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[HighTimes] Top 2008 & 2007 strains

[HighTimes] Top 2008 & 2007 strains

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Top Ten Strains of 2007 By Danny Danko
Thu, Oct 18, 2007 12:33

Traveling around the world to test and sample the finest pot and hash that each region has to offer can be a grueling experience. Luckily, bud breeders have been hard at work, choosing carefully from their arsenal of strains to create better-tasting and more refined cannabis varieties that express the many hidden characteristics inherent in the indicas and sativas we love. Complex flavors and attributes continue to add subtle nuances to the pot-smoking experience that keep it interesting and unique. Recent research has determined and quantified the specific effects of essential oils known as terpenes, which are present in different cannabis varieties and combine with THC to provide the variety of experiences and tastes. Each year the bar gets set higher and higher. And so, without further ado, these are the strains—in no particular order—that raised the standard for kind buds in 2007.

Satori from Mandala Seeds
Sativa lovers rejoice! Breeders Mike and Jasmin of Mandala Seeds have created one of the finest sativas we’ve ever sampled. Satori combines the wonderful “up” high of a longer-flowering plant with the production, hardiness and rapid growth indicative of shorter, stocky indicas. Known for their potent yet affordable strains, Mandala Seeds produce limited amounts of unique connoisseur-quality seeds created from rare genetics from Nepal and India (where some of the strongest herb on earth has been grown for centuries). Mike and Jasmin only sell F1 seeds, which benefit from hybrid vigor, thus ensuring that plants grown from them exhibit stronger resistance to heat, pests and deadly diseases that can be caused by molds and viruses. The high from the Satori is “electric” without any kind of ceiling; keep smoking and you continue to soar! This strain is perfect for those of us with higher THC tolerance. Medical users point out Satori’s ablities to ease depression and anxiety (unlike some sativas that can make your heart race). Growers will find Satori easy to manicure and a pleasure to cultivate. Go easy on the nutrients and let her go the full ten weeks for complete enlightenment.
Flowering time: nine to 10 weeks

Chocolope (AKA D-Line) from DNA Genetics
Anyone who remembers the Chocolate Thai buds that went around in the 1980’s will be thrilled to know that the DNA Genetics boys have been hard at work to revive the incredible chocolaty taste and cerebral high of that fantastic weed from yesteryear. Don and Aaron sprinkled their Chocolate Thai female with pollen from their Cannalope male and then backcrossed the progeny to shorten the flowering time a bit while still retaining the unique Thai qualities we love. This almost pure sativa takes a bit longer than some strains to finish flowering but is well worth the wait and yields quite nicely. Chocolope buds have great medicinal value but unseasoned smokers should be cautious; stifled giggles can turn to uncontrolled laughter and some people even report heart racing and paranoia as some of the symptoms of puffing this potent pot. Some even refer to it as a “high-school” high that reminds them of their earliest experiences with cannabis. If that sounds interesting to you, try some potent and flavorful Chocolope in your garden.
Flowering time: 9 to 10 weeks

Burmese Kush from THSeeds
THSeeds have earned a stellar reputation for bringing California’s finest genetics to Amsterdam and beyond. This proud tradition continues with their latest offering, Burmese Kush (lovingly referred to as Buku). One of the most resinous strains in Holland at last year’s Cannabis Cup, the Buku is the result of crossing an authentic Burmese Kush with the clone-only O.G. Kush so well known in the Los Angeles area. It’s super “kushy” with the telltale dark green leaves and unique piney flavor inherent in the strongest of Kush-line strains. Anyone who smokes the real deal Kush knows the incredibly euphoric properties of the high. Combine that with the short flowering time and easy to trim profile and you’ll understand why we’re cuckoo for Buku.
Flowering time: 7 to 8 weeks

Opium from Paradise Seeds
Luc from Paradise Seeds introduced the strain he calls Opium at the 19th HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in 2006 and promptly won 2nd place in the sativa seed company contest. The creamy, fruit punch flavor cut right through most of the other entries and this new hybrid will surely win more awards in the future. The father of this plant is actually technically a mother – a reversed female thus resulting in female-only seeds. Huge colas feature an amazing amount of trichomes that activate the senses into a cerebral and visual experience that must be experienced to be believed. Growers will find that Opium benefits from multiple branching for high yields of super-dense buds covered with resin. Opium continues the tradition of great hits from Paradise Seeds.
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

