How To Get Weed Seeds From Plant

Quality cannabis seeds are expensive, and most of us only get to grow a few each year. Starting your grow with great genetics is the first important step in cultivating quality cannabis. Learn how to buy marijuana seeds in Oklahoma.

Buying Cannabis Seeds – 10 things you need to know

Quality cannabis seeds are expensive, and most of us only get to grow a few each year. Starting your grow with great genetics is the first step in cultivating quality cannabis.

This article will answer your burning questions and provide you with everything you need to know to buy cannabis seeds that will meet your high expectations.

10 Burning Questions about Buying Cannabis Seeds

Is This Legal?
Who Can I Trust?
Why Original Packaging?
Why Buy Feminized Seed?
What About Hermies?
What are Photoperiod Seeds?
What are Autoflower Seeds?
What are Fast Strains?
Sativa or Indica?
What Kind of Hybrid?

1. Is this legal?

You need to do your homework to ensure that purchasing seeds is legal in your area.

Cannabis seeds do not contain THC and are often sold legally as a “novelty” even in jurisdictions where personal growing is not permitted. Cannabis seeds will often be confiscated if they are found by mail carriers and most seed banks offer discrete packaging to avoid this eventuality.

2. Who can I trust?

Established seed banks, operating in jurisdictions where their business is legal are the most reliable sources for quality cannabis seeds. I have purchased seeds from Seedsman for many years and they have always served me well.

Reputable seed banks sell seeds from many different breeders in original packaging, accept payment in multiple formats, fulfill orders immediately, and can provide postal tracking on request.

There are lots of players out there, so if you buy from Bob on the internet, it is buyer beware.

3. Why original packaging?

Reputable breeders do not supply bulk cannabis seeds to seed banks for repackaging and distribution.

When a breeder’s reputation is at stake, they want to ensure that you are receiving fresh seeds that have been properly packaged for longevity.

“Seed Banks” that sell hundreds of varieties under their own brand are usually just copying the hard work of others and slapping a cool name on the package.

The price of seeds is similar whether you buy from a bank or a pirate, so it is worth it to find a reputable seed bank and only buy seeds in original breeder packaging.

4. Why buy feminized seed?

Cannabis is special in many ways. One of these is dioecy. As you are probably aware, dioecy means that there are both male and female cannabis plants. Female plants are desirable for production of fragrant flowers, and males are usually culled to avoid seeding.

Feminized seeds have been bred to produce only female plants, where regular seeds usually produce about 50% male and 50% female plants. It can take 6-8 weeks of growth before it is possible to visually identify male from female plants. If you are only growing a few plants at a time, you want to be sure that they are all female from the very beginning.

5. What about hermies?

Whether you purchase feminized, or regular seeds, a small percentage of plants can be intersex plants, or hermies. This means that both male and female flowers can be produced on the same plant. This is no bueno for production of sinsemilla flowers.

The best way to avoid intersex plants is to purchase your seeds from a reputable breeder who stress tests their genetics to avoid using intersex plants in their breeding program. Well made seeds from experienced breeders will have 1 or 2 plants in a thousand that express intersex tendencies. Most home growers will never experience an intersex plant if they buy quality feminized seeds and avoid the hype strains that are commonly made from untested “elite” clones.

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6. What are photoperiod seeds?

Most cannabis plants are known as short-day plants, meaning that they will not start flowering until they experience short days and long nights.

Short-day cannabis plants usually require day lengths of no longer that 13-14 hours to initiate flowering once they have reached maturity.

If you are growing outdoors, it is important to know the critical photoperiod of your strain, and the seasonal daylength in your area to plan your harvest for ideal seasonal weather conditions.

Mid April to mid-May is usually the best time to plant seeds outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere.

Outdoor growers will benefit from sourcing seeds that have been bred outdoors, as these strains are more likely to display resistance to some of the pests present in outdoor growing environments. The breeders guidance as to harvest time is also more accurate. Breeders like the Humboldt Seed Company, and Paradise Seeds have bred resistant, productive genetics for outdoor growers for decades.

If you are growing indoors, you can control the photoperiod, and most growers will set 18-hour days for vegetative growth and reduce the light to 12 hours when the plants are large enough for flowering. Short-day plants are usually the best choice for indoor growers who will keep clones of their favorite plants for year-round production.

