hemp wine

Hemp Wine

Do you love the idea of combining your fondness of wine with your passion for hemp? Then hemp wine could be the answer.

Hemp imparts many nutritional benefits to the wine. These include amino acids and minerals. But don’t worry, this kind of wine doesn’t have any THC.

There are some “high-wines” in the works, and only in specific states that have legalized marijuana. However, we’re not talking about those today.

Who says you can’t get the health benefits of hemp while you drink your wine? They say it’s healthy to drink wine in moderation. Now, you can enjoy what hemp has to offer at the same time.

What is hemp wine?

This drink combines wine and the extracts and flavors of hemp. Some companies also make versions with CBD, though those aren’t widely available.

While wine infused with hemp oil is not available everywhere, there is a growing movement to get this part of the market up and running.

It is well known that hemp provides a wide range of benefits. That means incorporating hemp oil in the wine can add to the relaxation and benefits of enjoying a drop of vino.

How is hemp wine made?

Wineries make this eco-friendly libation in pretty much the same way that they make standard wine. After the grapes are fermented, they add hemp oil and terpenes for flavor.

This wine is ideal for people who love earthy or grassy tones. If you’ve never tasted anything with hemp terpenes, the flavor almost can’t be described.

There’s definitely a market of wine flavor adventurers who could be interested in this kind of drink.

The addition of the hemp in wine adds flavor and creates a smooth finish. Due to the fact that hemp has no THC, the result is a nutrient-packed wine that is enjoyable to drink. Plus, it offers the added benefits of hemp.

These days, you can find hemp in a wide range of products including clothes, food, building materials, textiles, and fuels. So it’s no wonder people now use it in wine.

Who makes it?

Right now, there are only a couple of places where you can get this green and red drink. If you live in New York state, you can go try a few varieties at the Sovereign Vines winery.

Sovereign Vines has been in business making hemp wine since 1999. You can also find some of their bottles in stores and restaurants across NY.

If you live in the California Bay Area, you can sample some green vino from CannaVines. This company uses terpenes and CBD in their products.

However, this is only available to people participating in the Bay Area Cannabis Tour. CannaVines does say that they will start to sell their wines online soon. When that will be is up for debate.

Since federal regulations on hemp are relaxing, we might expect more people to start making hemp wines.

Are there any benefits?

People have known about the benefits of hemp for generations. The plant is sustainable and promotes good health. That’s a two-for-one deal.

Hemp is easy to grow and doesn’t need much water. While some use the stalks for industrial applications or clothing, others use the oil from the seeds for cosmetics and food.

Hemp seed oil contains antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids. All of these are necessary for your health. Now, how much of this gets into your glass of wine depends on the winemaker.

Due to the fact that the hemp is easy to access and is available across the USA, it is easy to source and has been used for centuries in a wide range of purposes.

The oil is easy to cultivate and sustainable, which means there is no chance it will run out. Cultivating hemp also removes CO2 from the atmosphere, which is awesome.

If you’re looking for a twist on your standard glass of vino, why not tap into the healthy and enjoyable benefits of wine infused with hemp oil next time you reach for a glass.

The market is in its infancy right now. Just a few makers have begun to create this product in the US and in Europe. But as time goes on, it will probably become available to more people.

Last updated: May 17, 2020 Posted in: Food & Drink

Do you love the idea of combining your love of wine with your passion for hemp? A fine hemp wine could be the answer to your desires!