how to germinate watermelon seeds in paper towel

Wet paper towel technique for germination?

i am having problems germinating watermelon seeds in the paper towel technique, they been inside the baggy for over a week and none have a root. i placed them in top of my tv box which is always on and its warm, what am i doing wrong ,,also does bag have to be open so there is some ventilation. please help

Here is a link for info on what you need. She is very informative and I have used her method with success. You can also trying setting up different conditions for your seed’s. One with heat, one with sunlight, one in cool shade.

Here’s another page with a video that explains how to pre-germinate seeds.

so i got some other seeds that already have a root, after planting it with soil, do i still leave them inside or do i put them outside so that way they can get sun

If it don’t get too cold at night then you can put them outside but maybe put a sheet of newspaper over the pots to protect from too cool air, I never plant out till there are at least 2 proper leaf’s showing, this tells me the plants have developed enough strength to support itself a bit better, remember to water too.
Good luck, Weenel.

ideally seeds need warm moist soil. when germinate seeds they dont get transplanted until they developed true leaves. At that point, theyre telling me they’re for some warm sunshine. (Sorry about the bad punctuation)

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