highest yielding mushroom strain

Highest yielding mushroom strain

I agree with bluemeanie. Tazzies on millet fruit very aggressively and give several nice flushes.

Here?s two pints of colonized millet cased with coir (2nd flush).

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Yield is dependant on your patience & skill as a cultivator, the spores you start with (meaning in part are they degenerated at all), space available, the eqt you have to work with (meaning a 4 quart PC or a 941 AA) materials used as bulk substrate, the size & type of containers used, the amount & depth of substrate used, the enviroment under which it is cultivated, the casing type & amount, the patience required to milk multiple flush’s from it & when the shrooms are harvested & the drying method.

Sometimes multi/spore gives even consistant flush’s, sometimes not.

Isolated myc from any healthy strain that demonstrates strong Rizo growth most often give even consistant flush’s.

The Raccoon cheated, sort of to get his first half ass isolate, before he ever learned about & used agar. He simply plucked some strong rizo Myc from a casing & pluncked it into a 1/2 pint jar of PC’d bird seed, then after that little jar colonized, he used seed to seed transfers to a few pint jars, then those to quart jars, so on & so forth.

Of course, if the strain you start with is known to be a larger one, meaty & is not prone to water logging your going to get better yields by weight as an end result.

Then there is the randon factor that, for whatever reason — what works well for some culivators– does not work well for others. So, it is a trial & error thing.

At least IMHO —>EQ, SA, F+, KS, PB, Haw (in no particular order) & others can give heavy yields, if cultivated, harvested & dried under the proper circumstance.

You just have to develope materials & methods that work well for you. That takes time, skill & patience.

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I agree with bluemeanie. Tazzies on millet fruit very aggressively and give several nice flushes. Here?s two pints of colonized millet cased with coir (2nd flush)….

highest yielding strain

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  • Ya those GC and taz were carefully selected growths from 3rd generation agar to agar. Even that doesn’t guarantee you anything. Only cloning fruitbody tissue will give you any measure of confidence in what your getting, and even that will only work if the cultivation params are the same that the donor came from.

    Oh ya one more thing. There are higher yeilding strains. Cubensis are cubensis but a clone that has been selected because of it’s high yeild is a higher yeilding strain of cubensis.
    However if one takes a print from a clone your right back to square one. You have to keep the strain pure in tissue culture.

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