hemp pet bedding


A Solution For Healthy, Happy Animals

Old Dominion Hemp is a Virginia-based distributor of high-quality hemp bedding for animals. Hemp bedding is perfect for horse stalls, chicken coops, dog kennels and even hamster cages! Our bedding is super absorbent, produces a very low amount of dust, saves money and protects the environment.


If you want the best bedding for your hamsters, gerbils, rats or other small animal pets, you can now order a 6-pound directly from Old Dominion Hemp!

Hemp Bedding For Horses
Hemp Bedding For Chickens
Hemp Bedding for Reptiles

The benefits of Hemp bedding far exceeds any other bedding material:

Very Absorbent

Hemp bedding will absorb 4x its own weight. Your animals will stay dry longer than straw or wood shavings

Lower Dust

Low dust is critical to limiting respiratory and other life-threatening health risks in horses and barn animals.

Reduces Odor

Hemp animal bedding reduces the odor of ammonia associated with barn animals better than wood chips or sawdust.


Hemp bedding decomposes faster than wood chips or saw dust. Only paper decomposes faster than hemp.

Our Mission

At Old Dominion Hemp we value community, innovation, hard work and discovery. One day we decided to try something different, even a bit controversial. We liked what we found. Hemp bedding for horses. Our mission at Old Dominion Hemp is to provide our customers with the best Hemp bedding for Equines and small animals and encourage others to discover what hemp can do for them. We dedicated a year to research and development to determine if Hemp would be accepted into the Virginia Equine Market. It was! Now we are working with the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition, lawmakers and our communities to grow the hemp industry and create an environmental and economic revival.

Old Dominion Hemp is a Virginia-based distributor of high-quality hemp animal bedding that helps your animals be happy and healthy.