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Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Metamoki located at 1592 Union St. #237 San Francisco, CA 94123. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Drug Use) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don’t need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn’t free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon in Search bar and install it.

Been playing for a long time but starting to get frustrated with the ad walls. The updates are just making the game worse. For example the auto arrange function now requires you to watch an advert when it didn’t before. I also lost all my progress to the next crate which was 200 plus and I was nearly there and the update wiped it for their new goal crate system. Honestly its getting to the point where I might just uninstall as I can’t do much anymore without watching millions of ads

ad to double profits at beginning of game sometimes freezes, and when i close the app to restart the game, i end up missing money. not just my idle profits, but less money than what i closed out on. example: today i had 72 ab when i logged in. went to double my idle profits, game freezes, i exit out. lost not only my idle profits, but upon logging in again, i had 24 ab. not happy about profit loss.

Omg this is the best bud game I’ve played in a long time and I have played almost everyone out and thats including the ones u pay for

It’s an extremely long game, so if you want to actually progress in a half decent amount of time, then this game isn’t for you.

UPDATE: Thanks Jayvoh for closing my case without doing anything to rectify the fact that I still can not get into the app. You were zero help and in a hurry to do nothing. Loved the game but can’t get it to load now. Fix it or give me my bloody money back.

Haven’t been able to play for 2 days game will load I will briefly see my weed shop then it goes to a black screen with a rotating arrow in the bottom right corner other than this small inconvenience the game runs well(when I played it)

REALLY good game, I’d give it 5 if everyone didn’t look high all the time (including people walking down the street) but I really enjoy it

I would never consider this a 5-star idle game but I would definitely consider a 4-star idle game but I’m going to give it three stars because you really can’t do much of anything unless you want to watch half an hour of adds to upgrade to get to another side

Downloaded this game and it doesn’t even fully load it gets as far as “Counting cash” on the loading game bar then glitches back to either play store or back to my home screen. Tried numerous times to get it to load but it’s the same every time

Unbelievably egregious. It constantly pops up with “view ad for blah” quite literally every minute. Just because you are a F2P game doesn’t give you the right to be this obnoxious. If a F2P game is good enough, I will support it. This game is one that tries everything in its power to milk you dry with premium currency and ads.

It was a perfect game until new security patch, which has not allowed you to change system time and idle money. But it makes also loading way slower, gameplay less smooth, and mostly, it requires Internet connection all the time. Pls devs, get it back, since there are alternatives to this game.

Actually liked this game for a little while, but I’m so sick of the glitches. So often I will spend so much time earning money, just to see that it magically disappeared right before I got to my goal. This really messes with me as I have severe anxiety and I will no longer be playing this counterproductive low quality trash you call a game.

Mundane, repetitive click and collect game that is as normal driven by adds if you want a faster experience otherwise entertaining for a few mins

very addictive But it has a habit of just crash again. one more time and i never gonna play it again

I would of loved this game and continued playing but I’m disappointed that I can’t connect it to through out my devices, instead I lost all the time, work and money I spent on it. I even contacted support and no response so unfortunately I’m deleting the game

I had over half the continents unlocked and it glitched and logged me out one day. I lost all my data but I redownload it a few weeks ago and I’m having fun playing it again! even though I had to completely restart 🙁

Still can’t get new seeds no matter how many plants I upgrade! Now the game lags if I try to tap on the plants to speed up production, and the ads aren’t working so I have to wait for everything! Ugh so many problems I hardly play anymore. 🙁 I’ll change my rating and feedback if they ever fix the problems in the game.

this games so fun and I dont care what anyone says the ads aren’t even that bad this game is great and fun.

I REALLY wanted to play this game but it keeps throwing me out. UPDATE: I’ve just loaded this game again, not realising that I have already tried to play this game once before but this time it did let me in, however, right of the bat it started clinching. I have changed my stars down to 1. No reply from developers either

fun right off the bat. I personally recommend this game to all real stoners out there wiz Khalifa snoop Dogg etc

this game is the best game in the world cuz it can be a stress fracture and a general game for you to play. Please make your game work all the time though because it doesn’t work most times I try.

Half decent game, run into issue where im not receiving any seeds when upgrading them. it says for next upgrade I will receive another seed but no seeds after said upgrade.

