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How Do You Pass A Weed / THC Urine Drug Test Naturally with Just 24 Hours or Less to Prepare?

This is the exact question I found myself struggling with after coming home defeated from the probation office. I had shown positive for THC metabolites on my first UA test and I was given one more chance to pass to prove I wasn’t still smoking. I was especially mad because I had just spent over $75 on two detoxes that completely failed to deliver; I got them from a local head shop and the popular brand only managed to give me terrible diarrhea, it didn’t help me pass my urinalysis for THC. I was left broke and scrambling to try and find something that would work.

Fuck You, I Won’t Do What You Tell Me

What I found was way too good to be true. I found it hidden in a forum and I still wasn’t sure it would work, but it looked like my best bet. And sure enough, with just four hours of preparation, with only ONE NATURAL INGREDIENT, I was able to pass my weed urine drug test under 24 hours notice, and suddenly probation seemed a lot less stressful. It was bad enough that for possessing a plant, I was being charged hundreds of dollars every month (on an 18 month probation sentence for a GRAM of weed), along with random drug tests, mandatory drug education, and community service; at least now I knew I could pass a test in a pinch.

Who Knew? This Works for Getting a Job Too

I’ll admit, after passing my urinalysis with just one ingredient, I wasn’t REALLY sure if it had truly worked, or if I had gotten lucky. I hadn’t really planned on finding out, I figured lying low on probation and not smoking was smart. But 18 months is a long time without a loved habit, and of course I found myself with the sweet sticky against my lips once again even though I knew the consequences could be dire. I was even on random drug tests, so I never knew for sure when I would have to go in. As luck would have it, one Saturday night (filled with confidence that surely I would not be tested anytime soon) ended with a joint between my lips, and the following Monday morning was met with a most dreadful feeling as I called in to the random drug test line and hear my color called out: blue. I had taken the chance of smoking, and now I was going to pay the price. Since the test was happening just about 48 hours after my last smoke, I had no real hopes of passing but knew that I had to at least try the secret ingredient once again to see if it had been a fluke or if it really worked. I hope you can imagine the way my knees were shaking submitting that urine sample, and I hope you can feel even more vividly my overwhelming relief and the sensation of pure victory when the test came back negative. Even though I had just smoked on the weekend, I passed my THC urinalysis with just 4 hours to prepare that Monday morning.

Case Study #1: Bank Teller

After months of probation and passing my random UA tests even while smoking on the weekends, I came across a co-worker who was hoping to move into a bank teller position, but knew they couldn’t pass the drug test for weed. I told them about my tremendous luck using just one ingredient to pass my probation tests, and I offered the step by step directions so they could try it for themselves. I was unbelievably thrilled to hear back from them that it worked; it felt good finding a way to pass my own drug tests, and it felt even better sharing that success with someone else who used it to better their life.

Case Study #2: Another ‘Criminal’

Another co-worker found himself in a situation much like mine: busted for a gram and given opportunities to prove ‘reform’ by passing urinalysis drug tests. By the time he came to me, I had long proven through myself and others that the single secret natural ingredient worked for everyone if they followed the step by step directions I had put together. I passed The Formula on to him and was glad to see him breeze through probation without worry.

A Product is Born: The 4 Hour 420 Formula

After repeating myself a number of times and getting positive feedback, I realized it made a lot more sense to put down The 4 Hour 420 Formula online so anyone could get to it when needed. The single secret ingredient isn’t that secret, it’s just fruit fiber; but knowing how to use it with confidence to pass your test is key. I wasted over $75 on detox products that didn’t work, and it turns out that a simple box of fruit fiber that you can get at the store for $4 or less was all that’s really needed along with the right hydration technique. All you need is 4 hours to prepare for a urinalysis drug test, and you can pass. The longer it’s been since you’ve smoked, the better, but I’ve come as close as 48 hours after smoking and still passed.

Pass Your Weed / THC Urine Drug Test
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How To Pass a Drug Test When You’ve Been Smoking Marijuana:

The 4 Hour Formula is the ultimate cheat sheet for passing your THC urine drug test.
It’s remarkably simple; you just need water, and one natural ingredient.

Passing your drug test starts with dilution. Some people claim to pass their tests with dilution alone, but I cannot imagine how this could be reliable at all. It is also worth noting you can die from drinking too much water, so we don’t want to go overboard. You’re going to drink just enough water that you start urinating regularly, so that your body is passing water pretty much straight through.

Some tests(uncommon) will look at the specific gravity of your urine, which will send of warning signals to testers that you’re peeing almost nothing but water. Specific gravity is measured using creatinine levels in the urine, which is low when diluting. You may be able to combat this by supplementing with Creatine tablets in the days leading up to your test so there is an ample amount processing in your system.

The magic comes from the one natural ingredient that’s key to passing. The substance is so simple I was shocked that I had paid $75 for a detox that didn’t work. Fruit fiber is all you need; known as pectin, it has properties that draw and absorb lipids in your body. Lipids are fats, and these are where the THC metabolites are bound to in your body that will get you caught on a test. When you ingest enough pectin, along with drinking enough water, your body will draw away and prevent the lipid-bound THC metabolites from passing with your urine, allowing you to pass the test.

Fruit Pectin is natural, safe, and a fraction of the cost, with proven results. This is the only strategy to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours or less that I know works.

There are countless different factors that will affect this rate, and it could be as many as 30-45+ days after your last consumption that THC metabolites can show on a urinalysis and bust you. There is NO KNOWN WAY to remove the THC / THC metabolite from your body other than allowing your body to break it down and pass it over time. Fruit Pectin has the unique ability to bind to the fats that hold these metabolites, allowing you to draw them out of your urine for a window of time that allows you to pass the weed drug test fast.

There are a lot of ideas of what might work. I was lucky enough to find ONE that really does. Here are a lot more that just won’t help you pass without sheer blind luck: cranberry juice, bleach, chlorine, goldenseal, niacin, vinegar, zinc, baking soda, alcohol, eye drops, sweating/exercising.

Pass Your Weed / THC Urine Drug Test
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How Do You Pass A Weed / THC Urine Drug Test Naturally with Just 24 Hours or Less to Prepare? This is the exact question I found myself struggling with after coming home defeated from the