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Hempy Buckets


Wud up farmers, the past few days logic and whoever else has been fixing the site because of the recent attacks, so I’ve been surfing other sites and got some great info on hempy buckets. I was thinking of using 80/20 perlite/soil to get faster growth, but after reading about hempy bucks I decided to go that route since it seems so easy and I can get the hydro-like growth I’m after.

I don’t see many people on this site using hempy bucks so I decided to start a thread on it to get more info and to let people know how easy it is to learn when transitioning from soil to hydro. Anybody with exp. using hempy’s please let me know what you think and how you liked it.

I already got my seedlings in 50/50 perlite/soil and when I transplant they are going in pure perlite so anybody thats used hempy bucks just tell me your experience with them and feel free to post whatever you like about hempy’s, like the type of nutes you use, the medium, and whatever else about hempy, I’m gonna post a “how to use hempy” but its not my tutorial, I’m gonna copy and past from another grower.


Hempy tutorial (This is not my tutorial and I am NOT taking credit for this)

I’m not going to discuss anything but the most basic Hempy style here, as this is a thread for Hempy Newbies and Purists. I’ll put up another thread for Hempy Variations.

Here’s what you need to make a Hempy Bucket.

1. A bucket (2.5 gallons is a good starter size, but any size will do)
2. A drill or other hole making device – a hot nail works great too.
3. Perlite (any size will do – finer is better for the roots, but too fine will run out the hole. Most of the time even “course” grade comes with enough fine stuff)
4. Complete Hydro Nutes (GH Maxi Series, DM Gold, etc.)

First, measure 2″ up from the bottom of your bucket, and drill a pencil sized hole:

Then, fill the bucket with perlite.

Add your favorite seedling or clone.

Water with 1/4 to 1/2 strength hydro nutes, and stop watering when you see a good stream of water coming out of the hole.

Depending on where you place your bucket, you might want a tray underneath to catch the run-off. Use the run-off in your garden or discard.

When you first transplant to the bucket, you will need to water daily, until the roots hit the “res” – you will then notice a happier plant.

It’s impossible to overwater a perlite hempy, but try to only water when the bucket feels “light”.

You can work your way up to full strength nutes, but I usually top out around 1000 PPM. I use nutes with every watering.

Wud up farmers, the past few days logic and whoever else has been fixing the site because of the recent attacks, so I've been surfing other sites and got…