7. What are autoflower seeds?

In contrast to photoperiod seeds, autoflowering seeds will begin flowering as soon as they are mature.

This flowering stage usually begins about 3 weeks after the seed is germinated.

Because of this feature, quality autoflower strains are often the best choice for an outdoor or patio garden.

Knowing how many days are required from sowing seeds to harvesting flower allows outdoor growers to harvest at the best time of the year regardless of photoperiod.

Autos have come a long way in the past few years. Breeders like Sweet Seeds and Mephisto are regularly releasing new strains that produce weed that is over 20% THC with great terpene profiles.

Autos tend to be a bit smaller than full season plants and can be tricky to grow because they have a short lifecycle (70-100 days) and there is not much time to recover from stressful events.

8. What are Fast Strains?

Cannabis strains that will begin flowering during 14-16 hour days are sometimes referred to as photoperiod sensitive, or Fast strains.

Fast strains can be created by cross breeding photoperiod and autoflower strains.

Fast strains will often begin flowering if they become root bound, or if they are planted outside too early in the season.

For northern growers (above 40 degrees latitude) Fast strains will often begin flowering in July for harvest in September before growing conditions deteriorate.

Green Poison Fast Version is one of the few commercially available strains that has reliably produced beautiful flowers by September 15 here in Southern Canada, and is a personal garden favorite of mine.

Fast strains have a much higher yield potential than autoflower strains, and clones of exceptional plants can be kept and cultivated year after year.

9. Sativa or Indica?

Most cannabis strains are hybrid strains, or a mix of Sativa and Indica genetics. These terms mostly relate to the way you feel following consumption.

Indica (or In Da couch) is a term used for sedative strains. These typically have a gassy or earthy profile like Kush strains due to relatively higher percentages of specific sesquiterpenes.

Sativa strains are associated with a more uplifting, energetic, user experience. Sativa’s typically have a more floral or fruity nose due to the prevalence of monoterpenes like myrcene and limonene. The terms Sativa and Indica no longer have much botanical meaning, but they are still used to describe the aesthetic properties of cannabis flowers.

10. What kind of Hybrid?

Most strains are Hybrids, meaning that they contain a mix of genetics from different parts of the world. This can be a good thing, as hybrid plants typically benefit from hybrid vigor, and will outgrow inbred cannabis strains.

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The best seeds for most growers are referred to as F1 hybrids. This means that the seed is the result of the first generation of crossbreeding between two unrelated strains. F1 hybrids will typically exhibit hybrid vigor, while keeping some degree of consistency between plants.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Oklahoma

So you want to grow marijuana in Oklahoma? If you’re at the point where you’re ready for seeds, you’re at the start of a delightful journey. With over 200,000 other residents becoming medical marijuana patients just last year, it’s not surprising if you’ve had a hard time locating marijuana seeds.

If you’re looking for cannabis seeds online because you can’t find them in the stores, be forewarned that purchasing cannabis, cannabis-derived, or cannabis-byproduct items comes with a lot more red tape. It’s best to always proceed with caution because usually if it’s not outright illegal, companies selling seeds online are operating in a loomy grey area.

So Where Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds Legally in Oklahoma?

The good news is that you live in a state with a BOOMING medical marijuana market. However, it is important to remember we’re in the early stages of an industry that has operated in the black market for the better part 80 years.

It’s going to take some time before you can walk into any local dispensary, and they’ll have seeds and clones in stock like grocery stores always have cereal.

If you googled “How to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Oklahoma,” you probably came across tons of options online. But if you want to be fully compliant and buy seeds risk-free, two things have to happen:

First, if you’re not a registered medical cannabis patient already, you need to get registered! The fast and short of it is, you need to get a medical evaluation done by a state-licensed physician and submit the evaluation papers to the state along with a medical marijuana application.

You can get an online Oklahoma medical marijuana evaluation with for just $99! All doctors working with their platform are fully licensed in the state for which they provide recommendations.

Once approved and your card arrives in the mail, you’re free to go to any dispensary in the state. But you will save yourself a lot of headaches by calling the dispensary first to see if they have any seeds available.