I really like this game bought the 4.99 starter pack enjoying it so far just every other ad the app crashes everytime very annoying besides that love the game constatly on it

Brilliant I love it, it’s a lovely game fun and attractive much to do and to keep an eye on, so far I have no complaints!

it is kind of glitchy but i just dtarted so i cant wait to make it to the end but it is kind of boring.

Honestly, so far its pretty intriguing. Makes me want to find out what different strains this game has to offer. Keeps me wanting more, and I love that. Most importantly, Thank you for making it up to me if i watch ads or not. Fantastic games so far. To the developers!

A tale of woe and misery turns to one of joy and glee thanks to 1 specific developer, Rylee (hey that rhymes) used to play this game a lot back in the day. No problems but deleted due to storage problems and quite possibly even a new phone. So after downloading again, to my horror EVERYTHING was gone. My progress to Canada, collecting cards and upgrading, my “tokens” EVERYTHING. JUST GONE! I contacted the Devs in in Hope’s of some answers. Everything has been restored(a day later might I add)

Since last update, i can’t go anywhere other than Canada area’s. I even just bought Europe and can’t even start tables there because it won’t load. I have sent screenshots but no one has responded.

Back when I first got the game I really enjoyed it but as it has been updated most recently I lost EVERYTHING. I lost my currency, my stock in game, all my progress. I just had to restart from the very beginning, and I was FAR into the game as I had been playing since mid-late last year. It was so frustrating going in game nd finding that everything was gone, and my first reaction was to delete the app immediately. It used to be a great decompression game, but after that, never again. Y’all suck

This game started out great. It needs to be updated a little more and maybe do some maintenance on it. This game started stuttering on me so I had to turn it off.

I started the game and not long after I was gett stuck in ads had to restart my game multiple times and some times can’t even log in takes like 20min

The gameplay itself is mediocre at best, the amount of ads that exist are obtrusive and basically required (takes 13 ads just to get dailies done) scaling feels way to pushed to buy things all in all not a fun experience

same problem as others great game till it stopped opening. It shows a leading screen. uninstalled and installed it again, same thing.

Was good until they added ads to every thing in this latest update. Now you have to watch ads to replant. Nope, I am out.

Great game. I loved this game so much but I also hate this game so much. This game is great if you just want to play for something to do. But don’t put money into it. I downloaded for the first time in April 2020 and put a lot of time into it and even about 80 bucks over 5 months. I save it and had to do a factory reset on phone, we’ll when I tried to get it back they couldn’t find the account. Had to start all over again and then again a few days ago when got new phone same thing happened.

I want to rate this game with a good rating but atm i cannot open it to the introduction screen. It loads then pauses at 85% and will not proceed from there and I am unsure as to why.

Terrible “game”. 0 game play. Tries to be edgy by making it that you grow weed but it is just a manufacturing simulator. Only played as an easy way to get gems for another game. Uninstalled the moment task completed.

Was fun to play and participate in events, but now the app just crashes when it loads on my pixel 3a. Super disappointed.

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It’s an OK clicker idler game. Main negative is the manager lady popping up literally every 30 seconds for an ad offer.

Been playing for a while now. I’m at the point where there are too many ads and half the time they dont work, so you lose out on money. I don’t recommend this game to anyone anymore. Its sad because I used to enjoy it.

I cannot get past Denver’s level 2 secondary to dispensary money glitch. I have emailed customer support multiple times and nothing has been done to fix the issue. You cannot progress in the game. Do not waste your time with the game.

Nice graphics, easy to learn and play, nice alternative look to the profession of manufacturing medical supplies. Watch ads for rewards, pick up daily rewards. Well done.

Game keeps freezing n then closing stating the app has stopped working doing this shortly after I make any progress for upgrades. please fix this problem immediately it’s very annoying to have to close the tab and jump back in. love the game at the same time though how can I enjoy it if it keeps crashing.

Simply addicting. It’s the only game I really play on my phone. Simple gameplay and well placed ads that don’t interfere too much with gameplay. Worth a play!

