how to inhale weed properly

How To Inhale Weed Properly

How to inhale weed properly is the big question.

You may be a veteran smoker and be surprised to find out you have been inhaling weed wrong the whole time! Did you know if you inhale marijuana the wrong way you may introduce harmful resin and tar into your lungs?

Worry not, we will break down all the proper ways to inhale weed properly and how to get your maximum high without sacrificing your lungs.

How to Inhale Weed Properly without Coughing

It’s safe to say no one taught you how to breathe.

Breathing comes naturally, its innate behavior. Breathe in, breathe out, we don’t have to think about it.

But when it comes to inhaling pot properly, it’s not quite that simple.

Many cannabis smokers are taking harsher rips, holding the marijuana smoke for longer periods of time, and aiming to cough in order to get more high. This just isn’t necessary!

“If you don’t cough, you don’t get off” is a saying commonly used when smokers take a hit and experience that uncontrollable coughing, which is quite frankly unpleasant. So, if the saying implies you won’t get high if you’re not coughing you’re head off, isn’t coughing like a maniac a good thing?

Heck no!

Coughing after a deep inhalation of weed smoke is not a sign of success. It’s a sign that resin and tar are entering into your lungs, the heat source is too high, or the amount you took was too much.

When you smoke marijuana you breathe in small bits of tar and resin, these particles travel down your throat and fall onto the tissues of your lungs. Your body naturally fights this by producing mucus to clean the lungs out by coughing.

In order to stop coughing and to inhale weed safely and smoothly , you must be sure to use a powerful carbon filter for your weed. Moose Lab’s designed the MouthPeace with a very powerful triple-layered carbon filter that prevents resin, tar, and contaminates from entering into your lungs.

The Proper Way to Inhale Marijuana

We’ve established that coughing from improper inhalation of weed without a carbon filter is unpleasant and causes extra damage to the lungs. Furthermore, it is important to note that the longer you hold your breath with weed inhalation the higher you get is a myth.

When you hold your breath, regardless of whether or not weed smoke is in your lungs, you get a head rush. The truth is, the head rush comes from oxygen deprivation, not from THC penetration.

The importance of knowing how to inhale weed properly is for your health as well. Did you know that more tar is found to be deposited in smoker’s lungs from weed smoke than from cigarette smoke? This is due to the excessively long time cannabis smokers tend to hold in their hits.

So the longer you hold the weed smoke in your lungs, the more tar from marijuana deposits into your lungs. This is completely unnecessary! Holding the smoke back in your lungs any longer than 2 seconds is overkill and not needed.

How can Marijuana Tar Deposit be Limited or Prevented?

Using a carbon filter while smoking will help sanitize smoke/vapor and enhance flavors by reducing resins, contaminates, and tar without blocking your intake or reducing airflow.

With 16 months of research and development, Moose Labs created the MouthPeace which uses a powerful triple-layered carbon filter system to keep your lungs free of tar and other harmful irritants.

Simply put, the MouthPeace filters out any tar, germs, or carcinogens when you inhale your weed. Take a look at the triple carbon filter MouthPeace in action as it filters out 1 gram of flower and 1 gram of shatter.

Inhaling weed smoke from blunts, spliffs, or joints

The proper inhalation process when smoking weed from a blunt, spliff, or joint is important for the rolled cannabis so that it burns evenly and smoothly. The most efficient way to smoke weed with rolling supplies is with a blunt filter or a joint filter.

To inhale weed properly, you want to first draw the weed smoke into your mouth. Doing this makes for a smoother, more enjoyable hit.

Once you’ve gotten your desired of amount of smoke in your mouth, you then breathe deeper in your diaphragm. This is where the magic happens.

Keep in mind, once inhaling the smoke into your diaphragm, the moment the marijuana smoke penetrates your lungs you’re going to get high. No need to constrict your breathing for more than 2 seconds.

Exhale, and let the high set in.

Inhaling weed smoke from bongs, bowls, or anything with a carb

The proper inhalation process when smoking out of anything with a carb, i.e. bong or bowl, you want to skip right past your mouth and inhale straight into your lungs.

The Moose Labs MouthPeace is important for this method. Because of the fact that you’re inhaling smoke straight to your lungs, the triple-layered carbon filter protects your lungs from resin deposit while savoring the taste of the marijuana and reserving all the THC to hit straight to your lungs.

You know the resin that builds up in your favorite bong after multiple uses before cleaning? Yea, that same resin builds up on your lungs if you inhale weed without a MouthPeace. And it goes without saying, you can’t clean your lungs like you can your bong.

Furthermore, sharing bongs with friends when smoking weed socially, the MouthPeace protects each smoker from germs when passing after each toke.


The proper way to inhale weed is an important process for many reasons. Of these listed reasons, your lung health is the top priority. But without a MouthPeace, inhaling weed properly will only prevent you from coughing but will not protect your lungs from all the unwanted toxins.

Let us know in the comment section your experience smoking weed now that you know the proper way to inhale.

How to inhale weed properly is the big question. You may be a veteran smoker and be surprised to find out you have been inhaling weed wrong the whole time! Read this no fuss article and become a professional weed smoker in no time. ]]>