how potent is kief

Kief Consumer Guide

What is Kief?

Kief is the crystal-like formations consisting of trichomes that give the marijuana plant its frosted appearance. Kief is the collection of byproducts which are found on cannabis flowers and leaves where the highest concentration of THC is stored. If you are a regular pot-smoker and own a standard grinder with a built-in filtration screen, you too may have your own collection of kief at home and ready to smoke.

Kief can be considered in the same category as hash or concentrates. However, in light of the 4-month vape ban in MA, a great alternative option is using kief to spice up any smoke session!

Why smoke kief instead of other cannabis concentrate alternatives?

Kief has the advantage of being the most natural method of smoking concentrated cannabis. This powdery substance is both potent and free of safety concerns.

Kief takes you a step further in any preferred smoking method and it is EASY! By simply adding kief on top of the weed in a bowl, joint, or pipe – kief can enhance the potency of each hit.

You can add a pinch into your morning tea or coffee, as the heat from the drinks can activate the components of kief that get you high- and quickly. You can even cook with kief!

How strong is it?

The level of potency in kief makes the effects of smoking it much stronger than smoking regular flower. Depending on its purity, Kief can be anywhere up to 70% THC while flower tends to be anywhere between 10-30%. Kief is also a stronger substance because it is collected from a variety of different strains over time, giving you a variation of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Now that you know the wonderful advantages of smoking kief, keep it in mind next time you want to roll up a joint or pack a bowl!

Kief takes you a step further in any preferred smoking method and it is EASY! The Green Lady offers many varieties of strain specific kief for you to enjoy. ]]>