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Woody OG Kush Honey Bud Strain Poster | Humboldt Relief

Back in June, the HR crew grew a batch of top shelf Woody OG unlike any other. While trimming the beautiful buds the crew noticed an extremely sticky golden sap-like substance on some of the nugs. I snapped photos, and then sampled this natural honey bud. The resin tasted similar to concentrated cannabis, and crackled/popped just like oil when I put the flame to my bowl. I posted the pictures online, and many patients as well as out of state HR fans were equally impressed by the mysteriously dank matter. Your enthusiasm inspired me to design my first poster print using our original marijuana menu pictures.

I got 2 large format posters printed at PrintFirm in Canoga Park, where I work when I’m not volunteering for Humboldt Relief. The company is about as MMJ friendly as you can get in the professional word, and I feel pretty lucky to work for people who support my creative passions. I intended to donate 1 poster to the collective to display in our medication show room and keep the extra copy for myself. One of the prints will be framed and hung up at HR in Reseda, but the grower wanted the second one for his house. Looks like I’ll just have to order another copy of the poster!

Woody OG Kush Tribute Poster Design Mock Up

I’d never made my own poster before because I didn’t think I had any poster worthy pictures. The crew’s very proud to have cultivated the Woody OG dripping with THC, so I saw fit to create a tribute to this exotic medical marijuana grown right here in the San Fernando Valley. We have various posters hanging on the walls in the lobby, and I wanted new patients in particular to be able to see our handiwork. Here’s what my poster design mockup looked like for comparison purposes:

Woody OG in CMYK

I used 3 original high resolution photos from my nug shots along with 2 stock images from Deposit photos. I made sure I picked pictures suitable for commercial printing i.e. hi res at 300 dpi. At first I downloaded the 11” x 17” free poster template from the PrintFirm website. I made the mock up with this Photoshop template, which is already formatted in CMYK color code (as opposed to RGB format for the web) and shows all the important stuff, such as the bleed area and trim lines. I highly recommend using the templates during the design process because they make your life much easier. I showed the crew the finished artwork for approval, and the grower said he dug the design but wanted the poster to be HUGE!

This changed my plans a bit because I was going to get short run posters, which are not available in larger sizes. I measured a big poster I have in my living room, and decided to go with the 24” x 36” large format posters instead. I adapted the design to fit this size, but in order to alter the pictures correctly, I had to perform the dreaded up scale. Anybody familiar with graphic design knows the golden rule for pixel based images: scale down, never up! Unfortunately, there’s no way to increase the size of your pictures without messing them up unless they’re vector based. I noticed a degree of distortion from the stretching when I viewed the image at 100% in Photoshop, but it was nothing I couldn’t live with, so I uploaded the file for the presses.

Printing Service Review

Behold the Official HR Woody OG Strain Poster:

Woody Strain Large Format Poster Print

I’m a perfectionist, so the distortion will always be in the back of my mind. I also think the color came out with too much of a bright green tint; that’s my bad for oversaturating the images. I read somewhere that it’s a good idea to bump up your image saturation to 15 or 20 to compensate for the duller colors in CMYK (4 Color Process) printing. This technique certainly makes the graphic pop from the higher contrast, an element that’s essential to good print design. In the future I will increase the saturation, just not quite that much.

Aside from the saturation issues, the colors are accurate and match what I envisioned. That’s key as far as I’m concerned because I’m totally bummed when the finished product doesn’t look the way I pictured it in my mind. The pictures below show my favorite part of the design, the HR logo on the honey stick.

Natural Honey Bud grown by Humboldt Relief in Reseda.

Humboldt Relief logo in print

The material quality is outstanding, super thick and smooth to the touch with the high gloss poster paper. I didn’t get the optional lamination, and the paper still seems as though it’s covered with a protective coating. I was afraid the posters might get bent from transporting them to the shop in my backpack, but they didn’t get messed up at all.

More Marijuana Strain Poster Designs Coming Soon!

I’m so happy with the results of this print design project that I want to make posters for other strains we grow in house. Jane Doe comes to mind along with Diablo OG, Girl Scout Cookies, Queen Jane, Larry OG, and Popeye OG. I might even get permission from our outside cultivation partners to make prints for other popular strains; I’ve got my heart set on a cute couple nug portrait of Popeye with his ultra-purple girl Olive Oyl. We’ll see what the fall harvest brings. If you want to see your favorite HR strain as a poster, let me know in the comments below! As always, I welcome constructive criticism, so feel free to leave design feedback as well. One Love!

Humboldt Relief made a custom poster design featuring Woody OG Kush with natural honey printed by in Canoga Park. ]]>