Jilly Bean from MZJill of Team Green Avenger (TGA Seeds)
Female growers seem to have a special affinity and connection with their cannabis plant sisters and MzJill, Subcool’s better half and partner-in-kind is no exception. For her first strain release, she crossed their female clone-only Orange Velvet with their trusty Space Queen male to create Jilly Bean, a euphoric mood-elevating strain that’s easy to grow and exhibits an incredible citrus taste and smell. Jilly Bean combines fruity and skunky into a unique and sticky strain that medical users report as uplifting and happy. She’s 70 percent indica so she stays short and stocky and finishes quickly, making her perfect for SOG (Sea of Green) or ScrOG (Screen of Green) type growing. A drop in temperature late in flowering will induce deep burgundy to maroon colors on the leaves of this flavorful and seductive strain.
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Contact: and

Blue Dynamite from Next Generation Seed Company
As much as I love the sativas, we can’t forget about the dense and potent indicas. Growers love branchy and fast-growing strains with huge yields and plenty of sticky resin. Jay from Next Generation Seed Company scores his first top ten strain with the powerful indica Blue Dynamite, a wonderful F1 hybrid that’s perfect for beginners and pot producers alike. Jay describes the Blue Dynamite as, “a perfect stain for making hash, with amazing taste right down the joint to the end of the roach.” Jay created Blue Dynamite by crossing his male Avalon strain (Blueberry x Afghani) with his Dynamite strain (the famous Grapefruit clone from British Columbia). It’s a tasty and productive indica that turns hues of blue and purple towards the end of flowering.
Flowering time: 6-7 weeks

Vortex from Subcool Seeds and Team Green Avenger (TGA)
Subcool returns with Vortex – his follow-up to Jack The Ripper, one of last year’s Top Ten Strains choices. For Vortex, Subcool crossed Apollo-13 with Spacequeen for a potent batch of seeds sure to provide a keeper motherplant with the characteristics of one of the two phenos of Vortex. The Apollo-13 dominant one is called Dynamo finishes after 58 days and the other pheno, Cosomos takes a bit longer but grows larger and tastes more fruity with sour undertones. Subcool now focuses primarily on providing seeds with medicinal properties and this one in particular promotes “munchies” for those suffering from nausea and unable to eat. He describes the Vortex as “tasting of sour fruit and pineapple or mango candy. It has a high pistil to leaf ratio that makes smoking it a treat since there’s very little leaf on each bud and a thick coating of resin”. I’ve found that Subcool’s strains are perfect for vaporizing in the Volcano; the tastes just seem all the more complex and the high is outstanding.
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Contact: and

Super Snowdog from Chemdog
The fastest finishing and sweetest tasting of all the amazing Chemdog family genetics, the Super Snowdog just might be the true connoisseur’s choice. This strain grows incredibly frosty as it finishes and fills out quite nicely when given enough room. Chem tells me, “The Snowdog is the Oregon Snow Male crossed with the Mass Superskunk. Then, we took a male from that cross was chosen to pollinate the Bubble Chem (Chemdog Sister X Sagarmatha’s Blueberry). The result of that cross became the Super Snowdog.” He recommends growing it in 5 gallon containers and vegging for a full month to get over a quarter pound per plant.
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Contact: Clone Only

The Purps from BC Bud Depot
At the 2004 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup, The BC Bud Depot guys were gifted the legendary Mendo Purps strain. Upon returning to Canada, they immediately began working to release stable seeds of this original and fantastic-tasting clone-only variety. The grape candy favor and deep purple colors of the Purps are accentuated in this seed release to properly reflect it’s heritage as one of California’s most unique contributions to the cannabis gene pool. The Purps will yield copious dark nuggets with tremendous bag appeal and an uplifting high that will have you begging for more of Mendocino’s finest by way of British Columbia. Joints of Purps exhibit an almost impossibly candied flavor all the way down to the roach. BC Bud Depot strikes again with boutique pot for the true aficionado.
Flowering time: 8 weeks