Typical pay to win, grind/slog, tap, tycoon type game, with plenty of gems, coins, cards, gambling loot boxes to waste money on. As usual you progress somewhat normally at first & then within 2 days hit a wall where everything is so expensive you stop progressing. The animations are decent, & apparently you can open up many shops and get different strains but it takes so long to get anywhere I’m not sure how you can w/o dumping a ton of money on it. But it’s just not that interesting or unique

I love the game i think it is awesome. I like how you unlock new plants and upgrade things. I think it is a great thing to do when i am bored.

ACCOUNT IS NOT MAINTAINED BETWEEN DEVICES. Lost ALL activity when attempting to access via Google account on new device.

Constantly crashing down and ads are constantly redirecting to the play store. This is unacceptable and intolerable. Game takes too damned long to load.

love the game but haven’t been able to get into the game for about 5 days now it won’t load up at all it gets stuck on the first load screen can you do an up date to fix it

ever since this morning the game wont load. purchased gems and shortly after stopped working. not at all happy right now as I started the event and now cant do anything.

The only bad thing is i can’t play it without WiFi, Add an offline mode and ill give yall 5 stars, other than that Great game! it’s not even gameplay for everyone because I’m someone and I don’t have any Internet all the time there’s a lot of games that are popular and they’re offline and online too can’t you just make this one offline to?

Dont download. game freezes had to reinstall and I lost all progress. I restarted playing and it did it again. this game made my phone all buggy and now some apps wont open anymore after downloading this game. Game messed up my phone. Dont download. Game was fun until that BS HAPPENED. Why would I want to get my old my account back. So it can mess up alot of my apps again. I had to uninstall 5 apps it corrupted and reinstall them. Thanks for useless help . Great customer service.

Okay so do you like clicking things? Do you like mindless repeating the same objective over and over? Do you like ads that aren’t the actual ads that lead you to the actual 20+ second ad just for some meaningless currency that you could spend money on if you wanted to? Then this game is for you! I played for about one hour and you are better off playing russian roulette as you will gain more from it! Download now and waist your time and money!

Good game but not enough opportunities to speed up progress as per usual in these type of games. Also, it keeps telling me to add more plants when I can’t afford to. Obnoxiously tedious

If you are tapping you sometimes times hit table upgrade button then spend money you where saving for something else, there should be a window or something that would pop up asking how many level you want to upgrade (1 10 50), also showing the tables current income & what income would be when upgraded. Also when auto arranging the tables it should put all stains of same type next to one another it likes to stick two sour diesel then one Jack hier even if 3 sour diesel are planted

I hate how you have quest that give you manager and strain cards and when you get all of your quests done there is 5 tokens left to get to get the last box I even got a friend to join the game I hate this game it sucks the more you play it

To me this is the best weed tycoon game. I’ve played it all where the others was disappointing, but this one stands out to me the most. Good job

not worth it, downloaded app and its been stuck on loading screen for 20 minutes. literally doenloaded it today and my internet is really good. don’t download this app, if you want a good idle game download ANY OTHER app.

This is a game about watching ads. There might be something about weed, I think. but its mostly about watching ads. There is some tapping involved, but there are a lot of ads. Have I mentioned the ads? Ads.

Have been playing this game for quite some time now and would have given 5 stars but unfortunately recently I try to open the app and it says i need to update before playing but when I go to update it says there is no update. Also I did an iffer for gems and never got my reward and when I tried to contact support they said they are working on the issue and never got back to me. If your looking for slow and casual with no help from customer support this is your game.

I just started playing so far I like it but it seems to freeze up and I have to exit out. Does it about 3 minutes after I load game up.

The game is trash but whatever most mobile games are nowadays its obvious thats its just a cash grab for micro transaction just looking for that one dumbass to spend over $100 on a free game but once they updated it to where u have to watch a ad just to rearrange your plants it was uninstall im only surprised i played it as long as i did.

Great game, lots of fun, lots to do and lots to work towards. But would love for there to be some options on looks of the store when renovating! Would be great!

