11 hours for the last couple of weeks to best imitate the equatorial origins of the strain. Haze is one of the more difficult strains to grow indoors purely because of the relatively long growing time. But as long as the ph is kept around 6 to 6.5 and is not too heavily fed there will be no problems. Also being a sativa it is very resistant to mold.