how to grind weed without a grinder

8 Hacks To Grind Weed Without A Grinder

Whether relaxing at home or partying with friends, we’ve all been caught with a stash of weed and no grinder in sight. That should never stop a smoke session, though. No matter where you are, you can use basic kitchen tools, some change in your pocket, and even your own hands to get your weed ground up and ready to smoke.


We’ve all been there. You’re getting ready to spark up, whipping out your stash and your papers (or bong, or whatever), but there’s something missing. You take a second, but then you realise: There’s no grinder in sight.

You might panic, thinking this is the end of the smoke sesh. I mean, who’s gonna try to smoke whole nugs? Thankfully, you don’t have to be subject to that fate. Whether you’re chilling out at home, moving around, or hanging at a party, you’ll be surprised at the amount of options you have at hand. In most cases, you’ll just need a few basic tools, with other methods being even more simple.


As we just mentioned, we know there are a few scenarios you could be caught in. Maybe you’re just trying to unwind after a long day. Maybe you’re at a party and need to act fast so everyone can get their smoke on. Whatever situation you’re in, we’ve thought of a variety of ways to get you out of those awkward moments.


If you’re like many of us, you’ll want to pregame with a little toke before meeting up with friends. Yeah, you’ll be smoking there, but some personal meditation never hurt anyone. Thankfully, when you’re in a well-stocked house, you’ve got a world of options for weed grinding when your grinder isn’t around.


Considering the word “grinder” is included in the name, it kind of had to appear on this list, didn’t it? Just like you would coffee beans, throw your buds in there and grind away! Well, not so fast. You’ll want to clean the thing out first, unless you want to smoke your coffee too (which we do NOT recommend). You should also clean it out afterwards unless you want some “special” coffee the next day.

Clean the grinder well before and after grinding your weed.
• Make sure you’re packing the bud loosely and not overwhelming the grinder.
Don’t use buds that are too big (or too small).
• Adjust grind time and settings (if applicable) to make sure your weed doesn’t become a fine powder.


If you don’t have a coffee grinder around, there’s still an old classic you can try. People call weed “herb” sometimes, so it makes sense that you can use a pestle and mortar to grind it down. Like the grinder, though, you’ll want to clean it off well before AND after using it for this purpose.

Let your nugs dry out for a few hours outside a container. This will make them much easier to break down.
Clean it off well before and after use. That way, you avoid smoking regular herbs or eating “herb” with your dinner.
• It might take some time, especially if the pestle is smooth and rounded.
• Make sure you don’t grind it down too hard.


An equally effective option, there’s no reason you can’t treat your favourite greens like the kind you eat. It’s also probably one of the simplest methods on the list. Throw your weed on the cutting board and dice it until you’ve got it at a ground, but not powdery, consistency.

Ideally, you should be using a non-serrated blade, preferably a chef’s knife. However, almost any knife will do as long as it’s got a decently sharp blade.

• While not necessary, letting your nugs dry out for a bit will make this a much easier task.
• Make sure you watch your fingers, as the nugs may be quite small. Considering how light and uncompressed nugs can be, note that they’ll let the knife pass through easily.
• As was the case with the other methods, overkill is possible. Chop in moderation.
• Like you would after chopping anything else, clean your board and knife off afterwards.


If you happen to have one lying around, this is a simple and fun way to get your Kush ground up. Get a plate to grate over, pick the appropriate end of the grater, and get to it. It might take a while, but it’ll get easier as you figure out the best way to work with your grater.

Watch your fingers! You’ll end up touching the sharp points sooner than you might realise.
• Almost any of the ends should work. However, give preference to ends with smaller openings, as that’ll give you the ideal consistency.
• You might have a hard time getting weed out of the crevices. Keep a poker around to dig through them and get all of your bud.
Wash off the grater thoroughly to make sure you get rid of the scent and residue.


Alright, out the door you go! You’re going to pick up friends, and one of them mentions that they want to smoke in the car. You don’t want to disappoint, but you still don’t have a grinder! What can you do? Well, you have a couple of options here.


Got any change? How about a small, rigid plastic container like a dispensary container or pill bottle? Congratulations, it turns out you DO have a grinder! Throw a couple of heavier coins into the container with your nugs of choice (not too many, not too few). Close the container tightly, and shake away! Check on the progress every 20 seconds or so to make sure you get the ideal consistency.

• If you’re in the US, quarters and nickels work best. For Europeans, the one or two euro coins are your go-to. People in the UK will want to use one or two pound coins for this process.
• Make sure you aren’t over-shaking. It only takes a few too many shakes to leave your weed powdery and unsmokable.
• If you’re using a pill bottle, make sure you clean out the bottle afterwards.
• If you plan on spending the change you use in the process, make sure you clean that off as well.


As it turns out, your body has not one, but TWO semi-decent grinders attached already! “Oh my God, they’re just sticking out of me? Where are they?!”. Don’t panic, they’re your hands! “Oh, well that’s not as exciting”. We know, but it sure is convenient!

Start off by taking the bigger buds and breaking them down into smaller, more manageable bits. From there, use your fingers and fingernails to whittle those down into even smaller bits until you’re satisfied.

• No one likes dirty weed. Make sure you wash your hands immediately before you do this. It wouldn’t hurt to wash them after, either.
Take it slow and steady with sticky weed. If you’re too heavy-handed, you could end up compressing it, making smoking slightly more difficult.
• On the other end, be careful if your weed is overly dry, and handle the grounds carefully when they’re at your desired texture.
Make sure you use a flat, even, and crevice-free surface, as this will make picking the weed up far easier.


You’ve made it to the party, and as it turns out, you and your friends are the only ones with weed! That also means, however, that there’s still no grinder. You don’t feel like shaking a plastic container in front of people, and the germaphobes will get put off if you go hands-on. Still, the people need to get their smoke on.

Thankfully, if it’s a well-equipped party, you’ve got a couple decent courses of action.


Most people will have a pair of scissors lying around, and there will almost definitely be a shot glass. What do you do with those two things? Well, you’ll just need to throw a nug or two in the shot glass and start cutting them in there. Start by cutting them in half, then use the tips of the scissors to make them smaller and smaller.

• Make sure you wash off the scissors and shot glass before trying this tactic.
Don’t go too crazy with the snipping, as rushed movements could lead to weed spilling out of the glass.
• Do this over a flat, clean and smooth surface, just in case something spills out.
• If you want somewhere to keep the leftover ground weed, just use the same shot glass!


Is it a little excessive? Sure. A little showy? Probably. But why not live life to the fullest? That, my friends, is why you should try grinding weed with a blender.

If it’s the sort of party with mixed drinks, all you need to do is clean out the blender and throw your stash right in there. Close the lid, and you’re off to the races. You’ll want to be careful and switch it to the pulse setting where you can control when it blends. Do it in short intervals until you get the desired texture.

Clean out any stems and seeds before blending, as they’ll cause issues for the blender’s blades.
• As cool as it looks, this is probably a last resort, so really make sure there aren’t any scissors around.
This is most effective with larger amounts of weed. Check around the room and see who wants to contribute!
• The blender might be a bit powerful, so try to limit blending to around 10 seconds.


If you’re reading the article, there’s one more key piece of advice we think you’ll benefit from. What’s that, you wonder?

Get a grinder! Not sure where to get one? We happen to have a wide selection for people with all budgets!

Working off the DIY shaker concept we mentioned earlier, our Grindtainer is one of the most budget-friendly and convenient grinders and containers out there. It’s got the space to hold a decent amount of weed, along with the same grinding capacity as the average compact grinder. Already have a grinder? We’d highly recommend this as a handy backup. Even if this is your primary grinder, you’ll still be living easy.

We’ve got more classic grinders too, including our own RQS branded metal grinder! That one even comes complete with a kief catcher, as does our pollinator grinder, which also has a handle on the outside for a low-effort grind.

We’ve got some more premium options as well. Standing out amongst them is our limited edition collaboration with Krush on their uniquely shaped Kube & Kube 2.0. Constructed with specially designed teeth, this grinder is designed to fluff your weed while you grind. The anodised aluminium construction means it’ll be able to grind like new for a long, long time.


No matter how you’re grinding your weed, whether it’s with a grinder, cheese grater, or blender, just make sure you’re enjoying it responsibly, surrounded by friends. Other than that, make sure you’re cleaning anything you’re using to grind your weed, even if you’re using an actual grinder. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay high! Oh, and check out our full range of grinders (and other cool RQS merchandise) here!

We've all been caught without a grinder on hand, but that shouldn't stop you! Whether you're at home, on the go, or partying, there's a way to grind your weed.

7 Tips To Grind Weed Without A Grinder

Having some marijuana buds but not having a grinder is not such a pleasant surprise, but it isn’t the end of the world either. The truth is, you will probably still be able to smoke your joint anyways, you just need to find out what alternatives there are to grinders.

To your luck, that’s exactly what we’re here for: to give you some tips on grinding weed without a grinder.

The best alternatives to grinding marijuana when you don’t have a grinder include using a pair of scissors and a bowl; a knife and a cutting board; a mortar and pestle; and using your hands as a last resource.

Let’s go through some common weed grinding methods and extra grinding advice.

1. Checking the Buds

Before you even start thinking about rolling that joint or packing your bowl, the first thing you will need to do is to check that your buds are in the optimal conditions for smoking.

These are the aspects to look out for to check if your buds are ready for smoking:

  • Dryness: cannabis flowers need to dry for 1 to 2 weeks before they are dry enough to grind and smoke. If your buds feel too sticky and are hard to tear apart they’re probably still humid. Another good way to check if they’re well dried is snapping one of the stems, if it breaks easily then they’re dry.
  • Curation: after the drying of your buds, you will need to store them in a concealed jar for at least 3 to 4 weeks for the curing process. This is where the THC will be enhanced to its maximum potential, as well as the aroma and flavor.
  • No signs of mold: if there was mold in your plants and you didn’t recognize until now, we’re sorry to break this to you but you’re going to need to get rid of these buds.

Once you’ve made sure that your buds are well dried and cured, looking sparkling green and smelling good, it’s time to grind your cannabis!

2. Grinding with Scissors

One of the best go-to alternative solutions for grinding without a grinder is a pair of scissors. Some frequent marijuana users would even rather use scissors as their usual grinding method, always keeping a tiny pair of scissors on them.

The only two things you will need are a small and clean recipient, preferably slightly tall and with a small circumference, like a glass; and a pair of scissors.

Now that you have your elements, breaking apart your buds, place them inside the recipient. Then, just place the scissors inside while you hold the recipient with your other hand and do the cutting motion several times until you see the weed looks even and well grinded.

Ta-dá, time to roll or pack that pipe or bong!

3. Chopping Board and a Knife

In case you couldn’t find your scissors but you’re still at home looking for alternative ways to grind weed without a grinder then head to the kitchen, my friend.

Take your usual chopping board and any knife you have in hand, clean both of them well and dry them thoroughly. If you have a plastic board that’s better for cleaning, and non-serrated knives will work best for chopping.

Don’t get too excited and chop too fast or you might risk cutting yourself and spreading blood all over your buds, both things which we don’t want to happen.

Once both items are well cleaned, place your buds on top and show off your chef skills: chop, chop, chop and chop some more until the buds look small and grinded. Take out them rolling papers, it’s time to roll!

4. Mortar and Pestle Grinding

Ahh, cooking tools saving the day again. If you’re just feeling funky you probably chose this method, because we refuse to believe you don’t have a cutting board and a knife at home, and if you don’t then what do you even eat?

Anyway, we’re not here to lecture you on your alimentation. So whatever the reason, the mortar and pestle grinding alternative caught your attention, ours too! Mortars and pestles date back all the way to the ancient times, even before 35.000 B.C., so get ready to feel like an ancient stoner.

Before you start, make sure the weed is seriously well dried or else it will likely turn into a mess. First, take the mortar, separate your buds into smaller pieces, and place them inside. We recommend you set amounts for just one joint at a time.

Then take the pestle, place it inside the bowl and continuously press and turn on the buds, gradually grinding your marijuana. Before you finish, shake the bowl around a little to check that the buds are evenly grinded, and once you’re happy with the size get ready to smoke.

5. A Coffee Grinder Can Be a Weed Grinder

Yes, you can use your coffee grinder, electric or manual, for grinding your marijuana buds as well. If you have one of those cute, small, manual coffee grinders then we would recommend opting for that one instead of the electric grinder.

It just makes sense that an object with the word ‘grinder‘ in its name would do the job. As well as in the other methods that include kitchenware, clean your tools before and after!

Well, the instructions for this method are quite simple, just place your weed buds inside, after you’ve taken out all the stems and seeds (which shouldn’t have grown anyway) and grind!

If you’re using an electric machine make sure you don’t over grind the buds by pulsing the button between short intervals to keep your weed from turning into powder.

6. Grating Your Weed

It seems like kitchenware was destined to become weed grinding alternatives for creative stoners. Another great kitchen tool you can use to grind your weed without a grinder is a cheese or carrots grater, or just any grater in fact.

Grinding your cannabis flowers with a grater is fun and simple: just grab a plate, place your grater on top, choose the grating size of preference, we recommend the smallest ones, and swing your hands up and down through the blades as you hold the buds.

Pay attention as you are grating or you’ll end up with some extra finger flesh, barbeque flavor in your joint, not too vegetarian friendly.

7. Methods That Work But We Don’t Recommend

Last but not least, we must mention two common grinding-without-a-grinder methods and why we disrecommend them. These two methods are using a container and a coin, and grinding with your hands.

The Pill Bottle and Coin Grinder

This method consists of using any small container with a lid, such as an empty pill bottle, playdough containers, or old film canisters, hello fellow film photographers, and a coin, small or medium coins work best.

You just need to place the coin, or a couple of coins but not too many, and the buds inside the container. Close the recipient and shake it! Check every now and then to make sure you don’t over grind.

Did you already figure why this is a bad idea? In case you haven’t, well, have you noticed how at the moment we all had to turn a little OCD with cleanness due to the lovely (note sarcasm) covid pandemic?

Keeping in mind that money tends to be completely covered with bacteria, acting as a germs carrier with people touching it all the time and passing it hand in hand, we believe using coins to grind your cannabis isn’t the cleanest of them options.

Grinding With Your Hands

Some friends might roll their eyes at you for walking the mile just for grinding your cannabis, arguing you should simply use your hands. Can you grind your buds with your hands? Yes, of course, but do we recommend this? No way.

To grind weed flowers using your hands, we beg that you wash your hands first, not only because of the coronavirus thing going on but because no one likes dirty marijuana and it only takes two minutes to wash them.

Most people use one hand as a bowl and the other as a pestle, pressing against the first hand as they tear apart the buds into small pieces until they look grinded enough.

The problem is that most people are not aware that when you’re grinding with your hand, you’re destroying a big part of the cannabis bud’s trichomes, those magic lollipop-shaped glands that shine all over your flowers.

Whatever right? Actually no, it’s in the trichomes where most of the cannabinoid contents are stored, such as THC and CBD, and not to mention the loads of terpenes responsible for the delicious flavor and aroma of your buds.

So if you’re a true weed affectionate we believe grinding marijuana with your hands will be your last resource for grinding cannabis without a grinder.

8. Conclusion

Not having a grinder will never stop a stoner from smoking. There are many alternatives and any quirky mind will find a solution to the problem easily.

The one thing you definitely need to be aware of is the cleanness of the tools you use. Have fun with these creative grinding methods and enjoy getting high later!

If you ever find yourself without a grinder but with some buds, news aren't that bad! Check out some great alternatives to grinding your weed without a gri