I really like this game, but i gave 4 stars because some of ads, once it finished it takes me to Play Store without touching the screen at all, and when i go back, i should wait till the game restart loading (Start screen) all over again which takes too much time. Fix this and i’ll put a 5 Stars review. Let me see your CS Care . Thank You .. and keep the great works up

I love the game so much because I want to keep your fingers moving he was going to be thinking and watching all the things around you and it’s also kind of fun playing the game and smoking at the same time

As far as idle tap no strategy games go this is right up a stone’s bong. The trick here is to spend money on actual weed and not on in game purchases. With enough time you’ll get everything in game and be tired of the game long before then. However I like to throw a dollar at a game that entertaining enough. But idle games/no strategy are games not gonna wow for more then a few weeks. If that. But this games got great weed strains all the good ones I’ve Skywalk OG and Gorilla Glue.

A very intriguing game to say the least. A very good time waster I find myself ending up playing for a lot more time than I originally intended. Overall however, it was quite an enjoyable game watching your business grow and all your little workers mill around.

Damn thing just doesn’t work consistently. If you remove and reinstall you lose all progress. It just locks up and won’t work. I have a decent Android phone and it shouldn’t be an issue but it is.

Nice and addictive Game. But it suddenly stopped working and stays stuck at like 5% loading. (since 11th May 2019 afternoon). o was in the middle of a challange and had good chances to get platin. Well not anymore.

I enjoy the game quite much and I was looking forward to getting the rank 11-25 rewards but when I loaded another savestate of 5 seconds ago i was suddenly not in the rankings anymore and didn’t get anything at all. It said that I first had to collect any strains to unlock rewards so I was basically reset just because I loaded a savestate. Is there any way for me to still get these rewards because I kinda needed them hehe. Edit: And I didn’t get the Gem reward for the ‘current’ music-app.

3 things need to be fixed. 1. Chokepoints 2. Chokepoints 3. Chokepoints The requirement to do the maximum upgrades at a point with the dispensary and bottling part once you get to the last level before the next big upgrade is ridiculous. Your shop goes from doing 3.5 bill/sec bottling or sales to an astronomical number like 500 billion from level 249 to 250. There’s no way to avoid this because at that point you have to go for the next upgrade. Grow room is helplessly behind at that point.

I really enjoy the gameplay of this game and I really cant say anything else but please keep updating this game and keep up the good work developers!

Played it for in-game rewards in another game, had fun, wanted to keep playing, but it won’t load LA so I can’t continue. Buggy af!!

I really like this game it’s very addictive and fun too. I definitely recommend this game for all my friends to play. You can make a lot of money real fast.

concept is good but the challenges are to hard and they expect you to play all day and night to be able to get any of the good rewards. I got to gold this time but had to play non stop and upon reaching my reward I only got 1 seed. All that for 1 dam seed. You I will be uninstalling and finding another game that doesn’t require you to grind this hard. shm

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love the only problem is when watching an ad it kickes me out of the game. A LOT. I did the last update you had the other day. still does it very very bad. amazing game otherwise.

Entertaining I can play all day all day long I play on until 3:00 at night and it’s so fun if they added another game like this I will probably download playing in my car right now

After writing the support people for help after not receiving coins and gems packages with a paid receipt. Customer support refuses to even respond after a half dozen emails finally giving up on get the support making good on the item not received. I advise everyone to not buy anything from these people they take your money and turn a deaf ear to your pleas for help.

Simular to any other tycoon type of game just different out lay. They do give tons of free chest and boxes early on in game. Use managers only when playing they don’t last long to start with. Just about everything can be upgraded plays while not on game. Adds to get double or more stuff.

Exceptionally ad based and repetitious. I generally loathe these kinds of games (i.e. continous tapping) however, I actually enjoyed this game. For about a week. What finally got to me was the game lagging. Always. Coupled with ads that take us to Google play store. Which makes when we hit the back button restart the game without giving a reward. This happened so many times I had to delete my game data and uninstall for the sake of my mental health.

Very additive game with lots to keep you busy with through out the day. I like that you are constantly making money even when you are away from the game

Actually I rank it as a Zero, app crashed and erased all my progress! No Stars. not for this app. Over 2000+ coins gone! 800 gems or more gone! Only had one more territory to unlock. Too much progress to start over.

it’s a good game just disappointing about the amount of commercials. collecting money not a problem, just when collecting cards in the game do the commercials become a problem. there just to often. the game is really playable.

