how to reverse weed

Reverse Weeding Adhesive Vinyl

Do you ever procrastinate on a small detailed project because you do not want to weed the small lines and pieces? Weeding a small detailed vinyl project can be very daunting and frustrating! But fear not! There is an easier way to weed your project! Reverse weeding! Here is how I reverse weeded my flower pot decal design! This method works especially well with our Siser PSV Removable, Siser PSV Permeant, and our Adhesive foils!


  • Flower Pot: I used a flower pot I had around my house. Mine was already primed and pained from the factory. But you can use any flower pot! If you use Terracotta, it is recommended that you prime your pot beforehand with mod-podge or paint. And to prolong your design you can seal it with an acrylic or laquer sealer.
  • Vinyl: Any permanent adhesive will do, but I personally like Foil!
  • Cutting machine: I used the Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Transfer Tape: I used our awesome Clear Happy Face Transfer Tape
  • Weeding Tool
  • Squeegee tool


Step 1: Create and cut your design! For adhesive remember to cut it color side up and do not mirror your design.

Step 2: Once your design is cut, remove it from the cutting mat, trim to size. I like to save as much as vinyl as possible.

Step 3: Before you start weeding your design, place your transfer tape over top of it. It will look funny as you did not weed it yet. Scrape it down with your squeegee tool So that the tape has a clean and secure adhesion to your vinyl.

Step 4: Next flip it over and pull off the paper backing.

Step 5: Now weed as normal. Remove your negative space. For your more intricate designs, the tape will hold onto the pieces that you wish to stay, making for an easier time weeding the small pieces.

Step 6: Flip it back over and place your design on your project! Squeegee it down and remove the transfer tape!

And there you go! A much simpler and stress-free way to weed your more intricate and detailed designs!

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