The next part is fun, which is picking the strains, seeds, or clones that are right for you. At the bottom of this article,we’ve included a list of dispensaries in Oklahoma that carry seeds.

Which is better—seeds or clones?


This largely depends on who you talk to. If you talk to 10 different growers, you’re likely to get ten different answers. However, while growing from seeds can feel pretty straightforward, there are some things to be mindful of.

When you plant a batch of seeds, some of the seeds can sprout male and others female. You don’t want any male plants in your crop because they will pollinate the female plants, which will lead to your cannabis buds becoming heavily seeded.

While most seed farms claim only to sell feminized seeds (meaning the seeds will only grow into female plants), it’s not uncommon for a few male plants to sprout up. If you do your due diligence and find a good seed company, you shouldn’t have a problem with feminized seeds, but it’s always better to air on the side of caution.

On the other hand, seeds can be just as beneficial for starting a crop. Plants started from seed have been known to yield more product. This might be due to the fact that plants started from seed have something called a Taproot. A taproot is the central part of a cannabis plant’s root system, and it extends deep into the soil, absorbing lots of nutrients.

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Starting with clones comes with an equal set of challenges and benefits, but if you’re buying them in a dispensary, all of the upfront work will likely be done. In most cases, the dispensary will sell you a clone with an existing root mass, which is usually the most significant challenge when starting from a clone.

With that being said, as a grower, you have to be thorough in inspecting plants before you bring them into your crop. Since you’re going to invest a good bit of time, energy, and resources into these plants, you want to ensure that they are healthy and have a lot of yielding potential.

If you do your due diligence and buy quality clones from a good dispensary, there are many upsides and hassles that you get to avoid. It can be easier because the clone will already be female, and you won’t have to worry about male plants sprouting up in your crop and causing problems due to their pollination.

Additionally, you have the advantage of your plants being ready for the vegetative stage of the growth cycle much sooner than if you planted from seed; meaning you will have a shorter wait time till your plants are ready to yield.

While there are upsides to both approaches, you must take your time and do enough research. You should feel confident about whatever direction you decide is best.

Where Do Dispensaries Get Their First Seeds or Clones?

Believe it or not, there’s not a straightforward answer to this—at least one that anyone is willing to talk about. With 33 states now offering some form of legal marijuana, the vast majority of legislation doesn’t specify where first-time growers are supposed to acquire their seeds from. One article referred to it as immaculate inception or the first seed problem.

Here’s a rundown of the story:

  • First-time growers have to acquire seeds or clones from somewhere, and lawmakers know this.
  • Lawmakers turn their heads the other way as entrepreneurs have to break the law to get their business started.
  • Lawmakers are placed between a rock and a hard place because cannabis is federally illegal. They can not permit first-time growers to acquire marijuana from growers in other states.

The entire system doesn’t make a ton of sense, but it’s a direct result of the ambiguity surrounding cannabis legalization. Whether it’s with law enforcement, entrepreneurs, or patients, it’s safe to say everyone is ready for more certainty and safety regarding legal cannabis.

Are Online Seed Banks Safe?

It is illegal to purchase cannabis, cannabis-derived, or cannabis-byproduct items from states outside of Oklahoma. Whereas many of these companies,

  1. Ship from outside of the US
  2. Consider cannabis seeds as novelty items and sale them as such and,
  3. Ship seeds in very inconspicuous packaging or hide them in miscellaneous items like t-shirts or coffee mugs.

If this were entirely legal, then none of those methods mentioned above would be necessary.

Furthermore, as a buyer dealing with illicit companies, you are burdened by not knowing if your package will ever be delivered. None of the online seed companies can guarantee your delivery through the US mail. Not to mention, in the off chance your package gets intercepted, it’s possible that you could get charged with trafficking.

And if you’re still not convinced that it’s not worth it, many companies are selling seeds from non-psychoactive CBD plants but listing them on their websites as popular THC-dominant strains like OG kush.

The vast majority of online seed bank companies operate in illicit and loomy grey areas at best.

While it seems less convenient than making your purchase online, in this instance it’s better to head on down to a dispensary, get a professional opinion, and pick your seeds up in person!