1 star because every 4 minutes my game crashes, I’m unable to watch any ads before the game crashes, I’ve been unable look at the little weed picture in the bottom right hand corner since I started playing because each time I touch it. My game crashes. I’m really trying to play this game but. Oh looks like it crashed again. Fix your game before it crashes. again.

The recent upgrade sucks. Way too many ads now. The game is constantly freezing up. However, I do like the feature to open new boxes with the new challenges. *Edit This is the last time that I reinstall this game for the mere fact it keeps freezing up at the start screen.

Once I got it to finally load it’s a great game. Oops, I got 30 minutes of game play total. after crashing for the first 12 hours after install 15 minutes of play the next day. Emailed support with no answers, and they asked me for my player ID, but I had no idea how to get that. When I got back into the game 8 hours later and 20 attempts to get in but crashed during loading. I got my ID number and found it showed during loading. No answer from support yet and have no access all day. 10/23

One of the most boring games I have ever played mobile. There isn’t much to do besides a couple of tasks every few hours.

I do not like this game at all.The main the I hate is that my little sister was playing a game on my phone and this ad about weed pops up.THIS IS REALLY INAPPROPRIATE FOR A 7 YEAR OLD TO SEE. And the game is really laggy when I try to play it always makes my phone turn off and its glitchy.

Not pleased at all. game won’t let me open it lost my progress. And had to reinstall I paid real money for some stuff. I’m pissed off. besides the recent mess up it’s a great game

Hella addicting and fun actually pretty good strains actually but would be better if maybe you could try the strings you have created yourself or if maybe you could get paid real cash for the time you have spent playing this game

An very mediocre idle game that plays entirely as a cash-grab. You are CONSTANTLY and CONSISTANTLY subjected to obstructive in-game “offers” to watch ads for rewards. The game gives you free boosts on the first day to hide the grind. Progess is super slow without the use of premium currency, because all forms of income are obtained by pure random chance with lootboxes or a tiny store that refreshes.

Sneaky latest update with “auto arrange” Too many ads. Was enjoying till latest update. Roll back that change

I down load the game and it does not let me play downloaded 2nd time it does not load or show any errors

Why is it that now after almost a year of playing when I watch adds to multiply or get new rooms it freezes and the app stops? It’s very annoying. I have been playing almost 300 hours and not spent a single penny on your game. I love it. I’ve gone through 3 pauses ( is what I call them) where I upgraded too fast and got stuck but eventually I upgraded slowly enough to get going again! Please fix this problem and I will finally rate your app. I clicked 4 stars cause overall I love it. Thank you!

I got really far on this game then it froze. I had to uninstall it and redownload. If it happens again i will uninstall and not download again.

You recommend the game is up-to-date, I just installed it man, it still does not play, once the credits end the “game” closes.

It’s a really fun game, the only thing you have to really think about is the fact that you have to maneuver your way around the control system of the way the program is made to play, bc it will tell you to do one thing and it’s wiser to do it a different way, that’s my thing it’s a little bit of strategy fun.

This game is a time killer, and it’s fun, but the reason i didn’t 5 star this is because it it wiped my progress. Please help me get my progress back.

game was good but after less than a hour of play it’s crashed and will not open again loading bar just freezes when trying to open cleared cache reinstalled etc but nothing has fixed just given up and deleted

Pretty fun game but think you should make where you get plants on the bonus maps when you unlock them on there you should be able to carry them over to your other cities

I play this on both PC and on mobile, and so far this is my most favorite game to play! I love it when everytime you get low on cash, the game basically keeps giving you handouts of money/strains/employees so you can never really have a “Damn I’m low on cash, gotta either wait 10 years or pay to win” type of game. It’s so addicting that it makes you give in to keep playing it. Yes there are ads, but other than that the game is amazingly well thought out! Like this one out of any of them Idles!

Game is alright not really many complaints except for whoever the artist was that did the Canadian map messed up. Halifax isn’t that far north its in Nova Scotia. Basic geography boys put the blunts down for a second and check your maps

I’m not averse to ads in games, but this is over the top. Still, it might be worth it if this was above average, but it’s an average idle game at best. For one thing, you can’t tell how much each individual grow table is worth, so you’re just upgrading blindly. Usually the newest ‘table’ in a game generates the most, but here it depends on what crop you’ve planted where. It does give you the chance to rearrange your crops though, but you still don’t know how much it makes. Chief complaints.

This used to be my favorite game. Now, it slows down my phone, often freezing or crashing. All the little changes, like the way the strains are organized in the upgrade area, only being able to rearrange 1 time a day, a bunch of small stuff like that, make the game no fun. Broken hearted by losing the petfrct mobile game.

Won’t load any longer. I will happily give a better review once they fix this issue which it appears started shortly after the last update the app put out. as of June 7 game is still a hot mess that won’t load. Uninstalled and won’t be reinstalling it to start over. Thanks for the offer of assistance but at this point I have removed the game and have no desire to start all over again.

I’ve been playing this for awhile now & I really want to love it but I can’t. ESPECIALLY after the latest update requiring you to watch an ad to auto arrange your grow rooms. Seems like the developers are getting greedy? If you like being suckered into constantly watching 15-40 sec ads, tapping & upgrading, this “game” is for you! Not really fun anymore. better to play occasionally in my opinion.

It’s an okay game but I’m tired of watching ads all the time or paying real money. I got a deal pack for 40 that seemed like it would supply plenty of gameplay. I spent my gems and tokins responsibly and here we are a month later at a standstill. The events are the only things that keep me coming back. I left my main dispensary on a standstill for a week and didnt have anywhere near the money for a single upgrade. Fun for a short amount of time but don’t bother spending money on it.

Your app is stupid. It doesn’t want to open. Please help. And the only reason why I gave your app a one star is because I could not rate it a zero star even though I never even play the game yet.

Love the game only just can’t agree with every time you put a manager on task in the shop or packaging room for 1 min or so any stock built up in that space is emediatly deleted and is no longer there leaving nothing to be sold so wy is there any point in putting the manager on when your lower level completely defeats the purpose then u gotta catch up dont see the point as all cheers

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I love this idle fun game. Only problem i have seen so far is this when i try to claim my money by watching a short ad to double my money, it freezes more than anything and the game shuts down and i lose my money bc of problems. Will update if i cross anymore game crashing bugs! Keep up the good work, very hard to find a game i like across any platform anymore.

enjoyable game.. but going to delete as can’t advance to Los Angeles, doesn’t load. very disappointing

Someone said that every 4 minutes there game crashes but my experience is excellent but I don’t really understand the game

Ok when it works, but mostly it force closes on start, or during the game. Rebooting, clearing the cache, reinstalling. Nothing works. Filed support ticket but no help there

Still freezes up, even after updates. Don’t waste your time with this game. I’d give it a no star rating if I could

Brilliant I love it, it’s a lovely game fun and attractive much to do and to keep an eye on, so far I have no complaints! I forgot how much fun this game is again I have downloaded it. 21st of June 2021

I loved playing this game, just a fun little idle grow game. Buy I’ve had to restart from scratch 5 times now, and it won’t let me transfer my account since I switched phones. Now it won’t even get passed the loading screen before it closes. I give up, I’ve paid enough times for the start up bundle only to lose it all when it restarts my account. Good game otherwise, but it’s been REALLY buggy the last year.

These idle games are there to make us watch ads. When they cannot do even that, it’s no good. 6 crashes in the first 30 minutes. Waited a few hours and tried again. 4 crashes in 10 minutes. Most crashes were around ads, but not all. Twice in gameplay some message would appear and freeze the game. Couldn’t even read the message because they have some kinda of animation that makes the box appear. All I could see was the box beginning to form. Waiting did nothing but crash and send error report.

i love this game i was doing good then suddenly it decided to not load ever again witch makes me f**king furious now im bout to just delete it

I would usually rate this a 5 star game. I love the way this game plays, it keeps me interested. Even love the grow grow tournaments to get new strains that you cant unlock by not playing the tournaments. But this last grow event, Endocon, the strain to unlock that was a new strain was LA Confindential. I never got that strain as a reward for that tournament which just ended 47 minutes ago. Why did i not get that strain when i completed all the goals on the event?

Good fun. Only issue is you never seem to get enough gold coins to upgrade stuff. Also you don’t get enough strand cards or enough new buds to fill all your tables. I have been unable o fill a new table for a week now. Still enjoying the game but could get annoying soon if they don’t sort something.

The relentless half-minute to 45 second ads you have to watch to do ANYTHING fouls this game. Since the balance is WAY off, (you upgrade one thing, and everything else gets insanely skewed) you have to watch the same 4-5 ads again and again and again, until you’re nauseous, just to try to rebalance it. So to do anything (if you don’t have years to spare, I’m not kidding) you have to spend about 90% of the time on this game watching commercials.

I might give this game a better review but unfortunately it has ads that override cell phone volume that are loud enough to wake the dead. You never know when you will be forced to hear the ads and it is very embarrassing if this happens in public and even worse if you try playing at night and wake up the entire house because you pressed a bonus ads

so brought something from the store day later the game crashes then it finally loads to then have everything whiped, then created new account played for a while brought something again then day later game crashes, sent email to you guys & no answer on whats happening with that, think 2 stars is to generous, cant play with the things i brought & wont get my money back. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS GAME.

hi everybody’ s how are used guys and hell yea guys your game is awesome and i really love yea game its the best i have ever play in my life used guys get my lucky number 777 three time to bring used guys all the great luck in the world and i pray yea company keep up the great work used guys are the best in whole world and GOD bless used all amen .

I dont have the replanting shovel really stopping the progression of my game since I cant organize to have the most outcome basically at a standstill for upgrading my pots because cant gain enough to upgrade them since I only have 1 great plant and 1 mediocre but cant gain enough money to upgrade them to 200. Thank you for the faqs I couldbt find it anywhere else thought this would get the attention needed I love this game truly

awesome game. one thing i don’t like is when you open the app the game automatically goes back to the last location you visited before exiting and when that happens you can’t double the idle amount of the whole country anymore

It is a good idle game. The only beef i have with it is the dispensary in San Francisco and a few of the cities that you start out with. Sooner or later, the upgrades to bottle what weed is ready to bottle are damn near impossible to reach. Right now, it will take me 9 months, probably, to be able to catch up to the weed that is being produced. because of the vast difference in upgrade prices for each.

I don’t actually do weed but I think this game is really fun, and I love how they put a cards in the game to add a totally different experience compared to all the other tycoon games. This game is awsome, and a must download!

Decent idle game. Like the variety of strain based on region. As well as the special events. Unfortunately the events tend to have issues. For watching an ad it says I would get an additional 10 minutes worth of income. While earning 359ah/sec it only awards 2 ai, while it should be giving 215 ai. 10 minutes x 60 sec = 600 seconds 600 seconds x 359 ah/sec = 215,400 ah/sec 215,400 ah/sec ÷ 1000 = 215 ai/sec Needs to be fixed

Cant even load into the game for one. The ONE time it did fully load in all it wanted to do was lag out. It’s pointless to advertise a game on ads for other games when it wont even load or lags out to the point it’s not even worth playing. Free or not free YOUR GAME – OR LACK THERE OF SUCKS

The most recent update made it to where the game doesn’t even load it only gets 3/4 of the way loaded and freezes

I have had this game for about six months and within the last two months I haven’t been able to get my video rewards and it just keeps freezing up I don’t know what’s going on but I haven’t even been able to move to a different contest I wish you would fix it I really like playing the game and I don’t want to have to get rid of it

game was fun at first.. you watch more ads than anything.. same ads over and over. when you watch an ad to get more gems or play another game it doesn’t give you your payout. should be called weed ADs.. can’t do anything without watching an ad..

played the game and expanded my shop. come back after some time away from the game and my progress was gone and I had to go through tutorial again and start at the beginning. uninstalling the game.

Love the game but this is the second time it stopped loading completely and only fix was an uninstall which of course means I lose all progress and such. Very disappointed.

Pretty good game except when an event restarts for some reason and you don’t get your gems back. How is that fair or legal? They took my money and turned it into nothing.


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Weed Inc: Official Group есть на Facebook. Чтобы связаться с Weed Inc: Official Group, войдите в существующий аккаунт или создайте новый.


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$1500 will be given to the first 20 people to find another number exept 803 Congratulations to those who receive their payment yesterday

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