Old Time Moonshine from DJ Short/Legends Seeds
Cannabis connoisseurs have long regarded the work of DJ Short as some of the best breeding ever accomplished. He was recently honored as one the 10 inaugural entrants into the HIGH TIMES Seed Bank Hall of Fame (Oct. ’07 HT). His Old Time Moonshine is a mostly indica strain that’s sticky and sweet with a deep musky flavor that’s hashy and earthy as you’d expect from a hashplant influenced Blueberry hybrid. Red from Legends Seeds says, “The OTM is an F5 IBL (inbred line) from the Blueberry line. The main difference between this one and our Blue Moonshine (which is the F4 from this line) is the mutant factor. The OTM has a cornucopia of phenotypes that weren’t present in the BM. I love the OTM simply for the fact that you’ll find mother-plants in there that you won’t find anywhere else on the market. These ladies also made some of the finest bubblehash I’ve smoked to date.”
Flowering time: 7-8 weeks

Re: [HighTimes] Top 2008 & 2007 strains

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HIGH TIMES Top 10 Strains of 2008
Tue, Dec 23, 2008 1:56 pm
By Danny Danko

Each year, we at HIGH TIMES painstakingly scour the entire planet in search of the tastiest and most potent pot to feature in our esteemed rundown of the world’s finest cannabis varieties. It’s a tough decision, yet certain strains always seem to shine through—making themselves known as something special for growers, pot aficionados and cannabis connoisseurs across the universe. Grow some out today!

Delta 9 Labs
Smokers interested in heady, inspirational marijuana always seek out the longer-flowering, Hazy sativas, sometimes referred to colloquially as “ampheta-weed” for their uplifting qualities. Harry and Ed from Delta 9 Labs have engineered an incredible new variety called Brainstorm Haze that will make your visions clearer and let your ideas fly. A pure Thai Haze mother fertilized by their Stargazer (Sensi Star x Warlock x AK-47) produces pot that feels almost electric, with a distinct Hazy flavor and heart-racing power that makes you want to get outside and complete some tasks—a wonderful daytime weed.
Flowering time: 10 to 12 weeks
Contact: Delta 9 Labs,

DNA Genetics
Having placed or won in every cannabis contest they’ve ever entered, Don and Aaron of DNA Genetics (get it? D ’n’ A Genetics) continue riding high. These Southern Cali transplants to Holland utilized a California Hash Plant female fertilized by a Cannalope Haze male to make the Anunnaki. Tall and lanky, she won’t be a tremendous yielder, but her subtle tastes and racy “up” high are well worth the wait. Indoors, do some severe pruning early on to avoid growing too much lumber (i.e., foot-long distances between the nodes). Let Anunnaki go the full distance and the rewards will make it self-evident that not all sativa-dominant strains are created equal.
Flowering time: nine to 10 weeks
Contact: DNA Genetics,

Paradise Seeds
Luc and the Paradise Seeds cannabis crew score pot points time and time again with impeccable and time-tested breeding techniques, resulting in strong crosses that always grow big, chunky buds. Their indica-heavy White Berry is no exception, growing into huge, frosty nuggets covered in trichomes and bursting with flavors. The high calyx-to-leaf ratio makes White Berry easy to trim and absolutely wonderful for hash-making. It’s also a great nighttime smoke, with soothing qualities that can induce a peaceful, easy feeling perfect for sitting on the couch with a bong and some video games. Medicinal patients also highly recommend White Berry for muscle spasms and restless-leg syndrome.
Flowering time: seven weeks
Contact: Paradise Seeds,

Spain continues to make its global ganja presence known with incredible genetics geared for growers interested in high yields of the stickiest ganja. On a recent visit to Barcelona for the Spannabis Fair, we were lucky enough to try Destroyer, a powerful strain from Cannabiogen, a company long at the forefront of Spain’s sensi surge. Destroyer is an almost-pure sativa sporting a combined Thai, Mexican and Colombian heritage, but with all of the exotic flavors and racy highs that are typical of Thai. The longer you let this plant flower, the more psychedelic the experience of smoking her becomes—so be patient. The results are guaranteed to destroy you (in a good way).
Flowering time: eight to 12 weeks
Contact: Cannabiogen Seeds,

Dutch Passion
In an exciting tribute to HIGH TIMES’s own longtime cultivation expert, Jorge Cervantes, the breeding experts at the Dutch Passion Seed Company have created Jorge’s Diamonds #1. Resinous and thought-provoking (much like the man it’s named for), Jorge’s Diamonds #1 will entice you with an incredible taste and aroma. This indica-dominant strain was selected from the 25-year-old Dutch Passion “Research Gene Pool,” and its sweet, fruity smell and taste come from just the right amount of sativa genetics mixed in. Two legends unite to bring the world an incredible new cannabis variety whose potency is rivaled only by its amazing flavors and complex notes.
Flowering time: eight to nine weeks
Contact: Dutch Passion,

Subcool Seeds (TGA)
The Green Avengers, led by the cannabis couple Subcool and MzJill, are dedicated to their quest to provide medicinal-cannabis hybrids for patients in need. Their newest release, The Flav, combines Canada’s legendary Romulan with the original Space Queen (Romulan x Cinderella 99) for a taste sensation that’s hard to beat.

