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hi, ill be posting a review for or better known as HGS. I ordered 5 seeds of Next gen’s Dynamite(supposed to be same as grapefruit. ).lets get to the review now.

Shipping(stealth, fast, etc..)8/10
I was told it would take 6-10 business days. please note that this was ordered during the Christmas season and that definitely affects the arrival time. I received it in 6 business days I think so, basically the should reach here(Northern VA/DC area of USA)in earlier than 2 weeks. The seeds were shipped from Canada in a padded envelope. inside the padded envelope was what seemed to be a letter. inside the letter there was a crushproof, sealed plastic tube with my seeds. it might not be the stealthiest method, but it did make it over the border.

Helpfulness(staff, support, and ordering)9/10
The staff at HGS were very helpful and nice. They will answer any question you ask them . Although the order form isn’t that nice, but you select your strain and quantity and wait for an email from HGS staff. I didn’t receive my email for 1 day, so I thought I did something wrong. I contacted them and I received my confirmation soon. I think this happened because theyre probably closed on weekends. So, if you don’t receive a response till Monday, don’t worry.

Website & payment 7/10
the website for HGS can be found at so, theyre website is a little bit crude, to be honest. it looks suspicious like a scam, but its not. Although the site is not the best, they have their own forum on the site. now on to payment. Once you receive your confirmation email from them, you have to send them payment. They accept Debit,credit,bank transfer, visa, mc, amex and paypal. The transactions are done through paypal so its secure and safe. I paid through paypal.

Genetics(don’t know but its probably real nice)
I planted my seeds 4 days ago. no sprouts yet. But ill do a grow journal so well see how the genetics are. they sell seeds from breeders such as ngs so hopefully my plants will grow good. The seeds themselves looked very viable. they were dark brown with dots and stripes and all the signs of viability.

hi, ill be posting a review for or better known as HGS. I ordered 5 seeds of Next gen's Dynamite(supposed to be same as… ]]>