how to make your own weed grinder

How to make your own weed grinder

Aluminium interior mechanism

Crafted using 100% Natural wood

Choose A Material

Zinc Alloy

$34.95 USD $29.95 USD

Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy

5 Different Colors

Aluminium Alloy

$39.95 USD $29.95 USD

Aerospace Grade Anodised Aluminium.

7 Different Colors

Matte Coating

$34.95 USD

Smooth Rubberized Coated Aluminium

4 Different Colors

Natural Wood

$29.95 USD

Aluminium interior mechanism

Crafted using 100% Natural wood

MunchMakers – The Best Custom Grinders in the World

We are confident if you are looking for a custom grinder there is no better personalized grinder on the market than MunchMakers. Our grinders are individually hand inspected to ensure the best quality grind and the highest quality shine. MunchMakers grinders are unmatched in aesthetics as well as technical capabilities. Each custom grinder is printed meticulously with state of the art UV Printing in our environmentally safe factory. Whether you want to buy 1 grinder or 100,000 custom grinders we are confident we can reach your level of quality.

2020 New Products


$14.95 USD

StashSafe Metal Container

$29.95 USD $19.95 USD

Totem Aluminum Grinder

$29.95 USD

PHAT Boy 100mm Grinder

$64.95 USD $49.95 USD

MunchMakers Collections

GQuad™ 4 Chambers Design


  • PRECISION MILLED from Maximum-Strength Aircraft Grade Aluminum/Zinc for extra toughness, durability and best quality.
  • High quality 600 PPI UV printing technology ensures full rich full color print
  • Durable transparent resin dome to protects your print and seals it forever


  • 46 d iamond curved, razor sharp teeth to get a fine, even grind and effortless shredding
  • POWERFUL NEODYMIUM MAGNETS provides robust closure, freshness & odor control
  • Thin poly o-ring for smooth grinding and less friction.


  • Sturdy Stainless Steel Precision Mesh Screen filters the very fine pollen into the base chamber, to increase the potency of your herbs.
  • *Pollen scraper included, to maximize pollen collection.


designated scrape collection tool included, to pick all these precious grinded gold dust.

Custom grinders with any photo or image for private use, bulk, wholesale, dispensary. The best custom grinders and other custom dispensary accessories ]]>