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Retro Weed: 10 Strains From the ’90s You Don’t See Anymore

It’s officially 2015, and weed strains nowadays are as plentiful and colorful as those retro Jordan sneakers of yesteryear. There’s all kinds of Kushes here: Purple this and blue that, that hypebeasts salivate over whenever they hit the open market. But the truth of the matter is that I’m an old-school cat who lives for that OG shit. Sure, I love today’s genetically modified and engineered strains of ganja whose single purpose is to leave us coma-toasted and in a haze for days, but I’m a Kings County Viking (that’s Brooklyn, to the rest of the world). I still light my “branches” with matches. That’s just how I do. And while I do live off that new-age leaf and appreciate what it brings to the table, I also miss the taste and smell of some of the original ’90s bud. Here’s a list of the traumas I would love to see retro’ed in my hood for nostalgia’s sake…


Made famous by the legendary Dr. D-R-E, Chronic weed was considered top-of-the-line tree stumps at a time when the only kind of weed that was available in my hood was stem-and-seeds-filled skunk, a.k.a. regs (as in “regulars” or oREGanos”). That Chron-Chron had us coughing up lungs to the extent where we swore we were able to breathe easier afterwards. Now that was the original medicinal marijuana.


This bittersweet bud would simply melt in your mouth and leave you with sticky hands. An absolute must for date nights, Chocolate Thai was known as an aphrodisiac amongst the stoner community. We’d puff on the Hershey to get some shotgun kisses from the missus and end the night with a Snickers to her kisser. It almost never failed.


Puffing on Buddha used to bring peace and tranquility to the wildest of men. The thick yellow smoke of clarity was a sight to behold. Philosophies were thought up in project hallways, and stoners wrote all kinds of street rules to abide by. Legend has it Biggie wrote the 10 Crack Commandments while high on the Buddha lye.


This was legendary simply because the weed was compressed and shaped into the form of a single dice. It was sold for one year in Do or Die Bed-Stuy before that spot got raided (a hex on the house of thy snitch! A hex, I say!). There were times when newbies would enter the Tyson cipher and weren’t ready for what was about to hit ’em. Straight one-hitter quitter types. Rival spots tried to counter with “Holyfield,” but it was nowhere near as potent as the Champ.


The original “Oh shit! There’s orange hairs and tiny crystals on the weed” weed. Until then, every single bud I’d ever seen was purely green or brown. So when Hydro hit the hood with the force of a tidal wave it left everyone wet, if not drenched, in its wake. We used to walk 10-deep to the spot for a single dime bag just to make sure no one pinched it on the way back to the block. That’s how fiended out we were for this product.

White Widow

No lie, I remember back in high school heads copping this specific kind of bud whenever they went to hookup with a certain shorty. She made men of boys, and boys of girls—she was wild. Not to mention that only one cat had White Widow in that hood, and thanks to that young lady, he was able to push a Land Cruiser by the end of that school year. Talk about burning rubber(s).


Shout-outs to my Dominicans in Washington Heights who made this one of their signature products in the ’90s. There was always debate as to whether or not Pu-ree was just Hydro renamed due to its similarities in both physical and “psychological” properties. Either way, it was a great product.

Northern Lights

The fuzzy fix. This was very hard to find, and if you did, the dimes were so skimpy you didn’t want to share because it was like having a few squares left in a public bathroom. You wouldn’t want to spare a single square if you had to get yourself right, would you? Neither did we. You’d have to have at the very least $5 on it if you wanted to enter the cipher and even then it would be a tough decision to make.

Mango Pina

As best as I can recall, this was the first fruit-flavored ganja strain in the mid ’90s. It wasn’t particularly strong, but it delivered a mellow and relaxing state of mind whenever it was burned down.

It’s officially 2015, and weed strains nowadays are as plentiful and colorful as those retro Jordan sneakers of yesteryear. There’s all kinds of Kushes here: